Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are (Que Biz-Tech Series)

Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are (Que Biz-Tech Series)

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by Cindy Krum

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ISBN-10: 0789739763

ISBN-13: 2900789739765

Pub. Date: 03/11/2010

Publisher: Que

Mobile Marketing

Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are

Use Mobile Marketing to Supercharge Brands, Sales, and Profits!

Using brand-new mobile marketing techniques, you can craft campaigns that are more personal, targeted, immediate, measurable, actionable–and fun! Now, one of the field’s leading pioneers shows


Mobile Marketing

Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are

Use Mobile Marketing to Supercharge Brands, Sales, and Profits!

Using brand-new mobile marketing techniques, you can craft campaigns that are more personal, targeted, immediate, measurable, actionable–and fun! Now, one of the field’s leading pioneers shows exactly how to make mobile marketing work for your business. Cindy Krum cuts through the hype, revealing what’s working–and what isn’t. She guides you through identifying the right strategies and tactics for your products, services, brands, and customers…avoiding overly intrusive, counterproductive techniques…and how to successfully integrate mobile into your existing marketing mix. Above all, Krum shows you how to effectively execute on your mobile marketing opportunities–driving greater brand awareness, stronger customer loyalty, more sales, and higher profits.

Topics include

• Getting started fast with mobile marketing

• Understanding the international mobile marketing landscape

• Targeting and tracking the fast-changing mobile demographic

• Taking full advantage of the iPhone platform

• Leveraging mobile advertising, promotion, and location-based marketing

• Building micro-sites and mobile applications

• Performing search engine optimization for mobile sites and applications

• Building effective mobile affiliate marketing programs

• Integrating online and offline mobile marketing

• Avoiding mobile marketing spam, viruses, and privacy violations

• Previewing the future of mobile marketing

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Que Biz-Tech Series
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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

