Miramar Collection, Vol. 2

Miramar Collection, Vol. 2


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Michael Gettel   Track Performer
James Reynolds   Synthesizer,Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Track Performer
Michael Stearns   Synthesizer
Tangerine Dream   Track Performer
Zazen   Track Performer
Michael Brecker   Tenor Saxophone
Jan Hammer   Track Performer
Steve Reid   Percussion
Paul Speer   Synthesizer,Guitar,Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Track Performer
Joaquin Lievano   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Richard Warner   Soprano Saxophone,Wood Flute
Peter Bardens   Drums,Keyboards,Track Performer
Matt Chamberlain   Percussion,Drums
Dan Dean   Fretless Bass Guitar
Edgar Froese   Acoustic Guitar,Keyboards
Janet Foos   Hammond Organ
Jethro Foxx   Percussion,Drums
Jerome Froese   Drums,Keyboards
Eric Hassel   Keyboards
Neale Heywood   Guitar
Chris Kenny   Acoustic Guitar
Mychal Lomas   Bass
Luis Peralta   Percussion
Nancy Rumbel   English Horn,Oboe
Jonn Serrie   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Track Performer
Linda Spa   Soprano Saxophone
Neal Speer   Drums
Eric Tingstad   Acoustic Guitar
Hans Visser   Acoustic Guitar
Eric Walton   Tenor Saxophone
Andy West   Bass,Fretless Bass Guitar,6-string bass
Coen Bais   Synthesizer,Percussion,Piano,Track Performer,MIDI Percussion
Rolf Breemer   Drums
Eddy Conard   Percussion
Jan Kooper   Alto Saxophone
Steve Kaplan   Keyboards
Leroy Quintana   Synthesizer,Percussion,Track Performer,electronic percussion
Lincoln Brewster   Electric Guitar
Chris Burgmann   Guitar
Peter Morscheck   Guitar,Track Performer
Gerald Gradwohl   Acoustic Guitar
Zazon   Track Performer
Eddy Conrad   Percussion

Technical Credits

Michael Gettel   Composer,Producer
James Reynolds   Composer,Producer
Zazen   Producer
Jan Hammer   Composer,Producer
Paul Speer   Producer
Peter Bardens   Composer,Producer
Jethro DeFries   Composer
Edgar Froese   Composer,Producer
Jerome Froese   Composer
Mark Heimermann   Composer
Toby McKeehan   Composer
Jonn Serrie   Composer,Producer
Coen Bais   Composer,Producer,Contributor
Rama   Producer
Steve Kaplan   Programming
Leroy Quintana   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Michael Tait   Composer
Chris Burgmann   Producer
Peter Morscheck   Producer
Schallund Rauch   Producer
Phil da Costa   Producer

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