Modern Backpacker's Handbook

Modern Backpacker's Handbook

by Glenn Randall

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Backpacking today is a totally different experience than in the past. First, there are a lot more people sharing the wilderness, and second, the equipment that backpackers use has been upgraded and refined through the use of newer, lighter materials, which makes living out of a pack much more comfortable. This book will help guide fledgling backpackers in the purchase and care of equipment such as boots, tents, sleeping bags, and packs. The book also offers advice on what to pack, what to do about food, and how to deal with problems such mosquitoes, blisters, water purification, and lightning. Ecological responsibility is emphasized. This book is user-friendly and will serve as a good beginner's reference. Recommended for public libraries.-- Lisa J. Cochenet, Plainfield P.L. Dist., Ill.

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