Mitochondria / Edition 2

Mitochondria / Edition 2

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by Immo E. Scheffler

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ISBN-10: 0470040734

ISBN-13: 9780470040737

Pub. Date: 11/09/2007

Publisher: Wiley

Praise for the First Edition

"Very valuable."
Journal of the American Aging Association

"Remarkably comprehensive yet concise and contains something for everyone . . . a wide range of 'Cell Biologists' will find this book valuable."
Cell Biology International

"A broadly conceived and lively account


Praise for the First Edition

"Very valuable."
Journal of the American Aging Association

"Remarkably comprehensive yet concise and contains something for everyone . . . a wide range of 'Cell Biologists' will find this book valuable."
Cell Biology International

"A broadly conceived and lively account of mitochondrial biology and biochemistry . . . [written] with such clarity and spark, and in such an organized and complete manner."
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education

This book is the eagerly awaited Second Edition of the bestselling book widely acknowledged as the first modern, truly comprehensive work on mitochondria.

Mitochondria, Second Edition brings readers up to date on the many significant findings that have occurred since the book was first published nearly a decade ago. As in that seminal first edition, this Second Edition tackles the biochemistry, genetics, and pathology of mitochondria in different organisms. The growth of the subject has required more emphasis on mammalian mitochondria, but fundamental new insights from other organisms are also included. The new edition provides thorough updates of all the literature concerning this vital organelle, its functions, ongoing research surrounding it, and its importance vis-à-vis a broad range of issues in cellular and molecular biology. Mitochondria, Second Edition includes detailed descriptions of current and developing technologies involved in mitochondrial research and discovery, and highlights subjects that are growing, such as the use of proteomics.

Complete with black-and-white drawings and photographs, Mitochondria, Second Edition is an invaluable resource for all geneticists, biologists, and educators in the life sciences. It is also of interest to advanced students in genetics and molecular biology.

