Misty Mountain Hop: A Millennium Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Misty Mountain Hop: A Millennium Tribute to Led Zeppelin


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Disc 1

  1. Misty Mountain Hop
  2. Ramble On
  3. Rock N' Roll
  4. Stairway to Heaven
  5. Communication Breakdown
  6. The Ocean
  7. Over the Hills and Far Away
  8. The Immigrant Song
  9. Friends
  10. Thank You
  11. Trampled Under Foot
  12. Kashmir
  13. Black Dog
  14. Nola
  15. Like a Bruise
  16. When I Was a Rebel
  17. Lords of Sadness
  18. Noisy Night
  19. Open Sky
  20. Hold On
  21. The Microphone's Suicide
  22. The Joke
  23. Little Queen
  24. My Satisfaction

Disc 2

  1. Apocalypse
  2. Through and Through
  3. Lately - The Infinite Staircase
  4. Broken Dreams
  5. Tomorrow's Cause
  6. Just Give Me Rock & Roll
  7. King of the Mountain
  8. Lullaby
  9. The Art of Losing
  10. Highway Killer
  11. Holy Wars
  12. Revenge Of The IBC
  13. The Stronger You Are, The Harder You Fall
  14. Exits
  15. The Fate
  16. Evacuation
  17. Fateful Entry
  18. I'm Alive
  19. Back in the Alley
  20. Foot in the Grave
  21. Faulty Logic
  22. Blue
  23. Every Little Thing
  24. Complicated
  25. Cassidy
  26. Before
  27. Believe
  28. Started with a Kiss
  29. Violent Power

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chris Poland   Guitar
Gregg Gerson   Flute
John Goodwin   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Felix Hanemann   Keyboards,Vocals
Taso Karras   Bouzouki,Percussion,Baglama
Smitty   Guitar
Lee Thompson   Vocals
Joe Viers   Bass
Arno Hecht   Clarinet,Saxophone,Background Vocals
Mark Hitt   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Jason Andrews   Acoustic Guitar,Drums
Tommy Drennan   Drums
Scooter   Vocals
Harry Slash   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,cowbell
Paul Sinclair   Vocals
Richard Kendrick   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Tony Moore   Bass
Keith Lambert   Bass,Electric Guitar,Keyboards
Vance Wright   Bass
Chuck Bonnett   Rhythm Guitar
Blayne Coupel   Drums
Chris Catena   Vocals
Rose Reiter   Vocals
Nicky Kay   Guitar
Troy Patrick Farrell   Drums
Derrick LeFevre   Vocals
Chris Heaven   Vocals
Tarik Solangi   Vibraslap
Brad Williams   Vocals
Paul Hammond   Guitar
Steve "Buidgie" Wener   Drums
Tracy G & The Edge of Time   Guitar
James "Duke" Jackson   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
A.J. Caruso   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Aleks Ferrara   Bass
Marko Pavic   Guitar
Matthew McGregor   Bass,Background Vocals
Sergio Yetta   Drums
Dan Aasebø   Guitar
Gregory Wyld   Guitar
Keith Werner   Percussion
Missie Stevens   Vocals
Andy Speedball   Vocals
Geir Arne Solheim   Drums
Danny Rusty   Acoustic Guitar
Evan Rittmann   Drums
Keri Kelli   Guitar

Technical Credits

Jimmy Page   Composer
Robert Plant   Composer
John Goodwin   Composer
Taso Karras   Arranger,Producer
Joe Viers   Producer,Engineer
Mark Hitt   Arranger,Producer
Jason Andrews   Composer
Jake Brown   Producer,Executive Producer
Harry Slash   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Executive Producer
Randy Pevler   Engineer
Paul Sinclair   Producer,Engineer
Richard Kendrick   Producer,Engineer,MIDI Programming
Blayne Coupel   Engineer
Rose Reiter   Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements
Chris Heaven   Engineer
Tarik Solangi   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Executive Producer
Dan Tobiason   Engineer
Paul Hammond   Producer,Engineer
Tracy G & The Edge of Time   Engineer
James "Duke" Jackson   Producer,Engineer
Rob Hovey   Engineer
Fabrizio Frezza   Engineer
Marko Pavic   Producer
Geir Arne Solheim   Composer
John Scholls   Engineer

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