Monster Boy's Gym Class

Monster Boy's Gym Class

by Carl Emerson, Lon Levin

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Children's Literature - Carlee Hallman
Marty Onster worries about going to gym class. "It was the hardest place for Marty to control his monster-ness." Bart Ully likes to yell at Marty, bump him, and call him names. When Miss Steps announces that they will play dodgeball, Bart shouts that he is going to flatten Marty. That makes tiny blue hairs pop out on Marty. But after their twenty laps around the gym, Marty is not angry anymore. Miss Steps chooses teams and puts Bart and Marty on opposite sides. Bart hits everyone on Marty's team in the face with the ball. When Marty wants to call a foul, Miss Steps is off climbing the rock wall. Marty's fangs grow and blue fur pops out. When Bart hits Sally in the stomach, Marty loses it. Marty hits all of Bart's team but Bart, who looks funny standing alone. Marty then loses his monster-ness and tosses the ball at Bart's knee. Marty's team wins. The colored pictures show cartoon like googly-eyed kids. Morphing into a blue monster when angry, copies other comic strip characters. Tips to contain your inner monster are given in the back. Reading this with an adult may lead to a helpful discussion. Reviewer: Carlee Hallman

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ABDO Publishing Company
Publication date:
Monster Boy Set 2
Product dimensions:
9.30(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
4 - 7 Years

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