Moles and Hedgehogs: What They Have in Common

Moles and Hedgehogs: What They Have in Common

by Sara Swan Miller

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Franklin Watts's "Animals in Order" series presents the animal kingdom taxonomically, with each book devoted to "a particular scientific grouping called an 'order.'" Here Miller presents the order of insectivores, including moles, hedgehogs, and shrews, distinguished from the rodents they might seem to resemble by the presence or absence of a key gap in their teeth, as well as by certain bones in their heads. After an initial explanation of how scientists classify living things into kingdoms, phyla, classes, genera, and species, Miller proceeds to give an interesting portrait of some 13 different creatures, including both the more familiar mole and hedgehog and the less familiar solenodon and desman, each illustrated with a well- chosen color photograph. The book ends with a sobering examination of the threat posed to insectivores by human beings. One odd feature of the book is that discussion of the animals themselves is organized geographically rather than according to the taxonomic principles that the book is designed to showcase. The book includes a glossary, bibliography and index. 2001, Franklin Watts, $23.00. Ages 8 to 12. Reviewer: Claudia Mills

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Animals in Order Series
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7.70(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.20(d)
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9 - 11 Years

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