Molly Brown: Sharing Her Good Fortune

Molly Brown: Sharing Her Good Fortune

by Charnan Simon

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Children's Literature
Readers may know her as "unsinkable," or even have heard the wild story that she was raised by a nanny goat! But Molly (Margaret) Brown was an adventurous, generous woman whose real adventures were exciting enough. Making her fortune in the Colorado gold mines, Brown devoted her life and fortune to exploring the world and helping others. She shared her family's view that all people deserved to be treated fairly, regardless of their color or background, not a popular view in the days of the Civil War. Margaret and her family knew from personal experience what it was like to work hard and struggle to make a living. Margaret quit school at age 13 to strip tobacco leaves from their prickly stems, and even after she moved to Colorado to search for gold and silver, she kept house for her brother and sewed carpets and curtains. Married to successful J.J. Brown, Margaret volunteered her time to such causes as soup kitchens to help feed miners and their families, community vegetable gardens, public health clinics and raising money for summer school for needy children. Thought to be outspoken and rash by women of her time, she got things done in the community. Perhaps most memorable was her tireless effort to save the second and third class passengers of the Titanic when it sank into frigid waters and later, when the survivors arrived on shore. Margaret once said, "Money can't make man or woman...It isn't who you are, nor what you have, but what you are that counts." This life story is accompanied by delightful photographs that capture the spunk and adventure of an unforgettable woman. The book concludes with a chapter inviting young people to become active and helpful in their own communities.Part of the "Community Builders" series. 2000, Children's Press, $23.50. Ages 8 to 12. Reviewer: Leslie Julian

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Community Builders Series
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8.26(w) x 9.81(h) x 0.37(d)
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8 - 10 Years

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