Monty Python's Spamalot

Monty Python's Spamalot

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Although “lovingly ripped off from the new musical,” as this cast recording proudly proclaims itself, Spamalot the album has plenty of good reasons to exist. Chief among them is that it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face -- that is, when you’re not laughing out loud. “Lovingly ripped off ” in turn from the 1976 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail,See more details below


Although “lovingly ripped off from the new musical,” as this cast recording proudly proclaims itself, Spamalot the album has plenty of good reasons to exist. Chief among them is that it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face -- that is, when you’re not laughing out loud. “Lovingly ripped off ” in turn from the 1976 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalotthe hit Broadway musical boasts a score that makes up in chuckles what it might lack in, um, melodic appeal. That is, Monty Python co-founder Eric Idle and his longtime musical collaborator, John Du Prez, are less concerned with producing a timeless theatrical anthem on the lines of, say, “Memory” than with concocting a mirthful ditty whose cheeky lyrics and generic tunefulness grant instant pleasure and a good belly laugh at the same time. What more could you ask for from such songs as “He Is Not Dead Yet,” ”The Song That Goes Like This,” “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway,” and “Run Away!” And with skilled comedians like Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, and Hank Azaria filling the lead roles, not to mention other standout performers including Sara Ramirez and Christopher Sieber, the hilarity factor is a given. If listening to Spamalot doesn’t bring a bit of absurdist jolly to your day, check yourself to make sure that you’re not dead yet.

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All Music Guide - Mark Deming
While millions of fans have made a hobby out of repeating Monty Python bits for the amusement of themselves and others over the years, Spamalot may be the first example of folks going pro with this pastime -- though Eric Idle's participation at least gives this the advantage of also being an official product. Spamalot is, of course, the stage musical loosely based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and while the original cast album only provides part of the experience, listening to the album will give many fans a very curious sense of deja vu -- some of these songs are drawn from the movie, albeit with a great deal more polish (such as "Brave Sir Robin" and "Knights of the Round Table"), and others translate business from the film into musical terms ("He Is Not Dead Yet" and "Run Away"), while "Always Look On the Bright Side of Life" from Life of Brian is also thrown in for good measure. The score does manage a good bit of original silliness, though, including a number of amusing parodies of show tune clichés ("The Song That Goes Like This") and one truly inspired new laugh-generator, "You Won't Succeed on Broadway" (."..if you don't have any Jews"). In many respects, the Spamalot recording favors Broadway over Python; the material lacks the sharp edge of Python's best material, and the level of polish seems nearly antithetical to those old television shows and the low-budget film that inspired all this. But the songs are sprightly, the material is genuinely witty, and the cast is in fine fettle, especially David Hyde Pierce as Sir Robin and Sara Ramirez as the Lady of the Lake. In short, this won't replace your copy of Another Monty Python Record, but Python fans will have fun with it, and it's a great trailer for the stage show.

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  1. Tuning
  2. Overture
  3. Act 1. Historian's Introduction to Act 1
  4. Act 1. Finland / Fish Schlapping Dance
  5. Act 1. Monks Chant / He Is Not Dead Yet
  6. Act 1. Come With Me
  7. Act 1. Laker Girls Cheer
  8. Act 1. The Song That Goes Like This
  9. Act 1. He Is Not Dead Yet (Playoff)
  10. Act 1. All For One
  11. Act 1. Knights Of The Round Table / The Song That Goes Like This (Repri
  12. Act 1. Find Your Grail
  13. Act 1. Run Away!
  14. Act 1. The Intermission
  15. Act 2. Historian's Introduction To Act 2
  16. Act 2. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
  17. Act 2. Brave Sir Robin
  18. Act 2. You Won't Succeed On Broadway
  19. Act 2. Diva's Lament (Whatever Happened To My Part?)
  20. Act 2. Where Are You?
  21. Act 2. His Name Is Lancelot
  22. Act 2. I'm All Alone
  23. Act 2. Twice In Every Show
  24. Act 2. Act 2 Finale
  25. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (Company Bow)

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tim Curry   cast
Martin Agee   Violin
Abe Appleman   Violin
Diane Barere   Cello
Stephanie Cummins   Cello
Anthony Gorruso   Trumpet
Hae Young Ham   Violin
Jenny Hill   cast
David Kuhn   Electric Bass,Acoustic Bass
Scott Kuney   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Electric Guitar,Ukulele
Jeanne LeBlanc   Cello
Lois Martin   Viola
Mike McGrath   cast
Suzanne Ornstein   Violin
Steve Rosen   Vocals,cast
Ming Yeh   Violin
Cenovia Cummins   Violin
Ann Labin   Concert Master
Richard Brice   Viola
Maura Giannini   Violin
David Mancuso   Percussion,Timpani,Mallets
Hank Azaria   Vocals,cast
John Chudoba   Trumpet,Piccolo Trumpet
James Ludwig   cast
Michael McGrath   Vocals
Todd Ellison   Conductor
Anthony Geralis   Synthesizer,Piano
Balfe Bradley   cast
Sara Ramirez   Vocals,cast
John Bolton   cast
Ethyl Will   Keyboards
Kenny Dybisz   Clarinet,Flute,Oboe,Piccolo,Recorder,Alto Saxophone
Sean McDaniel   Percussion,Drums
Pamela Remler   cast
Christian Borle   Vocals,cast
Scott Taylor   cast
Alden Banta   Clarinet,Bassoon,Bass Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Thomas Cannizzaro   Vocals,cast
Kevin Covert   cast
Jennifer Frankel   cast
Lisa Gajda   cast
Emily Hsu   cast
Abbey OBrien   cast
Ariel Reid   cast
Zohar Schondorf   French Horn
Brian Shepard   cast
Christopher Sieber   Vocals,cast
Rick Spaans   cast
Brad Bradley   Vocals
Greg Reuter   cast
Michael Roth   Violin
Mark Patterson   Trombone
Tim Curry   Vocals
Monty Python's Spamalot Cast Ensemble   cast
Monty Python's Spamalot Pit Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
David Hyde Pierce   Piano,Vocals
Tom Rosenthal   Viola

Technical Credits

Neil Innes   Composer
Michael Palin   Composer
Graham Chapman   Composer
John Cleese   Composer
John Du Prez   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,Audio Production
Frank Filipetti   Engineer
Eric Idle   Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Audio Production,Book
Joan Marcus   Production Photography
Pete Karam   Pro-Tools
Todd Ellison   Director,Vocal Arrangements
Larry Hochman   Orchestration
Elisa Garcia   Art Direction
Pete Karem   Pro-Tools
Glen Kelly   Arranger
Peter Lawrence   Stage Manager
Gregory Meeh   Special Effects
Mike Nichols   Director,Stage Direction
Tim Haley   Costume Design
Casey Nicholaw   Choreographer
David Brian Brown   Wig Designer
Elaine J. McCarthy   Projection
Chris Roberts   Executive Producer

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