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Money Run

Money Run

4.5 2
by Jack Heath

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When a heist goes wrong, teen thief Ash finds herself in a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse.

Ashley "Ash" Arthur is a teen thief. Motivated by the thrills as much as the money, she's pulled off some amazing heists with the help of her childhood friend Benjamin, who acts as tech support. Now she's got the world's richest man in her sights, convinced that Hammond


When a heist goes wrong, teen thief Ash finds herself in a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse.

Ashley "Ash" Arthur is a teen thief. Motivated by the thrills as much as the money, she's pulled off some amazing heists with the help of her childhood friend Benjamin, who acts as tech support. Now she's got the world's richest man in her sights, convinced that Hammond Buckland has 2 million dollars hidden away in his corporate HQ.

Ash isn't the only one with an interest in Buckland. The Australian government gets his fortune if he dies on their soil, so they've sent their #2 assassin, Peachey, to kill him. With Ash and Peachey both sneaking around the office building and working at cross purposes, it's only a matter of time before their paths cross and Peachey decides Ash has seen too much to live.

Once it's a matter of life and death, can Ash keep her eye on the prize?

Set over the course of a single night within a single building, this is a page-turning thriller with gadgets, guts, and summer-blockbuster action.

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Praise for THE LAB:

"Fans of Anthony Horowitz's "Alex Rider" (Philomel) or James Patterson's "Maximum Ride" (Little, Brown) series will be hooked on this novel. An action-packed, suspense-filled story." - School Library Journal

"Even though it was written when the author was in high school, this action-packed page-turner features steady pacing, taut prose, and even a little character development. . . . This personal progress is accomplished amidst a barrage of video game-style spy stuff, battles, rescues, car chases, explosions, escapes, and surprisingly well-oiled wheels within wheels. A strong start; stay tuned for sequels." - Booklist

"Australian author Heath balances the flashy fight scenes with enough introspection to please both lovers of action and fans of character development, and readers will appreciate the sharp realism of the slight but highly clever twist at the end." - BCCB

VOYA - Bethany Martin
Ash Arthur is used to the pressure that comes with high-stakes heists. The fifteen-year-old thief has successfully taken on increasingly difficult jobs, along with her partner, Benjamin. Their latest job is to find two hundred million dollars hidden in the corporate headquarters of the world's richest man, and Ash and Benjamin have a plan. Things do not go as expected, however, and Ash finds herself deviating from the plan in order to find the money before a hit man, the police, and the government's antiterrorist organization catch up with her. Heath has created a thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what will happen to Ash and if she and Benjamin will be able to pull off their heist. Readers will have to suspend disbelief related to some details of Ash's life, notably her reason for becoming a thief: to support her father after her divorce-lawyer mother ran off and somehow managed to get out of paying child support. Does her father not wonder where the money is coming from or ask where his daughter goes when she disappears on jobs? Regardless, those willing to overlook some of the far-fetched scenarios will be rewarded with an action-packed adventure. The book may appeal to fans of Ally Carter's books or the Alex Rider series, although Heath's characters are not as well developed. The page-turning plot and relatively short length make Money Run a good choice for reluctant readers. Reviewer: Bethany Martin
Children's Literature - Sandra G. Brody
Ashley Arthur is a fifteen-year-old thief, which is not a common occupation for a young teen. When her best friend, Benjamin, helped her recover a houseful of possessions that had been stolen from her, Ash decided that stealing was her calling. Now she is after the 200 million dollars that Ash believes is hidden in billionaire Hammond Buckland's corporate headquarters. To gain entry to Buckland's HQ, Ash enters an essay competition and wins first place, a personal interview with Buckland. Buckland reveals some startling information about himself, and Ash leaves his office in search of his hidden fortune. With Benjamin feeding her help through her mobile phone headset, Ash secretly works her way through Buckland's building. Unbeknownst to Ash, as she leaves Buckland's office, Michael Peachey, the world's second most deadly assassin, enters it. What follows is a series of breathtaking attacks, mistakes, and double crossings, which will leave the reader unsure of who is who and what will happen. When the police get involved things heat up even more, until the very end when the story is finally resolved. As a page-turner the book works. As a story that has positive role models and behaviors that teens might emulate it does not. As long as the reader treats this as pure fiction it will leave her on the edge of her seat. Reviewer: Sandra G. Brody
School Library Journal
Gr 8–10—Most readers will be hooked immediately as 15-year-old Ash Arthur, a professional thief, enters an office building to steal $200 million from Hammond Buckland, one of the world's wealthiest men. Ash is gifted and daring, and she has cool tools: handcuff keys, code-cracking magnets, and computer viruses to disable security cameras. The plot takes place in one location over a single night. People hide in refrigerators, leap out of open windows, and light their clothes on fire. A government-hired thug is trying to assassinate Buckland, who sets brilliant traps to throw his would-be murderer off course. Ash gets caught in the middle. The story unfolds from multiple perspectives as these characters pursue and dodge one another around the building. A lot more happens, too, and Heath manages his ever-increasing plot elements well. He's great at creating impossible dilemmas, which unfold in tantalizing, second-by-second detail. Somewhere in Part Three, though, the novel loses its juicy pace, probably because it becomes too much of a puzzle to solve. In the end, readers are left scratching their heads. Most of them won't have the energy to work it all out. Still, Money Run is a smart book. Ash Arthur loves danger, and teens will stick with her, especially if Heath gives them more of his best in sequels.—Denise Ryan, Middlesex Middle School, Darien, CT
Kirkus Reviews
Ashley and Benjamin are two teen partners in crime--real crime, as in major heists--who rely on their youth to avoid suspicion. A foiled attempt in the prologue makes it seem that they might be inept, but nothing could be further from the truth. Ash is the frontwoman, and shy retiring Benjamin stays connected from his home base, at all times advising, monitoring and supporting. The advising part only happens when Ash lets him, as she has a tendency to act first and talk later. As for romance, there isn't any, as each time Benjamin asks for a date, Ashley smilingly refuses. It's part of their game. Their prey today happens to be a billionaire businessman who has sponsored an essay contest with a prize of $10,000 (Ash has won with an essay ghostwritten by Benjamin), but that's peanuts compared to the $2 million they hope to loot. Like a good movie thriller, the caper includes a villain or two, a somewhat clueless cop and nonstop techno gadgets that make the derring-do possible. It is reminiscent of adventure movies also in that thinking is not only not required, it would hinder the fun. In particular, readers should not look for character depth, realistic settings or even any particular logic to be at work. It's not that kind of book. Take a deep breath, go with it, and never look back. (Adventure. 10-16)

