Models and Computability

Models and Computability

by S. Barry Cooper

Second of two volumes providing a comprehensive guide to the current state of mathematical logic.See more details below


Second of two volumes providing a comprehensive guide to the current state of mathematical logic.

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Cambridge University Press
Publication date:
London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, #259
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5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.94(d)

Table of Contents

1. Continuous functionals of dependent and transfinite types U. Berger; 2. Degree-theoretic aspects of computably enumerable reals C. S. Claude, R. Coles, P. H. Hertling and B. Khoussainov; 3. Simplicity and independence for pseudo-algebraically closed fields Z. Chatzidakis; 4. Clockwork or Turing universe? - remarks on causal determinism and computability S. B. Cooper; 5. A techniques-oriented survey of bounded queries W. Gasarch and F. Stephan; 6. Relative categoricity in abelian groups W. A. Hodges; 7. Computability and complexity revisited N. D. Jones; 8. Effective model theory: the number of models and their complexity B. Khoussainov and R. A. Shore; 9. A survey on canonical bases in simple theories B. Kim; 10. True approximations and models of arithmetic J. F. Knight; 11. On the topological stability conjecture L. Newelski; 12. A mahlo-universe of effective domains with totality D. Normann; 13. Logic and decision making D. E. Over; 14. The sheaf of locally definable scalars over a ring M. Y. Prest; 15. Human styles of quantificational reasoning L. J. Rips; 16. Recursion theoretic memories 1954–1978 G. E. Sacks; 17. Fields definable in simple groups K. Tent; 18. A combinatory algebra for sequential functionals of finite type J. Van Oosten; 19. Model theory of analytic and smooth functions A. J. Wilkie.

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