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Miss Me Not

Miss Me Not

4.3 13
by Tiffany King

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From USA Today Bestselling author Tiffany King

Everyone at some point has probably done something they wish they could take back. Madison Hanson's past mistakes have made her feel like a shadow. Her grades suck, her social life is non-existent and her home life isn't much better. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, the sudden and tragic death of a


From USA Today Bestselling author Tiffany King

Everyone at some point has probably done something they wish they could take back. Madison Hanson's past mistakes have made her feel like a shadow. Her grades suck, her social life is non-existent and her home life isn't much better. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, the sudden and tragic death of a fellow student forces Madison to reevaluate everything she thought she believed in.

Fate intervenes in the form of Dean Jackson, a popular "Mr. Everything" at school whose life is the polar opposite of Madison's. What starts as a simple tutoring session blossoms into an unlikely relationship, proving that opposites do sometimes attract. With Dean's help, Madison discovers a new life outside of the darkness she has cloaked herself in, and the power of forgiveness, acceptance, caring and love.

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Meet the Author

USA Today Bestselling author Tiffany King is a lifelong reading fanatic who is now living her dream as a writer, weaving Young Adult and New Adult romance tales for others to enjoy. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Five, if you count her three spoiled cats). Her addictions include: Her iphone and ipad, chocolate, Diet Coke, chocolate, Harry Potter, chocolate, zombies and her favorite TV shows. Want to know what they are? Just ask.

You can connect with Tiffany on her webpage at authortiffanyjking.blogspot.com
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"Books provide the ultimate getaway for me. A good story is a vehicle that takes you to another place, another time, or another world. I love reading the words and letting my imagination do the rest. I appreciate and respect every author who has the courage to put your work out there for the world to see."

