Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating Circumstances

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by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

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This dead-on convincing thriller about a woman law enforcer's fevered pursuit of a criminal abounds with the authenticity Nancy Taylor Rosenberg brings to it. As a former investigator, she offers intimate knowledge of how crime and punishment really work-on both sides of the law.

Set in the crowded courts and glamorous suburbs of Southern California, this

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This dead-on convincing thriller about a woman law enforcer's fevered pursuit of a criminal abounds with the authenticity Nancy Taylor Rosenberg brings to it. As a former investigator, she offers intimate knowledge of how crime and punishment really work-on both sides of the law.

Set in the crowded courts and glamorous suburbs of Southern California, this compulsively readable novel tells the story of Lily Forrester, a feisty, dedicated District Attorney on the rise in her professional career and on the brink in her private life. Newly appointed as Chief of the Sex Crimes Division, Lily is eager to plunge into a job she has long coveted. At the same time, she is coping with a floundering marriage and the lure of a man to whom she is strongly attracted.

All that keeps Lily's marriage together and keeps her from losing herself entirely in work is her quirky thirteen-year-old daughter, Shana. But when an intruder invades Lily's home and commits an unspeakable act, Lily Forrester heads out on a trial of vengeance beyond any law but that of her own rage. With one shattering act, her life spins out of control into a realm of unimaginable uncertainty. Suddenly, she is agonizingly alone, with a circle of danger closing in around her, leaving her no place to run, no place to hide, and no one to trust. For Lily Forrester has already gone too far to turn back.

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Unflinchingly brutal, this compulsively readable first novel grapples with ethically and psychologically insoluble issues. When California assistant DA Lily Forrester gets promoted to chief of the sex-crimes unit and finally separates from her weak husband, she sees the way clear to find new love and eventually achieves her goal of becoming a judge. Then a man bursts into her new house and forces her to watch as he rapes her daughter. Immediately afterward, Lily discovers his mug shot and address among some case files she has brought home; now she must choose between delivering the criminal to uncertain justice in court or avenging her child directly at the cost of the principles she has sworn to uphold. Addressing the subtleties of a personal tragedy within an intricate suspense format, former policewoman Rosenberg has crafted an assured novel firmly grounded in scenes of everyday life. It's possible to have retrospective qualms about the many plot convolutions, which seem designed only to give a beautiful redhead an airtight reason to kill an unknown Hispanic, but Rosenberg's overwhelming portrayal of the incendiary, universal emotions of vengeance and guilt definitely touch a raw nerve. Literary Guild main selection; film rights to Tri-Star; ad/promo; author tour. ( Jan .)
Library Journal
Former policewoman Rosenberg has certainly hit the target with her women's action thriller. Protagonist Lily Forrester, a district attorney in Southern California, is an ambitious woman with a deteriorating marriage. Her life becomes a nightmare when both she and her daughter are brutally attacked. Recognizing their attacker, but unwilling to submit her child to the abuse of the legal system, Forrester moves to deal out justice herself. First novelist Rosenberg offers a compelling insider's view of the criminal justice system and a moving portrait of a woman bent on revenge. Book club and movie rights for this page-turner have already been sold, so expect the high demand it deserves. Literary Guild main selection.-- Sister M. Anna Falbo CSSF, Villa Maria Coll. Lib., Buffalo, N.Y.
Kirkus Reviews
A former cop's page-burning tale of a rape victim's vengeance that offers thrills and emotionalism aplenty—as well as the most cleverly calculated defense of vigilantism since Brian Garfield's Death Wish of 20 years ago. The rape, which comes early here, is as shocking as any in fiction, detailed in graphic slow-motion prose as heroine Lily Forrester is sodomized at knifepoint by a young Hispanic. What will make readers really cringe, though, is that Lily's 13-year-old daughter, Shana, is raped alongside her mom. The kicker is that Lily is an assistant D.A. (of the fictional city of Oxnard, California); but despite her fierce allegiance to the law, right after the rape, Lily, flush with rage, i.d.'s the rapist, blows him away, then covers her tracks: She alone knows that the man shot dead by an unknown assailant raped her and her daughter. Though first-novelist Rosenberg uses a steam shovel to stack readers' sympathies toward Lily—subplots reveal that the rapist had killed twice before, and that, as a child, Lily had been raped repeatedly by her grandfather—the author offers a convincingly complex portrait of the aftermath of the crimes: of Shana's shattered world, and of Lily's breakdown as she's ravaged by guilt yet terrified of being caught. The tension escalates as Oxnard's best detective catches the case, and it goes over the top when a lineup of suspects corralled by the cops reveals that Lily may have killed the wrong man. Will Lily be found out, and, even if not, will she be able to live with her terrible remorse? Suffice it to say that Rosenberg punches all the right buttons to create a climax awash in rousing moral righteousness; but readers—andthis first novel will have many—may note to their discomfort that, ultimately, Lily really isn't much more than Charles Bronson in a designer dress. (Film rights to Tri-Star; Literary Guild Main Selection for May)

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Mitigating Circumstances 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There wasn't a moment where I questioned the plausibility of the action in this story. I read this book in one sitting and felt I knew (and liked) Lily and her daughter. Nancy Taylor-Rosenberg has a style of writing that doesn't condescend to the reader, but doesn't placate either. Actually, I'd even like to read more about Detective Cunningham! Rosenberg depicted each and every character so thoroughly that the reader becomes intrinsically involved in the story as it unfolds!!! As I write this, I'm planning to run out and get every book Rosenberg's written . . . I just wish she'd find a way to carry her characters from one book to another! The reader surely hates to say goodbye after absorbing the last page!!! Kudos, Nancy!!! Keep 'em coming !!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. It was fantastic, I could not put the book down. If her other books are anything like this one, I can not wait to get my hands on another book of hers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was the first I read of this author and was entranced from the start....well developed characters seen from different vantage points,,,lots of action,,,good feeling ending....thoroughly enjoyed this book in one sitting.