Mob Father

Mob Father

by George Anastasia

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During his teenage years in the 1980s, Bobby DelGiorno, whose parents were divorced, had a close relationship with his father, Thomas DelGiorno, who was a big-league hood in Nikky Scarfo's South Philadelphia underworld. ``Tommy Del'' was heavily involved with extortion, loan-sharking, drugs and murder. In this revealing account, Philadelphia Inquirer crime reporter Anastasia ( Blood and Honor ) shows what life with a prominent organized crime figure was like for Bobby and his mother, Maryann Fisher. Based on extensive interviews with both of them, as well as on research into court testimony and previously unreleased FBI files, Anastasia unmasks numerous crime scams and provides an insightful glimpse into the anguish of being the son of a man who was more comfortable with killers than with his own kin. Bobby and his older brother, Tommy Jr., were given new identities when their father became a government informer in the late 1980s, but they have recently returned to their former Philadelphia neighborhood. Photos not seen by PW. (Oct.)

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