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MIss Me Not 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
TheAutumnReview More than 1 year ago
I tend to steer clear of books about suicide. It's just one of those topics that is difficult for me to read about. However, when I was asked to review this one, I accepted. I suppose it's because I knew that despite the difficult subject matter, that Tiffany King would find a way to bring happiness into the story. And she did.  I'm going to start by saying that I've read most of King's books, but Madison and Dean have touched me the most. I really felt like I got to see a clear picture of who Madison was and what was happening in her head. She is such a heartbreaking character. Madison has been emotionally neglected by her parents her whole life. She has tried desperately to gain any kind of attention from them whether it's positive or negative. She feels alone and invisible in the world. The only person that she has is her friend James. They've made a suicide pact, but after a classmate commits suicide, Madison has a change of heart. This is around the time that Dean enters the picture. Dean is popular and the antithesis of what Madison is. When Dean is assigned to be Madison's tutor, she's not really sure what to think. He's sweet, charming, and seems to be committed to helping Madison. I seriously loved Dean. He recognized that Madison needed to take things slowly and that he needed to gain her trust. I also loved his family. They were so supportive of Madison and accepted her unconditionally. I really appreciated the relationship she developed with Sarah, Dean's mother.  Watching Madison's journey was both endearing and heartbreaking. While she struggles to heal her own wounds, she faces tragedy again. I have to say that I did see this coming, but I still cried. Literally. But, despite this devastating event, she becomes even more determined to live her life.  This is a book that deals with some heavy subject matter. I do recommend this book, but prepare yourself to read about darker issues. I'd like to mention that while I've enjoyed King's other books, I feel that she has developed a sophisticated writing style. Well done. Definitely worth checking out. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was the first book i have read about suicide. I have read all tiffany kings books so naturally i read this one. I wasnt sure i would like it but i did. I didnt have a very good childhood in fact is was terrible. While i never thought about suicide myself it was very easy to identify with the pain that madisons felt. I thought it was awsome that this book showed that no matter how bad things seem they can get better. Life is always worth living.
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
I know what you're probably thinking. "A suicide book? I don't like to read about suicide." Well, much like funerals, nobody actually likes reading about suicide, but it is important nonetheless. And though the story is initially about two teens who have plans to go out together, Miss Me Not isn't about suicide in the way you may think. Miss Me Not is actually about living. About Madison's decision not to end her life, and with the help of a kind, generous boy, she decides not only to not die, but to really live. Madison Hanson is not your normal teen. In fact, she can be fairly unlikeable. But Tiffany King did a truly thorough and beautiful job of slowly revealing the events and people who made Madison the way she is...surly, brittle, untouchable. Madison is a girl who did some pretty bad things when she was younger, all to gain her unreachable parents' attention. And as badly as she has been treated because of it, her conscience is the loudest voice of all. "He was the sun, while I was the darkness." When Madison meets Dean, I could definitely see where the story is headed. But, the road to friendship was smoother than I imagined it would be and I appreciated that. I expected Madison to continually push Dean away, or for him to initially be a real jerk to her. It quickly becomes apparent, though, that Dean is a boy beyond compare, and that Madison really truly wants and needs love. To have the story, without the major bickering and back-and-forth, made the story much better, and allowed the focus to center on Madison's emotional journey rather than the budding relationship. Miss Me Not was a very, very well-written, heartfelt, thought story. King's writing is practically flawless. And though the story begins in a tragic place, and has many sad moments, it is also hopeful, and uplifting. Miss Me Not is not to be missed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DaniLove413 More than 1 year ago
So one of the things that I absolutely LOVE about This author is her ability to write a book about a controversial issue and make you feel characters are feeling. Suicide is something I take very seriously and I hate when people bash it or the people we have lost. So I applaud Tiffany for taking on such a strong topic and doing so in an amazing job. Most of you are wondering why I can applaud her and say that what she has written is the truth. This is why; up until I was 18 I struggled with life and seriously thought about suicide. In some cases Madison and I are alike so I can relate to her. Where she made a pact with her best friend James, I actually tried to go through with it. Her tattoo’s on her wrist are there to remind herself, I have a tattoo on my left wrist for the same reason. Only mine is the Chinese symbol for faith, it covers up my scar of the one time I tried to cut my wrist. So that’s my story and that why I love Miss Me Not and This author for writing this book. The more people bring this epidemic to attention, maybe the more lives could be saved. I wasn’t able to find a statistic for 2011 but there were 38,364 suicide deaths reported in the U.S. in 2010. Many of you might have known one of these people, some of you have might not, and some of you might know one or more who could become part of the statistic for this year. The point is to open your eyes and see what’s around you. YOU could be the person to change the life of someone even if you don’t realize it. Okay I know you are probably tired of reading about this.. so on to the book! Madison had a really hard life. She had two parents who were there but who never actually there. So she took it upon herself to try and get the attention of them. Granted some was a little extreme and one that ultimately ended pretty badly. That one thing ultimately left Madison feeling alone and had her fading into the background. Being in Jr.High/High school and the rumors spreading about her didn’t help her see the point in life. When she met James, who became her best friend, the pact was formed. Their friendship wasn’t the typical friendship; they provided comfort for each other, an out. That was until a fellow “shadow” stole their thunder. Then Madison had to meet with a tutor for one of the classes she was in, what she didn’t see coming was that it was going to be Dean. Madison considered him to be possibly the king of the populars, but she didn’t count on developing feelings for him. I absolutely love Dean. He is quite possibly the best guy ever, so sweet, and never gives up. He starts off by tutoring Madison and gets her to agree to more tutoring even though it was supposed to be the one time. He slowly starts to chip away at the wall she’s built around herself. Getting her to open up to his touches and hanging out. He ignores the rumors about Madison and agrees to keep their friendship a secret. He takes her to meet his parents, to her first time at a theme park, and gains her trust. Dean is slowly getting under Madison’s skin. He’s getting her to trust him. It’s not easy and Madison pushes every chance she gets telling him she doesn’t need to be saved… but whether or not she needs to be saved, maybe, just maybe Dean has his own motives? What happened to Madison that has her making a pact with James to be suicide buddies? What’s the reason for Dean wanting Madison to trust him so badly? Will Madison and Dean’s attraction for each other make the friendship line blur into something more? The ultimate question…what happens to Madison, was she saved or does she become another statistic? You have to pick up this book and buy it. It is beautiful and This author, there’s no words to express how much I love and appreciate the time and effort it took to write a book like this. You are a hero and definitely brought hope to anyone who reads this and has is considering suicide. I want you to know, speaking from personal experience, that I wish I had a book like this to read when I was in that position in my life, sometimes all we need is a little hope. This book is that hope.
ABookVacation More than 1 year ago
It is no secret that Tiffany King is one of my all-time favorite authors. I absolutely adore her work, and every single novel she’s written has been a 5 star in my book, from her lighthearted paranormal Saving Angels series to her more realistic, darker YA titles, Wishing For Someday Soon, Forever Changed, and Unlikely Allies. King has repeatedly blown me away, and her realistic novel, Miss Me Not is no different. King is, once again, tackling a very difficult subject in this latest novel—that of suicide. It’s a touchy subject, and some may have difficulty reading this book, but it’s an amazing story, one that needs to be told. Yes, it will make you cry. But it will also make you see the many hundreds of reasons that we should live, and that’s the point. Being a teenager is an extremely tricky time in a young person’s life, and Miss Me Not is exactly the type of novel that so many teenagers need to read. The situations are extremely realistic, though Dean may seem to be too good to be true (swoon), and Madison’s thoughts and feelings are easy to identify with. I’m not sure if all teenagers think about suicide at some point or other, but I know when I was younger, I did, and my problems were nowhere near those of Madison, or Mitch, or James. Though this is a very difficult topic to read about, I think it will help young adults very much when it comes to working through their own problems and choosing to live. Too many young people commit suicide every year, and the effects on those left behind are always devastating. Mitch’s suicide is no different, and for Madison, it is a wake-up call, though she doesn’t realize just how much he’s saved her right away, and she still has to work through her own demons before she can come to terms with living. Miss Me Not is extremely well written and I loved every minute of this amazing story, tears and all. It’s extremely touching and I highly suggest you pick it up stat!