Modern Herbal

Modern Herbal

by Jeanne Rose, Cathy Dudley, Diane Hall

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It's hard to imagine two more different herb books: one, a factual compendium from the organic gardening people (Rodale); the other, an anecdotal book with no real focus. The Rodale Encyclopedia lives up to its name by providing the history, uses, and cultivation of over 100 herbs, plus information on making teas, lotions, scents, and dyes. Other sections include herbs as houseplants, the history and botany of herbs, and a particularly valuable chapter on the dangers of herbs. The book is attractive and well illustrated. Recommended. Rose's book is somewhat entertaining, but it's permeated with her color and aroma therapy and other fringe biological concepts. She believes that ``polyester in any fabric is an energy drain'' and that eating green clay cures body odor. Her advice includes taking angelica to ``balance the hormones and tonify the developing menstrual cycle.'' Fortunately, most of the book concerns using herbs for beauty, dieting, scents, and pets, or formulas to apply externally, and thus is relatively harmless. Skip it. Katharine Galloway Garstka, Intergraph Corp., Huntsville, Ala.

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