Monk: Impermanence

Monk: Impermanence

by Meredith Monk
1/2 More than ever, though, Monk's music is somewhat unmoored from the minimalist camp with stronger allegiances to


1/2 More than ever, though, Monk's music is somewhat unmoored from the minimalist camp with stronger allegiances to contrapuntal music from medieval conductus to Bach.

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National Public Radio - Laura Pellegrinelli
From its somber beginning ("Last Song"), anchored by two simple chords, Impermanence explores the flux of life. Like Joan Didion's Year of Magical Thinking, Monk's composition captures the pangs of loss that come with the passage of time and the passing of beloved companions.

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Ecm Records


  1. Last Song, for voice & piano
  2. Maybe 1, for 8 pianos
  3. Little Breath, for 4 voices, bass clarinet & elephant bells
  4. Liminal, for 4 voices & chamber ensemble
  5. Disequilibrium, for 6 voices & bicycle wheel
  6. Particular Dance, for 7 voices, double ocarina, anklung, Balinese flute
  7. Between Song, for 3 voices, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, bells & vib
  8. Passage, for 7 voices
  9. Maybe 2, for 6 voices, bass clarinet & bass drum
  10. Skeleton Lines, for voice & chamber ensemble
  11. Slow Dissolve, for chorus, violin, bass clarinet & glockenspiel
  12. Totentanz, for 2 voices & chamber ensemble
  13. Sweep 1, for paddle drums
  14. Rocking, for chorus, bass clarinet, marimba & vibraphone
  15. Sweep 2, for voice, ocean drum, Chinese temple bells, magnets & percuss
  16. Mieke's Melody No. 5, for chorus, piano & vibraphone

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Meredith Monk   Primary Artist,Piano,Vocals
Katie Geissinger   Piano,Vocals
John Hollenbeck   Percussion,Piano,Cymbals,Bass Drums,Glockenspiel,Marimbas,Bells,Vibes,Angklung
Theo Bleckmann   Piano,Vocals
Allison M. Sniffin   Piano,Violin,Vocals
Ching Gonzalez   Piano,Vocals
Sasha Bogdanowitsch   Vocals
Silvie Jensen   Vocals
Bohdan Hilash   Clarinet,Piano,Bass Clarinet,Drums,Soprano Saxophone,Chant,Bamboo Flute,Double Ocarina,Aulos,Zafoon
Ellen Fisher   Piano,Vocals
Allison Sniffin   Piano,Violin,Vocals

Technical Credits

Meredith Monk   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Liner Notes
Manfred Eicher   Producer
James Farber   Engineer
Katie Geissinger   Lyricist
John Hollenbeck   Composer,Contributor
Theo Bleckmann   Lyricist
Allison M. Sniffin   Composer,Lyricist
Ching Gonzalez   Lyricist
Bohdan Hilash   Composer
James A. Farber   Engineer
Ellen Fisher   Lyricist
James Hillman   Lyricist
Mieke van Hoek   Lyricist
Allison Sniffin   Lyricist

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