Miss Saigon [Complete Recording]

Miss Saigon [Complete Recording]


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Disc 1

  1. Act 1: Ouverture/Back Stage Dreamland
  2. Act 1: The heat is on in Saigon
  3. Act 1: The movie in my mind
  4. Act 1: The transaction
  5. Act 1: The dance
  6. Act 1: Why God why?
  7. Act 1: This money's yours
  8. Act 1: Sun and moon
  9. Act 1: The telephone song
  10. Act 1: The deal
  11. Act 1: The wedding ceremony (Dju Vui Vai)
  12. Act 1: Thuy's arrival
  13. Act 1: The last night of the world
  14. Act 1: The morning of the dragon
  15. Act 1: I still believe
  16. Act 1: Back in town
  17. Act 1: Thuy's death/You will not touch him
  18. Act 1: If you want to die in bed
  19. Act 1: Kim & engineer
  20. Act 1: I'd give my life for you

Disc 2

  1. Act 2: Entr'acte
  2. Act 2: Bui doi
  3. Act 2: The revelation
  4. Act 2: What a waste
  5. Act 2: Please
  6. Act 2: Chris is here
  7. Act 2: Kim's nightmare
  8. Act 2: Room 317
  9. Act 2: Now that I've seen her
  10. Act 2: The confrontation
  11. Act 2: The American dream
  12. Act 2: Finale

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Derek Watkins   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Hinton Battle   Vocals
Trevor Burley   Cello
Duke Dobing   Flute,Piccolo
Kenneth Essex   Viola
John Francis   Violin
Wilfred Gibson   Violin
Brian Hawkins   Viola
Steve Levine   Violin
Pauline Lowbury   Violin
Rita Manning   Violin
Robin McGee   Double Bass
Johnathan Rees   Violin
Godfrey Salmon   Violin
Sonia Swaby   Vocals
Shelley Van Loen   Violin
Justin Ward   Viola
Hugh Webb   Harp
Steve Aitken   Bass Trombone
Clive Howard   Viola
Chris Lacey   Flute,Piccolo
Paul Marrion   Double Bass
Steve McManus   Bass Guitar,Double Bass
Glen Martin   Clarinet,E-flat Clarinet
Steve Waterman   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Frank Schaefer   Cello
Alison Taylor   Horn
Ian McLeod   Violin
David Hartley   Piano
Ian Laws   Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar
Ray Santos   Vocals
John McDougall   Bassoon
David Charles Abell   Conductor
Julian Fairbank   Percussion
Joseph Frohlich   Violin
Paul Gardham   Horn
David Juritz   Violin
Jack Rozman   Violin
Robert Sydor   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Peter Tanfield   Violin
Edward Vanderspar   Viola
Bruce Winant   Vocals
Nigel Charman   Percussion
Robert Weber   Vocals
Martin Turnland   Violin
Paul Cullington   Double Bass
Eric Chan   Vocals
Rachel Allen   Violin
Alison Kelly   Violin
Alvin Crawford   Vocals
Jay Douglas   Vocals
Andrew Schulman   Cello
Emy Baysic   Vocals
Jim Harrison   Vocals
Dave Whitson   Trombone
Donnell Aarone   Vocals
Tito Abeleda   Vocals
Zar Acayan   Vocals
Joanna Ampil   Vocals
Alan Ariano   Vocals
Darrell Autor   Vocals
Charles Azulay   Vocals
Nick Barr   Viola
Robert Bartley   Vocals
Barrie Belcher   Cello
C.C. Brown   Vocals
Peter Cousens   Vocals
Mirla Criste   Vocals
Francis J. Cruz   Vocals
Sylvia Dohi   Vocals
Myrna Edwards   Viola
Rona Figueroa   Vocals
Margaret Gates   Vocals
Robie Gibbs   Violin
Martin Gill   Violin
Ann Glover   Oboe
Nigel Goldberg   Violin
Christopher Hind   Percussion
Clive Hughes   Violin
John Hursey   Cello
Leonard Joseph   Vocals
Norman Kauahi   Vocals
Howard Kaye   Vocals
Gordon Laing   Bassoon,Contrabassoon
Zoie Lam   Vocals
Christine Langner   Vocals
Ming Lee   Vocals
Frank J. Maio   Vocals
Paul Matsumoto   Vocals
Kevin Neil McCready   Vocals
Henry Menendez   Vocals
Heidi Meyer   Vocals
Charles Munn   Vocals
Cheri Nakamura   Vocals
Geoffrey Nash   Trombone
Christopher Nightingale   Synthesizer
Elizabeth Paw   Vocals
Matthew Pederson   Vocals
Jeff Reid   Vocals
Chloe Stewart   Vocals
Jade Kaiwalani Stice   Vocals
Philip Trzebiatowski   Cello
Steve Wick   Tuba
Welly Yang   Vocals
Ruthie Henshall   Vocals
Steve "Syco Steve" Williams   Double Bass
Nicholas Hytner   Conductor
Chris ONeal   Oboe,Cor anglais
Robert Bailey   Cello
Sidney Gauld   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Timothy Grant   Viola
Kevin Gray   Vocals
Eric Bates   Vocals
Chris Baron   Percussion,Drums
Alan Jones   Horn
Benedict Cruft   Violin
Roxanne Taga   Vocals
Marc Oka   Vocals
Tom O'Leary   Vocals
Yancey Arias   Vocals
Lydia Gaston   Vocals
Inocian Junix   Vocals
Michael Thompson   Horn
Imelda de los Reyes   Vocals
Philip de Groote   Cello
Juan P. Pineda   Vocals
Justin Pearson   Cello

Technical Credits

Alain Boublil   Composer,Executive Producer,Adaptation
William David Brohn   Orchestration
David Caddick   Producer,Musical Supervision
Richard Maltby   Lyricist
Claude-Michel Schönberg   Composer,Executive Producer
Martin Koch   Musical Supervision
David Hunt   Engineer
Ken Mandelbaum   Liner Notes
Andy Bruce   Engineer
Robert Billig   Musical Supervision
John Napier   Production Design
Andreane Neofitou   Costume Design
Suzy Benzinger   Costume Design
Nicholas Hytner   Director
Claude-Michel Schoenberg   Executive Producer

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