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Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Preface to First Edition     xv
History     1
References     6
Evolutionary Origin of Mitochondria     7
References     15
Structure and Morphology. Integration into the Cell     18
Structure and Morphology     19
Integration into the Cell     30
Distribution in the Cytosol     30
Interaction with Cytoskeleton     34
The Dynamics of Mitochondrial Morphology     37
Mitochondrial Shape Changes     37
Fission     40
Fusion     42
Distribution During Cell Division     46
During Cell Differentiation     51
Turnover and Degradation     54
Mitochondrial Alterations in Apoptosis     55
Unsolved Problems for the Future     55
References     56
Biogenesis of Mitochondria     60
The Mitochondrial Genome     61
Introduction     61
The Mitochondrial Genome in Metazoans     63
The Mitochondrial Genome in Plants     68
The Mitochondrial Genome in Fungi     72
The Mitochondrial Genome in Kinetoplastid Protozoa     75
Mitochondrial Plasmids     79
Fungal Senescence     80
Phytopathogenicity     81
Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (CMS)     81
Nuclear Genes Encoding Mitochondrial Proteins     81
Enzymes Required for Maintenance and Expression of the Mitochondrial Genome     82
Nucleo-mitochondrial Interactions     85
Introduction     85
In Yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae     86
Regulation of Nuclear Respiratory Genes in Mammalian Cells     91
Co-evolution of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genomes     95
Replication and Maintenance of Mitochondrial DNA     96
DNA Replication in Mammalian Mitochondria     96
mtDNA Repair in Mammalian Mitochondria     104
Recombination in Mammalian Mitochondria     105
mtDNA Maintenance and Replication in Other Organisms     105
Transcription of Mitochondrial DNA-RNA Metabolism     105
Transcription in Mammalian Mitochondria     105
Transcription of mtDNA in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae     111
Transcription of mtDNA in Plant Mitochondria     111
Transcriptional Termination     113
RNA Processing in Mitochondria     113
RNA Editing in Kinetoplastid Protozoa      116
Editing in Plant Mitochondria     121
Control of mRNA Levels by Turnover     123
Translation of Mitochondrial mRNAs     126
Introduction     126
Codon Usage and tRNA Structure     126
Mitochondrial Ribosomes     128
Cis-Acting Elements     132
Translation Factors     133
Protein Import into Mitochondria     141
Mitochondrial Targeting of Proteins     141
The Protein Import Machinery of Mitochondria     145
Import of Transfer RNA into Mitochondria     152
Regulated Protein Degradation in Mitochondria     153
References     156
Mitochondrial Electron Transfer and Oxidative Phosphorylation     168
Historical Introduction     169
The Electron Transport Chain     173
The Biochemical Components     173
Physical Separation of the Complexes of the ETC     179
Biochemical Fractionations     179
Supercomplexes     182
Introduction to Bioenergetics     184
Complex I     185
Complex II     195
Nuclear Versus Mitochondrial Location of Complex II Genes     200
Complex III      202
Complex IV     210
The Assembly of the Electron Transport Chain Complexes     220
Electron Transport in Other Organisms     224
NAD(P)H Dehydrogenases     224
A Cyanide-Insensitive Electron Pathway     225
NADH Oxidation in Yeasts     226
Energy Metabolism and NADH Oxidation in Trypanosomes     227
The Chemiosmotic Hypothesis     228
The Mitchell Hypothesis     228
The Q Cycle     237
Probing the Mitochondrial Membrane Potential with Fluorescent Dyes     239
ATP Synthase (F[subscript 1]F[subscript 0]-ATPase)     244
Introduction     244
X-Ray Structure     247
ATP Synthesis and Catalytic Mechanisms     249
The F[subscript 0] Subcomplex and Proton Flow     253
Assembly of Complex V and Dimerization     257
Control of Respiration and Oxidative Phosphorylation     259
General Considerations     259
The Role of Substrates     261
The Uncoupling Proteins in Warm-Blooded Animals     266
Uncoupling in Other Organisms     271
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae     271
In Plants     271
Reactive Oxygen Species      272
Nitric Oxide (NO)     277
The Role of Specific Lipids     279
References     281
Metabolic Pathways Inside Mitochondria     298
Introduction     299
The Krebs Cycle     299
Fatty Acid Metabolism     304
The Urea Cycle     309
Biosynthesis of Heme     309
Cardiolipin and Lipid Biosynthesis/Metabolism     314
Biosynthesis of Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q)     319
Biosynthesis of Fe-S Centers     324
Transport of Small Solutes into and out of Mitochondria     329
Introduction     329
Porin Alias VDAC     330
The ADP/ATP Translocator     331
The Mitochondrial Carrier Protein Family     334
Cation Transport     335
Transport of Calcium and Its Physiological Role     337
The Mitochondrial Permeability Transition     339
References     341
Mitochondrial Mutations and Disease     345
General Introduction     346
In Cell Culture     348
Mitochondrial Mutations in Microorganisms     348
Mitochondrial Mutations in Mammalian Cells in Culture     350
Molecular Genetics of Human Mitochondrial Diseases     354
Introduction     354
Maternal Versus Sporadic Inheritance     355
Mapping mtDNA Deletions/Rearrangements     358
mtDNA Point Mutations and Maternal Inheritance     359
Mitochondria and Oogenesis     362
Clinical Aspects of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations     366
MtDNA Deletions: Kearns-Sayre Syndrome and Pearson Syndrome     367
Familial Mitochondrial DNA Depletion     369
Point Mutations     369
Nuclear Mutations and Mitochondrial Disease     373
Defective Electron Transport Chain     373
MtDNA Maintenance and Replication     375
Friedreich's Ataxia     376
Deafness and Dystonia Syndrome (Mohr-Tranebjaerg Syndrome)     376
Conclusion     377
Mitochondrial DNA and Aging     377
Introduction     377
Accumulation of mtDNA Damage and Normal Aging     380
Neurodegenerative Diseases     383
Parkinson's Disease     384
Alzheimer's Disease     386
Huntington's Disease     387
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)     389
Mitochondria and Apoptosis     389
Fungal Senescence      398
Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Plants     400
References     404
Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing and Anthropology     417
Introduction     418
Human Evolution     419
Primate Evolution     426
Human Y Chromosome Variation     428
Forensic Applications     430
Future Challenges     434
References     434
Mitochondria and Pharmacology     437
Introduction     437
References     438
Index     441

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