Miss Malarkey's Field Trip

Miss Malarkey's Field Trip

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by Judy Finchler, Kevin O'Malley

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Miss Malarkey is leaving the building.

A field trip is the highlight of every school year. Students everywhere look forward to this break from the regular class routine.

Miss Malarkey has never been in charge of running a class trip before. Bringing her students to the Science Center is a real adventure. The class really digs the dinosaur exhibit. Exploring the


Miss Malarkey is leaving the building.

A field trip is the highlight of every school year. Students everywhere look forward to this break from the regular class routine.

Miss Malarkey has never been in charge of running a class trip before. Bringing her students to the Science Center is a real adventure. The class really digs the dinosaur exhibit. Exploring the electricity room is a hair-raising experience for Miss Malarkey. And the phrase "stick it in your ear" takes on new meaning in the human body display. But the most important thing Miss Malarkey and her students learn on the trip is to expect the unexpected as they experience a day full of surprises and discoveries

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
One look at the back cover of this picture book and I knew I would like it. It sports a picture of the permission slip for Miss Malarky's field trip with great phrases like "All children will be returned to their parents, in one piece" and "motion sickness bags available." As someone who used to take kids on field trips, I laughed aloud at some of the situations Miss Malarky and her students find themselves in at the city science center. Additional dialogue balloons add to the comic atmosphere of the field trip. Pages that highlight the "bathroom dance," Jake getting his arm stuck in a giant ear while learning about earwax, and adventures in the electricity room also add to both the humor of the book and the jeopardy poor Miss Malarky finds herself in as she tries to educate her students. The illustrations are, in a nutshell, a "hoot," matching perfectly the humor as well as the various ironies of a teacher dealing with enthusiastic but uncooperative students and chaperones who do not take their temporary job too seriously. This is a fun book to read to kids or to have read to parents by their child; my seven-year-old read it through twice between our joined laughter. A definite hit. 2004, Walker & Company, Ages 5 to 9.
—Jean Boreen, Ph.D.
School Library Journal
K-Gr 2-This hapless teacher and her class were first introduced in Testing Miss Malarkey (Walker, 2000). In this, the fifth book, they are off to the science center. There is very little in terms of story here, and less in the way of character development. Finchler and O'Malley follow the students as they bury one another in the fossil pit or abuse the displays while Miss Malarkey's headache steadily worsens and she becomes woozy during the 3-D movie. Parents fare no better here than in the other titles in this series, as one chaperone gets lost in the rain-forest room and another ignores the kids and yaks on her cell phone. O'Malley's vivid watercolor-and-pencil illustrations are nicely executed, but the humor of out-of-control, poorly supervised children wears thin quickly if it was ever funny in the first place.-Grace Oliff, Ann Blanche Smith School, Hillsdale, NJ Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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Walker & Company
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Miss Malarkey Series
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8.75(w) x 11.25(h) x 0.25(d)
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5 - 8 Years

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Miss Malarkey's FIELD TRIP

By Judy Finchler Kevin O'Malley

Walker & Company

Copyright © 2004 Judy Finchler and Kevin O'Malley
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-8027-8912-9

Chapter One

This year our class gets to go on a field trip to the science center.

So we've been studying a lot of science.

Where does earwax come from?

I didn't spill your drink, gravity did!

Everybody made name tags. Then Miss Malarkey assigned each of us a buddy.

Oh, yeah!

Kevin and Pat were partners.

We've got to hold hands, you know.

Daniel was with Shari.

I was with Lindsay.

Don't even think about trying to hold my hand, bub.

Every group got a chaperone.

We were all pretty excited, and it got kind of loud.

Good luck.

When we got off the bus everybody had to go to the bathroom. Miss Malarkey said we looked like we were dancing.

Boys to the right.

Girls to the left.

The science center has a lot of stuff that shows how our bodies work. Miss Malarkey started to explain where earwax comes from, but she had to stop when Jake got his arm stuck in a giant ear.


Wow, I can hear him back here.

We went to the dinosaur room. I really like dinosaurs. They're very cool and scary.

Miss Malarkey started to say, "Dinosaurs lived a long time ago-"

But she had to stop when Allie decided to bury Zachary, then dig him up.

The electricity room had this awesome machine. When you touched it your hair stood up. I thought it would hurt, but it didn't even tickle.

When Miss Malarkey touched the machine ...

She cracked everybody up.

The museum had a sports room, where you could see how strong you are.

In the astronomy room, Hayley tried on a space suit. It was way too big.

Is anybody out there?

Sarah and Brianna disappeared, but Miss Malarkey found them in the gift shop.

This is so cute.

One of our chaperones, Mr. Spinefree, got lost in the rain forest room. I don't think he likes lizards very much.

Help, it's gonna get me!

Miss Malarkey got sort of mad at another chaperone, Mrs. Hanoyin, because she kept talking and talking and talking.

Really? No! Really? No!

We ate lunch in a big cafeteria. It was very noisy. Big kids from another school were throwing food and falling out of their chairs and making animal noises. They were pretty funny. Miss Malarkey didn't eat much, and it sort of looked like she was holding her head so it wouldn't fall off.

After lunch we saw a 3-D movie on a giant screen. Miss Malarkey warned us, "Sometimes movies like this can upset your stomach. Let me know if you need me to take you outside."

The movie was great. It was about flying. Miss Malarkey didn't like it so much. Her face looked a little weird, and she was holding on to her head again.

On the way back from the science center Miss Malarkey asked us what we had learned on our field trip.

I shouldn't let Allie bury me.

They have cool hair dryers in the bathroom.

Gift shops aren't cheap.

Bus rides make me sick!

Don't stick your arm in an ear.

Big kids are cool.

We had a great time on our field trip. And the day got even better when Miss Malarkey told us we wouldn't have any homework.

After school was over I peeked in the classroom window to see if Miss Malarkey was OK. She was holding her head but ...

she was smiling.


Excerpted from Miss Malarkey's FIELD TRIP by Judy Finchler Kevin O'Malley Copyright © 2004 by Judy Finchler and Kevin O'Malley. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Judy Finchler wrote Testing Miss Malarkey, Miss Malarkey Won't Be in Today, and Miss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10, and she co-wrote You're a Good Sport, Miss Malarkey with Kevin O'Malley. She is an elementary school teacher and librarian in Parsippany, New Jersey.

KEVIN O'MALLEY is the co-author and illustrator of the popular Miss Malarkey series as well as the award-winning Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude and the national bestseller Gimme Cracked Corn and I Will Share. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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