Molecular Structure and Energetics: Biophysical Aspects / Edition 1

Molecular Structure and Energetics: Biophysical Aspects / Edition 1

by Joel F. Liebman, Arthur Greenberg

ISBN-10: 0471186732

ISBN-13: 9780471186731

Pub. Date: 04/02/1987

Publisher: Wiley

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Table of Contents

Atmospheric Reactions and Reactivity Indices of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

Are the Numerical Magnitudes of Proton Affinities Intuitively "Plausible"?

Ionic Hydrogen Bonds.

Thermochemistry, Structural Implications, and Role in Ion Solvation.

Ionic Hydrogen Bonds.

Theoretical Calculations.

The Design and Action of a Totally Synthetic Serine Protease Partial Model.

Empirical Resonance Energies of Acryl and Carbonyl Derivatives.

Some Conformational Aspects of Linear Peptides Containing Proline.

Theoretical Calculations in the Study of Electronic Substituent Effects.

Substituent Effects in Carboncations Substituted at Cat Cationic Carbon.

Three-Dimensional Molecular Modeling by Computer.

Structure-Biological Activity Relationships.

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