Monster Crocs

Monster Crocs

by Tom Jackson

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Children's Literature - Kevin Cooke
The photographs of crocodiles and alligators contained in this book are truly the centerpiece of the work. Each page captures the reader's attention and truly forces the words into a secondary role. Much of the information in the book depicts alligators and crocodiles as creatures to be feared and as dangers to humans. Despite this, it conveys a wide variety of factual content that will likely hold the interest of young readers. Each page contains several bolded words that are directly related to the illustrations; each of these words is included in the glossary at the end of the work. The amazing images will hold the interest of readers and may encourage them to learn the facts the book presents while picking up a few new vocabulary words. Teachers using this book in the classroom may be wise to include another work that describes the reptiles in a more favorable and less sensationalized light, for a more balanced perspective. This work should not be considered definitive in anyway; the prose is simplistic, and the author's descriptions probably do more harm to the image of the crocodile than the brief mention of their endangered status could hope to undo. While some children will enjoy this work, it fails to provide a rich literary experience for readers. Despite this, the layout of the book, along with its spectacular photographs, make it an entertaining experience that some young people will enjoy. Reviewer: Kevin Cooke

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Crabtree Publishing Company
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Crabtree Contact Series
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6.92(w) x 10.28(h) x 0.32(d)
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10 - 14 Years

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