Mo' Money

Mo' Money


The soundtrack to Mo' Money is a decent endeavor from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. They managed to get together more early-'90s R&B and rap stars than you can shake a stick at for the project. Parts of the album are noteworthy, others are not. Cases in point, the "Mo' Money Groove," which is simply multipleSee more details below


The soundtrack to Mo' Money is a decent endeavor from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. They managed to get together more early-'90s R&B and rap stars than you can shake a stick at for the project. Parts of the album are noteworthy, others are not. Cases in point, the "Mo' Money Groove," which is simply multiple artists chanting the mantra "mo' money money, mo' money money money" for nearly six minutes. Secondarily, half of the tracks are short bits of dialogue from the movie, which usually set the scene for the coming songs, though that introduction is perhaps not necessary. Notable songs on the album are many. The Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross collaboration on "The Best Things in Life Are Free" keeps a hot beat with two of the better vocalists of modern R&B, along with appearances by half of New Edition (specifically Bell Biv DeVoe and Ralph Tresvant). Krush brings out a little bit of dancehall on "Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now)" and über-soulful Sounds of Blackness follow suit. Public Enemy invokes George Clinton on "Get Off My Back" and multiple soft soul singers take their place on the album, such as Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill, and the boy-band precursor Color Me Badd. Throughout, the album is a perfect blend for a fan of the early-'90s R&B sound, but doesn't really meet the same standard as music of later years.

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Perspective Records

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  1. Mo' Money Groove  -  Mo' Money Allstars
  2. For You? Free
  3. The Best Things in Life Are Free  - Luther Vandross
  4. Gimmy My 2 Dollars
  5. Ice Cream Dream
  6. Amber, Let's Go
  7. Let's Just Run Away
  8. Don't Throw That Away
  9. I Adore You
  10. Get off My Back  - Flavor Flav
  11. Forever Love
  12. Fun and Games With the Mail Boy
  13. Money Can't Buy You Love
  14. Hi Johnny Baby
  15. Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now)  -  Krush
  16. Joy
  17. A Sister Just Like Her
  18. The New Style  -  Jam & Lewis
  19. I Think I Mightta Gotta Job
  20. A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work  - Big Daddy Kane
  21. My Dreams Need Detail
  22. My Dear
  23. Big Time
  24. Brother Will  -  Harlem Yacht Club

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Big Daddy Kane   Vocals,Track Performer
MC Lyte   Vocals,Track Performer
Public Enemy   Track Performer
Sounds of Blackness   Background Vocals,Track Performer
Bell Biv DeVoe   Track Performer
Color Me Badd   Vocals,Track Performer
Johnny Gill   Vocals,Background Vocals,Track Performer
Janet Jackson   Vocals,Track Performer
Ralph Tresvant   Vocals,Background Vocals,Rap,Track Performer
Luther Vandross   Vocals,Track Performer
Caron Wheeler   Vocals,Background Vocals,Track Performer
Flow   Multi Instruments,Musician
Mint Condition   Background Vocals,Track Performer
Lo-Key   Background Vocals,Track Performer
Gary Bell   Synclavier
Michael Bivins   Rap
Ronnie DeVoe   Rap
Joey Elias   Background Vocals
Floyd Fisher   Keyboards
Flavor Flav   Vocals
Michael Hyde   Synclavier
J.R.   Vocals,Background Vocals
Jimmy Jam   Keyboards,Multi Instruments,Rhythm,Musician
Jellybean Johnson   Guitar,Percussion,Drums
Lisa Keith   Background Vocals
Terry Lewis   Background Vocals,Multi Instruments,Rhythm,Musician
Ann Nesby   Vocals
O'Dell   Keyboards
Stokley   Vocals
Frank Stribbling   Guitar,Soloist
Damon Wayans   Background Vocals
Stokley Williams   Drums,Vocals
Lance Alexander   Guitar,Percussion,Drums,Keyboards
Prof. T.   Background Vocals
Krush   Vocals,Background Vocals
James "Big Jim" Wright   Organ,Musician
Ashley Jackson   Vocals,Background Vocals,Dialogue,Spoken Word
Ange Smith   Vocals,Background Vocals
Christine Williams   Vocals,Background Vocals,Dialogue
DJ Icy Rock   scratching,Turntables
Flavortons   Background Vocals
Leslie Organ   Musician
Christy Williams   Dialogue,Spoken Word
Mark Haynes   Bass

Technical Credits

Big Daddy Kane   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
MC Lyte   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Color Me Badd   Arranger,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement
Janet Jackson   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Ralph Tresvant   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Luther Vandross   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Caron Wheeler   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Flow   Arranger,Programming,Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement
Mint Condition   Producer
Gary Bell   Programming,Engineer,Synclavier Programming
Bruce Botnick   Engineer
Eric Butler   Engineer
Flavor Flav   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Kirk Franklin   Composer
Bob Fudjinski   Engineer
Gary G-Wiz   Arranger,Programming,Producer,rhythm arrangement
Brian Gardner   Engineer,Mastering
Steve Hodge   Engineer
Michael Hyde   Programming,Engineer,Synclavier Programming
Jimmy Jam   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Executive Producer,Vocal Arrangements,drum programming,rhythm arrangement
Kimm James   Engineer
Jellybean Johnson   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement
Bill Lazerus   Engineer
Terry Lewis   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Executive Producer,Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement
Paul Logus   Engineer
Kiki Nervil   Engineer
O'Dell   Arranger,Programming,Vocal Arrangements,drum programming,rhythm arrangement
David Rideau   Engineer
Keith Shocklee   Arranger,Programming,Producer,rhythm arrangement
Mike Scotella   Engineer
Hank Shocklee   Arranger,Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Stokley   Arranger,Programming,Vocal Arrangements
Scott Weatherspoon   Engineer,Sequencing Assistant
Stokley Williams   Vocal Arrangements
Lance Alexander   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,drum programming,rhythm arrangement
Ollie Cotton   Engineer
Gary Hines   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Prof. T.   Programming,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement
Krush   Vocal Arrangements
Bradley Yost   Engineer
Bret Lopez   Cover Photo
Richard Frankel   Art Direction
Kyle Bess   Engineer
Weldon Cochren   Engineer
Eve Glabman   Engineer
Darron Story   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Kim Spikes   Engineer
Anthony Smith   Composer
Bomb Squad Prod   Producer
Mickey Isley   Engineer
Ray Seville   Engineer
Ray Shields   Engineer
A. Wheaton   Composer

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