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Miracles Are Made: The Real-Life Guide to Autism

Miracles Are Made: The Real-Life Guide to Autism

by Lynette Louise
In the world of autism there are many stories of miraculous recoveries. But those stories when examined thoroughly are either historic anomalies, false reporting or they required many, many hours of intense dedication and laborious attention to detail to make them so. “Miracles Are Made: The Real Life Guide To Autism” explains that miracles are made out


In the world of autism there are many stories of miraculous recoveries. But those stories when examined thoroughly are either historic anomalies, false reporting or they required many, many hours of intense dedication and laborious attention to detail to make them so. “Miracles Are Made: The Real Life Guide To Autism” explains that miracles are made out of hard work and elbow grease. Understanding the how’s the why’s and the possibilities of such miracles is what makes this real life guide to autism real. This is because it teaches about the real world we live in and how it affects the brains of those who are on the spectrum. This book comes from the real lives of people afflicted and then educated into wellness.

"In her book "Miracles Are Made: A Real-Life Guide to Autism" Lynette Louise brings the reader a new kind of hope, as she relates concrete information gained through her personal experiences of the effectiveness and power of Neurofeedback techniques for healing autism.

"By the middle of the first page of chapter one, three year old Dar was already tugging at my heart strings. Lynette Louise had my attention and my respect as a concerned caregiver and adoptive parent.

"Lynette understands and discusses the problems that leave parents vulnerable to false hopes of finding a magical potion in Neurofeedback for curing their child of autism. Lynette is careful to state and describe a problem before she tries to present a solution. Her writing is filled with ideas, information, and insights. She is not only well informed; she is articulate and convincing in her presentation. She is candid while warning of the constancy of self-denial, the development of a martyr complex, and the overwhelming bouts with depression. She writes from a practical standpoint rather than from theory as she talks about the sensory perception and stress issues of care giving, and the need to be energized and focused. She reinforces the paradigm that children with autism can be successfully treated.

"I appreciated the organization and flow of the material. Lynette previews in the introduction the aim and purpose of each chapter. The book is divided into two sections: Section I deals with Lynette's journey in raising eight children, two biological children, six adopted, five disabled, four on the autism spectrum. She also shares illustrations from the stories of some of her clients and their families. Section II is a resource section and includes: diagnostic criteria, available therapy, causal theories. I found her research listing to be very comprehensive. In conclusion she reviews the contents of the material again reinforcing the concepts included.

"Several personal friends and acquaintances are currently struggling with the impact of autism on their children. I also have family members directly involved in the dealing with special needs children professionally. In my reading I became so emotionally involved that I often had to put the book down to allow time to assimilate the material.

"Board Certified in Neurofeedback, considered an expert in Autism, Lynette Louise teaches children, counsels parents, and speaks to professionals. I highly recommend "Miracles Are Made: A Real-Life Guide to Autism" as must a read for educators, mental health professionals, social workers, and parents of autistic children."

Editorial Reviews

Donna Seebo
Each month I interview 20-25 authors and they all have something special to contribute to making this world a better place. Here are my three picks: 1. Miracles are Made, Real Life Guide to Autism by Lynette Louise. Lynette is the mother of 8 kids-a number have autism.This is one of the most candid and revealing publications regarding autism. Her experiences and down-to-earth insights and practical applications of enabling children to excel and outgrow this childhood plague.
Paige Lovitt
... the first part covers her own personal experiences as both an adoptive mother of children with autism and as a professional. The second part offers a comprehensive resource list of information to help educate people who need information...
While the book can be read out of order, if you are a parent I recommend that you start at the beginning with Lynette’s story... she will inspire you with her personal experiences so that you know that there is hope for your child.
Relena Preble
... is a gift to every family and professional around the world... Her writing is her professional and personal sharing of how a range of therapies can be helpful but especially how neurofeedback was the one modality that she used to heal herself and her children faster from the complex symptoms of Autism... It was so insightful that I have gone back to it several times because it is loaded with helpful information.
Roller Skating
Funny. Honest, Inspirational, Thoughtful
This book is full of surprises! I wasn't sure what to expect but can honestly say I had no idea my life could be so positively impacted by the sharing of another. Lynette Louise is an amazing woman who is kind enough to remind the reader over and over that it's okay to make mistakes. That because of mistakes important truths can be discovered. I needed to hear that! I would suggest this book to any parent.
Tsara Shelton
My kids are happier since I read this book! Not very often does a book make you laugh, cry, learn and grow... I have read it twice and find inspiration in it's pages every time I pick it up. The fact that it offers such an honest look into the authors mistakes and learnings is, I think, the true gift that makes learning easier... How wonderful to learn that through our children we are able to help ourselves. I recommend this book with all my heart!

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Meet the Author

Anythings Possible — From Courageous Mom To International Autism Expert To One-Woman-Show!
Born in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) in 1957, Lynette Louise left school at 15, married and had two children before turning 20. By the time she was 29, she had adopted four toddlers, all boys with varying degrees of autism. “Having been a foster parent,” says Lynette, “I couldn’t stand that the kids would be bounced from home to home. I had to keep them!” Along the way, she added two troubled teenage girls to the mix, one with learning disabilities, completing the family with eight children in all. The story of how these children not only survived but flourished is a testament to Lynette’s persistence, unconventional approaches, and steadfast love.
Today as young-adults, all of Lynette’s children function independently except for Dar (29), who continues to live with her. Dar was the most severely challenged and abused of all her children when he came to her at age four after several years of being locked in a closet by his alcoholic mother. Lynette calls him a “slow moving miracle” who continues to make extraordinary progress, especially since beginning neurofeedback therapy several years ago.

How was Lynette so successful, given the severity of the challenges her children faced?
“My understanding of what they were going through was intuitive, probably because I had encountered significant problems of my own. We had common ground in trying to make sense of the world,” says Lynette, reflecting on a troubled childhood of her own that included some sensory integration processing problems. “Ultimately, in helping to heal them, I healed myself.”

Lynette also credits being open to trying everything. “Medications, diet, auditory integration, play therapy, family counseling, and neurofeedback all became part of the mix. Some things worked better than others, since each child was different. But most important, I always believed there would be a way to help them.” In addition to self-education and first-hand experience, Lynette became certified as a child facilitator by the Autism Treatment Center of America and as a neurofeedback practitioner, studying with leaders in the field.
In 2004 Lynette founded the Brain and Body Clinic, a treatment center for autism and other brain disorders using neurofeedback.

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