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Money and Schools / Edition 2

Money and Schools / Edition 2

by David C. Thompson

ISBN-10: 1930556179

ISBN-13: 9781930556171

Pub. Date: 01/01/2001

Publisher: Eye On Education, Incorporated

For future principals and others enrolled in courses on School Finance, this book explains and demonstrates the relationship between money and student achievement.

New to this edition
- Includes updated information on the ever-changing landscape of school finance.
- Co-author Faith E. Crampton has joined the author team, applying the expertise she


For future principals and others enrolled in courses on School Finance, this book explains and demonstrates the relationship between money and student achievement.

New to this edition
- Includes updated information on the ever-changing landscape of school finance.
- Co-author Faith E. Crampton has joined the author team, applying the expertise she has acquired in public education, state government, national education and legislative organizations, and universities.
- Chapters now include a section titled "Point - Counterpoint", offering opposing views on issues involving money and schools along with incisive questions to help guide classroom debates and/or individual analysis.
- Case studies throughout the text provide opportunities to apply the knowledge gained in each chapter.
- Also includes web sites and extensive recommended bibliography.

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Eye On Education, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

About the Authorsiii
Foreword to the Second Editionxv
Part IOverview of Broad Concepts
1Schools, Values, and Money3
The Context of Public Education3
What Are Schools Becoming?5
Where Did Schools Come From?5
What Should Schools Be Doing?7
What Are Schools Capable of Doing?9
What Is the Effect of Money on Schools?9
What Happens When Schools Get More (or Less) Money?14
Where Public Schools May Be Headed16
Suggested Follow-up Projects17
2Funding Schools: A Policy Perspective19
A More Expansive View19
What Is the Scope of Education Finance in America?19
Fiscal Growth and Expenditure20
How Are Education and Economics Related?23
Economics Defined23
Education as an Economic and Social Good24
Returns on Educational Investment28
Education and Socioeconomic Investment33
Recent Economic Thought34
What Is the Structure of School Governance in America?37
Brief Historical Roots of American Education37
Development of School Organization in America40
From Where Do Schools Derive Fiscal Support?44
Federal Support for Schools44
State Support for Schools50
Local Support for Schools55
What Constitutes Adequate and Equitable Funding for Schools?59
Origins of School Funding Challenges59
Can Schools Serve Economics, Equality, Productivity, and Liberty?70
Suggested Follow-up Projects71
3Basic Funding Structures73
The Context of Funding73
Revenue for Schools74
What Is the Overarching Tax System?74
What Is the Federal Tax System?75
What Is the State Tax System?76
What Is the Local Tax System?79
Tax System Summary80
Funding for Schools81
What Are State Aid Formulas?81
Where Did Aid Formulas Come From?82
What Is a Fair Formula?85
How Do States Fund Schools?97
Are There Innovations on the Horizon?99
Suggested Follow-up Projects100
Part IIOperationalizing School Money
4School Funds Accountability and Professionalism105
Setting the Stage105
School Funds Accountability106
What Is Accountability?106
What Are Fiduciary Responsibilities?107
How Does the Accounting Process Help?110
How Is School Money Set Up?113
How Does School Money Get Tracked?117
Revenue Structure117
Expenditure Structure120
The Accounting Transaction127
A Final Word About Professionalism135
Suggested Follow-up Projects136
5Budget Planning139
Budgets and Schools139
Conceptualizing Budgets140
What Are the Basic Budget Concepts?140
Organizing for Budgeting143
What Are the Common
What Is a Good Budget Framework?149
Constructing Budgets151
What Is the Budget Model?151
What Is the General Budget Process?153
How Are Individual Schools Funded?171
What Is the Role of Stakeholders?174
Suggested Follow-up Projects176
6Budgeting for Personnel177
The General Landscape177
The Personnel Function178
What Is the Scope of the Personnel Function?179
Personnel Compensation Policies and Procedures187
What Is the Role of Compensation?187
Other Issues of Personnel Budgeting201
What About Merit Pay?201
What About RIF and Other Dismissals?204
What About Due Process?207
What Is the Role of Stakeholders?208
Suggested Follow-up Projects209
7Budgeting for Instruction211
The Big Picture211
The Planning Function211
What Is Instructional Planning?212
Organizational Options213
How Are Schools Organized?214
Instructional Budget Concepts217
What Are Instructional Budgets?218
What Are the Sources of Revenue?221
What Are the Elements of Budgeting for Instruction?224
What Does an Instructional Budget Look Like?227
Suggested Follow-up Projects230
8Budgeting for Student Activities237
Activities and Schools237
What Is the Role of Activities?238
Budgeting for Activities239
What Are Activity Funds?239
What Are the Controls on Activity Funds?241
What About Nonactivity Funds?247
What Does an Activity Fund Report Look Like?249
A Final Word of Caution249
Suggested Follow-up Projects251
9Budgeting for School Infrastructure253
Physical Needs in Perspective253
Nature and Size of School Infrastructure253
What Is the Role of School Infrastructure?254
How Is School Infrastructure Aided?266
How Is the Local Cost Share Funded?271
Facility Planning and Maintenance276
What Is the Role of Facility Planning?276
What Is the Role of Maintenance and Operations?282
Suggested Follow-up Projects286
10Budgeting for Transportation and Food Service289
Setting the Stage289
The Role of Auxiliary Services290
The Transportation Function290
What Are the Origins and Purpose?291
What Is Transportation Law?293
How Is Transportation Funded?297
What Other Issues Are Relevant?302
The Food Service Function305
What Are the General Issues?305
How Is Food Service Funded?306
What Other Issues Are Relevant?309
Suggested Follow-up Projects315
11Legal Liability and Risk Management317
Modern Realities317
The Law and Schools317
What Does the Law Have to Do with Schools?318
The Derivation of School Authority319
What Is the Origin of Liability?322
Sovereign Immunity322
Tort Liability328
What Does All This Mean?343
Suggested Follow-up Projects344
Part IIIA View of the Future
12Site-Based Leadership347
Pulling It Together347
The Site Concept347
Framework for Implementation349
What Is the Strategic Concept?349
What Is the Role of the Principal?354
What Is the Role of Central Office?355
What Is the Role of the Site Council?356
What Are the Budget Issues?360
Final Comments365
Suggested Follow-up Projects366
13Future Trends in School Funding367
The Big Picture367
What Are the Issues?367
Lessons from this Book368
Future Issues in School Funding371
Politics of Money372
The Economy373
Equity, Excellence, Adequacy, and Efficiency374
Educational Choice375
Devolution of Governance377
A Final Word377
Suggested Follow-up Projects378

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