1 Getting Started with Mobile Marketing 5

The Potential of Mobile Marketing 6

Mobile Marketing Is the Most Personal Form of Web Marketing 6

Mobile Marketing Is the Most Targeted Form of Web Marketing 7

Mobile Marketing is a More Immediate Form of Web Marketing 8

Mobile Marketing Is More Actionable Than Other Forms of Web Marketing 8

Mobile as a Direct Marketing Channel 9

Direct Marketing That Is Personal 10

Direct Marketing That Is Portable 11

Direct Marketing That Is Persistent 11

Direct Marketing That Is Intelligent 12

Is Mobile Marketing Right for You? 12

Brands 13

Brick-and-Mortar Establishments 14

Events 15

Who Is Mobile Marketing Wrong For? 17

2 Understanding the Challenges in Mobile Marketing 19

The Changing Face of Telecom 20

The History of Mobile Network Technologies 21

1G 21

2G 22

2.5G 23

3G 24

4G 24

WLAN and WiFi 26

Bluetooth 26

VoIP 26

FemtoCell 26

UMA 27

The Evolution of Mobile Devices, Handsets, and Operating Systems 27

The History of Mobile Browsers 33

3 Mobile Targeting and Tracking 37

Targeting Your Mobile Customers 38

Age and Gender 39

Income 41

Psychographic Mobile Targeting 42

Geographic Mobile Targeting 44

Device and Carrier Targeting 44

Tracking Your Mobile Performance 46

Text and Picture Message Tracking 47

Mobile Web Tracking 50

Mobile-Only Web Analytics 51

Traditional Web Analytics That Include or Can Be Adapted for Mobile 55

Google Analytics 55

Omniture 59

WebTrends 60

comScore 61

Mobile Email Tracking 61

Application Tracking 63

Flurry 63

Google Analytics 64

Omniture 64

WebTrends 64

Offline Tracking, Text Message Tracking, and Phone Call Tracking 65

Loyalty Tracking 66

Unica 66

mobileStorm 67

Responsys 67

4 Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 69

iPhone User Demographics 71

iPhone User Psychographics 72

The First Wave of iPhone Adoption 72

The Second Wave of iPhone Adoption 73

The Third Wave of iPhone Adoption 74

How Are iPhones Used? 74

Tips for iPhone-Specific Marketing 76

SMS Messaging 76

Accelerometers 77

Touchscreen 77

GPS 77

WiFi 78

Voice Recognition 78

Bluetooth 78

QR Codes 79

iPhone Meta Tag for Page Width and Zoom 79

iPhone Meta Tag for Double Tap and Pinch 80

iPhone Meta Tag for Launching Your Site as a Standalone Application 80

Limitations of the iPhone 80

Slow Connection Speeds and Jailbroken Phones 80

Buttonless Design 81

Limited Battery Life 81

Inability to Forward Text Messages and Contacts 81

No Custom Ringtones 82

GPS Battery Drain 82

Case Studies 82

Nationwide Insurance 82

Reebok Shoes 83

Dockers 84

WebMD 85

5 Mobile Advertising 87

A Glossary of Mobile Advertising Lingo 88

Different Types of Mobile Advertising 89

On-Deck Versus Off-Deck Web Advertising 92

Combined On- and Off-Deck Solutions 96

Creating Effective Mobile Advertising Campaigns 97

Authoring Effective Mobile Ads 97

Constructing Effective Mobile Landing Pages 98

Effectively Targeting Your Mobile Advertising Campaigns 99

Evaluating Success 101

Case Studies 102

Land Rover 102

AirAsia 102

Adidas 102

Visa 103

Mobile Advertising Networks 104

6 Mobile Promotions and Location-Based Marketing 105

Introduction to Mobile Promotions 106

What Products Are Right for Mobile Couponing? 107

Mobile Coupon Messaging 107

Mobile Coupon Targeting 108

Mobile Coupon Delivery 110

Location-Based Couponing 113

Mobile Coupon Redemption 113

Digital Proximity and Location-Based Marketing 115

Proximity and Location-Based Marketing Technology 116

Creating Mobile Loyalty Programs 120

Case Studies 120

PSC “Sí” Political Initiative in Catalan, Spain 120

Whistler Ski Resort 121

Corona Beer 121

CNN 122

Nike 122

Northwest Airlines 122

7 Micro-Sites, Mobile Affiliate Marketing, and Web Directories 123

Mobile Micro-Sites 124

Mobile Affiliate Marketing 125

Mobile Web Portals 129

Mobile Directories 131

8 Mobile Applications 133

Mobile Game Applications 134

Branded Game Development 134

Product Placement 137

Game Sponsorship 138

Mobile Utility Applications 139

Where Do You Get Apps? 139

Do I Need My Own App? 141

Developing an App 141

Promoting Your App 143

Make It Viral 143

Do Something New 144

Get Rated and Reviewed in the Store 144

Have a Good Name 145

Have a Good Logo or Icon 145

Write a Compelling Description 146

Price It Right 147

Promote the Application on Your Website 148

Promote It with the Bloggers 148

Promote Your App via Mailing Lists and Twitter Followers 149

Promote the Application in Pay-Per-Click and Display Advertising 149

Submit Your Application 149

What If You Don’t Want to Develop an App? 150

Mobile Application Development Companies 151

Mobile Application Bloggers and Communities 151

Mobile Application Aggregators, Directories, and Stores 152

9 Mobile Website Development 153

Mobile Web and WAP 154

dotMobi Domains 155

Effectively Organizing and Architecting a Mobile Site 156

Separate Mobile Site 157

Mobile Subdomain or Subdirectory 157

Mobile/Traditional Hybrid Pages 159

HTTP Header Review 161

User Agent Profiles (UAProf) 161

User-Agent Header 161

Cache-Control 161

Content-Type 162

Content-Disposition 165

