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by Ginger Voight

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In the final book of Ginger Voight's Groupie Trilogy, Andy and Vanni have returned to Los Angeles to prepare for the birth of their child. A reformed Ladies' Man, Giovanni Carnevale now embarks on a life of monogamy with the woman he loves, but the ghosts of his past still continue to haunt their newfound happiness.
The Wilke family wants to see him pay for the


In the final book of Ginger Voight's Groupie Trilogy, Andy and Vanni have returned to Los Angeles to prepare for the birth of their child. A reformed Ladies' Man, Giovanni Carnevale now embarks on a life of monogamy with the woman he loves, but the ghosts of his past still continue to haunt their newfound happiness.
The Wilke family wants to see him pay for the damage he has done to their precious Baylee, who still lies in a vegetative state. For her brother, Donny, money will never be enough to make up for what Vanni has done, but that is where the Wilke family first seeks their revenge, demanding millions of dollars in restitution.
To ensure he has enough money to make up for his mistakes as well as provide for his baby, Vanni takes on the job as judge for a new reality talent show called "Fierce," where he champions an unlikely contestant, proving him to be a man of substance more than anyone could have imagined.
Graham tries to move on, but when he discovers that Andy is pregnant he cannot stop dreaming of what might have been. Maggie watches on helplessly, as hopelessly in love with him as he is with someone else. She considers moving on before he shatters what is left of her heart.
The biggest threat to Vanni and Andy's Happily Ever After is Holly Neal, who returns to Los Angeles claiming to carry Vanni's baby. Graham and Andy suspect she is up to her old tricks, but Vanni knows truly turning over a new leaf means he has to do right by all the people he has wronged - including a child he may have conceived with another woman.
In the end, it is Andy and their baby who may pay the biggest price of all for his sins, when Baylee's death sends her psychotic brother over the edge.
Everything blows literally to pieces, forcing Vanni - and Graham - to give it all for the sake of love.

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Groupie , #3
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Ginger Voight is a screenwriter and bestselling author with over twenty published titles in fiction and nonfiction. She covers everything from travel to politics in nonfiction, as well as romance, paranormal, and dark, “ripped from the headlines” topics like Dirty Little Secrets. Ginger discovered her love for writing in sixth grade, courtesy of a Halloween assignment. From then on, writing became a place of solace, reflection, and security. This was never more true than when she found herself homeless in L.A. at the age of nineteen. There, she wrote her first novel, longhand on notebook paper, while living out of her car. In 1995, after she lost her nine-day-old son, she worked through her grief by writing the story that would eventually become The Fullerton Family Saga. In 2011, she embarked on a new journey—to publish romance novels starring heroines who look more like the average American woman. These "Rubenesque" romances have developed a following thanks to her bestselling Groupie series. Other titles, such as the highly-rated New Adult series, Fierce, tap into the "reality-TV" preoccupation in American entertainment, which gives her contemporary stories a current, pop culture edge. Known for writing gut-twisting angst, Ginger isn’t afraid to push the envelope with characters who are perfectly imperfect. Whether rich, poor, sweet, selfish, gay, straight, plus-size or svelte, her characters are beautifully flawed and three-dimensional. They populate her lavish fictional landscapes and teach us more about the real world in which we live simply through their interactions with each other. Ginger’s goal with every book is to give the reader a little bit more than they were expecting, told through stories they'll never forget.

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Mogul 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Overall super story however did not like how the books POV changed and the person would change paragraph to paragraph and some poor editing. The story was great but the main characters choices were frustrating at times withthere choices.
JoannaDursi More than 1 year ago
This is the epic, yes EPIC ending to The Groupie Trilogy. As usual the prologue had me scared to continue reading but was rewarded in the end. Vanni wants to be home with Andy who is having his baby but is quickly pulled in a million different directions. He has to deal with the lawsuit against him and Yael is worried that if they don't finish their next cd soon that they will fade into obscurity. I don't really want to say too much because I don't want to ruin any plot points but I loved how Andi & Vanni's relationship grows stronger & that they can both talk about their issues instead of running from each other. It is nice to see Graham moving on as well. Over all I am so pleased with this series not only for the terrific love story but also for the strong female character. We get to see all the characters grow and learn to love and forgive. I for one would be lucky to have a Vanni & a Graham in my life. Just like the prologue, the epilogue had me hyperventilating and keeps you guessing right until the end. I loved how the story came full circle and that Andy, Vanni, Graham & Maggie will be connected for the rest of their lives. - If we couldn't live together, we'd die together. I would never let go. Andy... I'll never let go...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great end to a trilogy!! Great story and characters!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This whole series was Fantastic. Andy is such a sweetie znd Vanni is the bad boy you love to hate. Must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MarissaA More than 1 year ago
This was such a great story and a very good conclusion to this trilogy. I read and felt how strong the love between Vanni and Andy goes, and for their unborn baby. There's still so many dramatic scenes/situations that take place, just so many, but Vanni is not a vulnerable one, not any more. In the 2nd book, I did not like the choices he made at all, as they were all pretty much reckless, but I saw Vanni as a changed man, and no one can ever persuade him to ever be a part from Andy again...ever. The ending was quite a whopper, as there's a horrific situation that threatens Andy and Vanni from ever being together in this world. So, anyway, I loved the ending, so expect to feel quite emotional, as it will just take your breathe away, to what happens...something that would never have happened in book 1, so its very much worth it, to read what happens, especially in the last couple pages, because ahh it was just worth it, after reading this trilogy. :) My Rating: 4.5/5Mildly R-Rated (Some Language & Sexual Content) 17+