Missing Aaron

Missing Aaron

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by Deanna Chase

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Missing Aaron

By Deanna Chase


Copyright © 2010 Deanna Chase
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-5722-4

Chapter One

The sun felt so warm on Jessie's face that it made her smile. Jessie was 5 and her older sister, Marie, was 7. Marie reminded Jessie she was supposed to push her on the swing. When Jessie asked when it would be her turn, she got the "in just a minute" answer. This was the same answer her mom used all the time.

"Girls, come inside. I have great news!" their mom shouted to the back yard.

Marie and Jessie looked at each other. Marie jumped off the swing and ran up the hill. She laughed at Jessie because, once again, Marie had gotten out of her turn to push Jessie.

For revenge, Jessie spit on her finger and rubbed it on Marie's swing. Later, after Marie sat on her swing for a while, Jessie would tell her about the spit, gross her out and laugh right back at her.

Jessie ran up the hill to find out the good news. Could it be a present? Maybe they were going to the park. Maybe they were going to the park AND getting an ice cream cone! Their mom had a big smile on her face and she had excited eyes. She told them that Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Rick were going to have a baby! The girls jumped up and down as they celebrated the news. No present, no trip to the park, not even with an ice cream cone was better than this news.

"When can we see the baby?" they asked.

Mom laughed softly and tried to explain that there would be winter and spring before the baby would actually be here.

She explained that the baby was still growing in Aunt Jeannie's belly. Jessie had seen women with swollen bellies before so she understood.

"Next weekend we are going to take a trip and go visit Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Rick, Grandmom and Grandpop. You can give extra hugs to Aunt Jeannie and some will go to the baby," Mom explained.


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