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Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

by Bob Fingerman

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Fingerman has the knack for identifying the humor in the weirdest and the most unexceptional people or situations. This first installment of Fingerman's crisply rendered mini-epic presents a couple of days in the life of Rob, paradoxically stuffy N.Y.C. slacker/artist and reluctant party-boy, who freelances for porn magazines while convincingly delivering the line ``You kiss your mother with that mouth?'' to his shoot-from-the-hip girlfriend Sylvia. Rob slouches along from Pork magazine headquarters to Brooklyn and beyond, sharing joints, drinks and woes with his baggy, sex-starved buds-prototypical loser-types all-along the way. The sneakily incisive Fingerman presents his characters in all their skewed, dweebish glory, from their often hilarious dialogue to the band-emblazoned T-shirts that they wear like ID tags. The graphics and overall atmosphere are distinct from such earlier work as White Like She; Minimum Wage has a clean, cartoony style that manages to be both light and cluttered in a manic, obsessive way, tight yet loose-limbed. His backgrounds are packed with layers of detail that, when decoded, provide further insights into an engaging and entertaining work that is dense with demented particulars. Drawings are in b&w. (Oct.)

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Fantagraphics Books
Publication date:
Minimum Wage Series
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6.92(w) x 10.17(h) x 0.38(d)

Meet the Author

Bob Fingerman is the award-winning creator of such critically acclaimed graphic novels as Beg the Question, White Like She, and Recess Pieces.  In his novel, Bottomfeeder, Fingerman tossed away the typical gothic and romantic trappings of the vampire genre in favor of portraying the down-to-earth story of a working class Queens-bred vampire. In Recess Pieces, Fingerman whipped up a bloody maelstrom of adorable moppets and the living dead set within the confines of a school.

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