Monterey Bay Area Missions in California

Monterey Bay Area Missions in California

by Emily Abbink

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Missions in California were built between 1769 and 1817. Even though they were built long ago, some still exist today. This colorful book discusses three such missions that are located in the Monterey Bay area. Readers will learn fascinating facts about how missions were started, how the Native Americans were forced to participate in the missions, and about some of the cruel leaders of the missions. The Native Americans worked hard in the missions to help them thrive and grow. However, they were treated badly, subjected to many of the European diseases, and many died. Some areas were attacked by pirates. One mission, San Juan Bautista, had a kind, loving priest that treated the Native Americans with respect. This mission flourished and became one of the bigger missions in the area. Even when it was destroyed later by an earthquake in 1906, the people in the area saw fit to rebuild it. Archeologists dug up ruins to find how the original was built and also found other significant artifacts to reveal how the people had lived in the 1800s. Today people can visit these missions, as well as others in the Monterey Bay Area. Teachers may use this book when studying the history of this period in California. This book is part of the �Exploring California Missions� series. Reviewer: Cathi I. White

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