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Scholastic, Inc.
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5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)
730L (what's this?)
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12 - 15 Years

Meet the Author

Jack Heath is the award-winning author of six action-packed thrillers for young adults. He started writing his first novel, The Lab, at age 13. He lives in Australia. Visit him online at jackheath.com.au.

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Money Run 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
BailsChris More than 1 year ago
When I first received this book, I was pretty excited at the prospects of getting to read it. I had never had the opportunity to read a book about thieves, let alone two children doing the thieving. I was pretty pumped at the whole idea that this book was based on. It steps outside of the paranormal or even the normal and creates a book that doesn't contain magical creatures just incredible actions. The book keeps the readers on the edge of their seats, blood pounding through their body as the characters take you on twists and turns that you couldn't have suspected. It definitely met my expectations. Money Run by Jack Heath is really the story of Ashley and Benjamin as they take on one of the most difficult jobs they will ever have to face. What was supposed to be a quick in-and-out turned into an intense game for her life as Benjamin tries to protect her from the sidelines. All they wanted was to steal the money that the billionaire Hammond Buckland appears to be hiding in his office building but it never turns out that easy. At least not this time. It only seems to get more complicated when an assassin is thrown in to the mix, determined to end both Buckland and Ash. Money may have been the prize but surviving is the ultimate goal. Once the story gets into swing, it appears that everyone is in a tangled web of deceit and someone is pulling the strings. Will Ash get out alive? What can Benjamin do to help save her from the fate that seems inevitable? How does Buckland play into the story and why does it seem that he is the one holding all the cards? Who is the assassin and who is the people paying him to do this job?
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Read on March 12, 2013 BOOK SYNOPSIS Take two child geniuses (thieves in their spare time), one obsessed assassin, and the richest man in the world to create a compelling, completely unpredictable young adult thriller. Fifteen-year-olds Ashley and Benjamin have concocted a daring master plan: to steal billionaire Hammond Buckland's most precious belonging, hidden in the depths of his conspicuous corporate building. But Hammond Buckland has a most elaborate plan of his own - and none of them have counted on Peachey, the hit man with a determination to finish the job - at any cost!The beginning of a dazzling new series from Jack Heath, author of The Lab and Remote Control. My Thoughts There are books that take you by surprise at just how much fun they are to read, how well thought out, how succinctly tied up at each step and most of all how nicely balanced each of the characters who inhabit it's pages come across to the reader. Money Run is just such a thrill ride in a genre that I do not get a chance to entertain myself with as often as I would like as my first love of paranormal romance seems to always take front and center on most of my reading. Money Run is not your typical YA fare but a taut suspenseful thriller that takes place within a 24 hour time period and manages to weave together humor, action, mystery and more packed into a few hours of reading time within less than 300 pages! We are forced to remind ourselves time and time again as the story unfolds that the thieves are a 15 year old boy and girl and that the cat and mouse game they end up being forced to play when the heist becomes more than a simple "snatch and grab" is one that could cost Ashley her life if she does not manage to keep outwitting the deadly hit man who has her in his sights after she stops him from killing his target Hammond Buckland. The elaborate scheme that Ashley and her friend Benjamin concocted to give Ashley a legitimate reason to be in the high rise and have access to Hammond Buckland's office is one that feels authentic and shows just how motivated a couple of very smart teens can be when $200 million dollars is the takeaway prize! My thoughts while reading kept coming back to the same thing that this story was very "visual" as it read like an action thriller movie with bigger than life stunts and some of the best thought out ways to utilize a human brain versus brawn that has ever been implemented by a character since MacGyver. Even Jason Bourne has nothing on Ashley Arthur when it comes to outsmarting the bad guys and her ability to adapt and overcome obstacles in her path is nothing short of inspiring! To be sure if I get my hands on anything else by author Jack Heath will consider it as good as read ASAP as love his style and panache with the storyline and his characters are just the kind to keep me wanting to know more! Totally terrific read and looking forward to more about Ash and Benjamin! [EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]