Mobile Code Review 165

JavaScript 166

AJAX 168

Forms 168

Flash and Video 172

Silverlight 173

YouTube 173

Frames 174

Everything You Need to Know About Transcoding 175

Hosted Mobile Development Solutions 176

Directing Traffic with User Agent Detection 177

XML and RSS Mobile Websites 178

How to Adjust for Mobile Screen Size 178

Page File Size 180

What to Expect with Your Images 181

Adapting Fonts for Mobile Viewing 182

10 Mobile Search Engine Optimization 185

How Do Mobile Search Engines Work? 187

Basic Mobile SEO Best Practices 188

On-site SEO Factors 189

Offsite SEO Ranking Factors 192

In What Searches Do I Want My Mobile Site to Rank? 193

Targeting Long-Tail Keyword Phrases 194

Mobile Keyword Research 195

Find Out How You Rank on Your Top Keywords 201

Phone Specifications 201

Personalization 201

Localization 202

Tracking Mobile SEO and Keyword Rankings 202

Advanced Mobile SEO Best Practices 204

Mobile Robots.txt 205

Mobile Site Map 206

Mobile Search Engine Submissions 207

Mobile Directory Submission 207

Leveraging Universal and Blended Mobile Search Results 207

Local Results and Business Listings 209

News Results 210

Image Results 211

Video Results 211

Application Search 212

Alternative Input Search 213

11 Integrating Mobile Marketing with On- and Offline Marketing 215

Unified Messaging with Varied Communication 216

Integrating Mobile with Offline Marketing 217

Integrating with Print Media 217

Integrating with Broadcast Media 220

Integrating Mobile with Online Marketing 225

Mobile Websites,Micro-Sites, and Web Directories 226

Mobile SEO 227

Mobile Display and Pay-Per-Click Advertising 227

Mobile Applications 228

Online Images,Videos, and Podcasts 228

Mobile Social Networks 229

U.S. vs. International Mobile Social Networking 230

Social CPM Marketing 231

Branded Profiles on Mobile Social Sites 232

Mobile Social Gaming 232

Mobile Email 233

Case Studies 235

David’s Bridal 235

Tahato 236

Audi 236

QR Code Companies 236

12 Mobile E-Commerce 237

Mobile Payment 240

Micropayments 240

Direct to Carrier Billing 241

Subscriptions 241

User Accounts Tied to Credit Cards 241

Macropayments 241

Prepayment 242

Prompted Mobile Payment 243

Full Web Transactions 243

Full Brick-and-Mortar Transactions with Proximity-Based Mobile Payment 245

Mobile Banking 248

Security and Other Concerns 251

Mobile Commerce and Phone Theft Risks 251

Mobile E-Commerce and Operator Error Risks 252

Mobile E-Commerce and Hacking Risks 253

13 Mobile Marketing Privacy, Spam, and Viruses 255

What Is Mobile Spamming? 257

What the Carriers Can Do to Stop Spam 259

What Mobile Marketers Can Do to Stop Spam 260

Running Mobile Sweepstakes and Contests 263

Location-Based Marketing and Privacy 263

Respecting the Privacy of Children and Teen Mobile Users 264

On-Site Privacy and Mobile Cookies 265

Mobile Malware and Viruses 266

Mobile Privacy and Spam Laws 268

United States and North America 268

United Kingdom 271

Important Mobile Agencies 272

The Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSMA) 272

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) 273

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) 274

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 274

Mobile Marketing Legal and Privacy Resources 274

MMA Mobile Privacy Code of Conduct 275

14 The International Mobile Marketing Landscape 277

Mobile Marketing in East Asia 279

Mobile Marketing in Southeast Asia 283

Mobile Marketing in India 284

Mobile Marketing in the Middle East 286

Mobile Marketing in Africa 287

Mobile Marketing in Central and South America 287

Mobile Marketing in North America 288

Mobile Marketing in Europe 291

Working with Mobile Carriers, Service Providers, and MVNOs 294

15 Looking into the Future for Mobile 297

The Future of the Mobility of Human Connection 298

The Future of the Mobility of Information 299

The Imminent Evolution of Mobile Search 299

More Portable Results 300

More Personal Results 300

More Intelligent Results 301

Mobile Search Is Ubiquitous Search 302

Conclusion 303

A Txtspk Definitions 305

B List of Vendors, Products, and Services 311

Glossary 317

Index 333

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Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are (Que Biz-Tech Series) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MarketingMama More than 1 year ago
This book is packed with useful information, from cover to cover. Moreover, the author has made this information easily accessible through excellent organization and a comprehensive index. Whether you're already using mobile marketing or exploring options for incorporating it into your existing marketing mix, this book can help. The statistics cited are still relevant (unusual for any print book on the subject), and the author clearly has a thorough understanding of the mobile channel. This book also helps mobile marketers to avoid potential pitfalls by providing information on privacy and spam laws, as well as best practices. Highly recommend this book as a resource for those interested in mobile marketing.