Modern Dance in France: An Adventure 1920-1970 / Edition 1

Modern Dance in France: An Adventure 1920-1970 / Edition 1

by Jacqueline Robinson

ISBN-10: 9057020157

ISBN-13: 9789057020155

Pub. Date: 07/01/1998

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.  See more details below


First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Taylor & Francis
Publication date:
Choreography and Dance Studies Series
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0.61(w) x 0.92(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Series
List of plates
Prelude: Indelible Ephemera
Pt. I1920-1930: The Ground-Breaking Years
The Actors46
The Ballets Suedois 1920-192447
The Duncan Line49
Raymond Duncan50
Elisabeth Duncan53
Irma Duncan54
Lisa Duncan55
Ellen Tels-Rabanek60
Postscript on the Legacy of Isadora61
The Laban and Dalcroze Lines61
Dussia Bereska61
Marie-Louise van Veen63
Jacqueline Chaumont64
Marie Kummer66
The Independent Ones67
Georges Pomies67
Alexander and Clotilde Sakharoff69
Helene Vanel and Lois Hutton76
Yvonne Redgis77
Paul Swan77
Charlotte Bara78
Yvonne Serac78
Isabel de Etchessary78
The Educators79
Francois Malkowski79
Renee Odic Kintzel81
Irene Popard84
The Orientals87
Jeanne Ronsay87
Nyota Inyoka90
Djemil Anik93
Uday Shankar94
Raden Mas Jodjana95
Pt. II1930-1939: The Tilling Years
The Actors117
The Archives Internationales de la Danse118
The Laban and Wigman Lines126
Jean Weidt127
Heinz Finkel133
Ludolf Schild135
Mila Cirul140
Julia Marcus143
Doryta Brown144
The Dalcroze and Hellerau-Laxenburg Line145
Anita Wiskeman146
Helene Carlut148
Doris Halphen, Maian Pontan and the Hellerau-Laxenburg School151
Defectors from Classical Dance151
Jean Serry152
Janine Solane155
The Independent Ones160
Marguerite Bougai160
Tony Gregory164
Freddy Wittop165
Josette and Renee Foatelli165
The Educators165
Fee Helles166
Liliane Arlen and Viennese Dance167
Pt. III1945-1960: The Sowing Years
The Actors198
Jean Dorcy and Danse et Culture199
Dinah Maggie and Association Francaise de Recherches Choregraphiques (A.F.R.E.C.) and the Theatre d'Essai de la Danse203
French Dancers of European Discent208
Anne Gardon208
Genevieve Mallarme211
Raymonde Lombardin212
Charles Antonetti217
Jacqueline Levant218
Suzanne Remon219
Claude Stephane219
Francoise and Dominique Dupuy and The Ballets Modernes de Paris220
The Grafts233
Jerome Andrews233
Jacqueline Robinson240
Laura Sheleen250
Karin Waehner257
Muriel Topaz266
Paul d'Arnot267
Edith Allard269
Katherine Henry d'Epinoy270
Gilberto Motta273
Regine Drengwicz274
In the Line of Janine Solane275
Rose-Marie Paillet275
Denise Blanc-Raillard277
Marie-France Babillot278
Titane Saint-Hubert280
The Independent Ones280
Olga Stens280
Genevieve Piguet284
Frederique Franchini286
Antoinette Guedy287
Roger Ribes287
The Educators288
Hilde Peerbohm288
Yvonne Berge291
Phyllis Drayson293
Mireille Fromantel294
Anne-Marie Debatte295
From Drama and Mime298
Bella Reine298
Etienne Decroux300
Jacques Lecoq304
Marcel Marceau305
In the Duncan Line305
Madeleine Lytton305
Odile Hamelin-Pyros306
Pt. IV1960-1970: The Flowering Years
The Actors330
The Introduction of Dance into Parisian Universities331
The Growing Presence of Modern Dance in Physical Training Centres335
The Ballet Theatre Contemporain341
The Theatre Francais de la Danse343
The Theatre des Nations343
The Chateauvallon Festival344
Art, Recherche, Confrontation at the Museum of Modern Art345
The Bagnolet Competition: Ballet pour Demain346
French Dancers, Nomadic and Sedentary346
Francoise Sain-Thibault346
Noelle Janoli348
Francoise Julliot de la Morandiere348
Claudine Allegra349
Isabella Mirova350
Claude Decaillot352
Dora Feilane354
Aline Roux354
Annick Maucouvert355
Suzon Holzer358
Renate Pook359
Poumi Lescaut360
Anne-Marie Reynaud361
The Scholars361
Michele Nadal361
Francine Lancelot363
Muriel Jaer366
Claude Pujade-Renaud367
Jacqueline Challet-Haas369
Mireille Arguel371
Alberte Raynaud373
Pinok and Matho375
The Educators378
Denise Coutier and 'Danse Ma Joie' (D.M.J.)379
Jean Bouffort380
Francoise Chantraine381
Sylvie Deluz382
The 'Science of the Body'383
The Graft from Latin America384
Arlet Bon385
Sara Pardo387
Graziella Martinez388
Juan Carlos Bellini391
Mara Dajanova391
Noemie Lapzeson391
Paulina Ossona392
Paulina Oca392
Diana Obedman393
Gladys Aleman393
Sonia Sanoja394
Guillermo Palomares394
Jazz and African Dance: Another Turning Towards Roots395
Ingeborg Liptay395
Christiane de Rougemont396
The Specialized Press and Writers about Dance409
A Few Authors who Wrote about Dance414
Period Pieces: A Few Howlers419
Other books by Jacqueline Robinson432

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