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Moods of Love

Moods of Love

by Danny C. Williams

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Moods of Love presents an inspiring collection of poetry deals with the ups and downs of life and love. Author Danny Williams believes that dealing with life, love, and people involves much more than trying to find a loophole for existence. Each person must realize their individual strengths and find ways to continue to build upon them. Including poems on


Moods of Love presents an inspiring collection of poetry deals with the ups and downs of life and love. Author Danny Williams believes that dealing with life, love, and people involves much more than trying to find a loophole for existence. Each person must realize their individual strengths and find ways to continue to build upon them. Including poems on love, courage, and honesty, among other topics, Moods of Love ponders the emotional ties that bind us to each other.

Though love brings many ups and downs with it, there is also much joy and discovery as relationships change and grow. Moods of Love offers a glimpse at the true emotions of love.

True Times

Strength, sensitivity, and a caring nature,

Are the feelings of power that I receive from her.

The eyes of the world shine on my life;

Our hearts are mended forever as man and wife.

Hold me with pride and cover me with trust,

The rest of our lives depend on us.

Follow my mind through a hunt for treasure,

And know that the rewards are there for sure.

Stick with me when times are down,

With an extraordinary love that's rarely found.

You appeared in my life when I needed relief,

Sweeping away all thoughts of disbelief.

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Moods of LOVE

By Danny C. Williams

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Danny C. Williams
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-3254-6

Chapter One

    This Evening

    Within twelve hours I must consume
    the thoughts of love that continue to
    erupt within me.

    The sun has set beyond the hills,
    with reminders of love that we both feel.

    There's no doubt that night brings romance,
    and the thoughts of an evening of wine and dance.

    With every touch I can only say,
    that sunrise will bring a brighter day.

    With this thought, I've come to learn,
    that we've found the point of no return.

    The softness of your voice,
    the glow in your eyes, only make me realize
    that gestures of affection
    are here to stay.

    It's lovely how passion combines love and thought.
    Not an ounce of regret or room for doubt.

    May I Kiss You?

    With the touch of your lips I can conquer
    the world, because I know you're near me.

    To feel your breath against my face,
    pulls every sensitive emotion from within me.

    You are happiness without a doubt.

    A kiss at some time or another means more to me.
    Because from you, I know it was true.

    Our happiness is the most essential ingredient,
    along with respect.

    May I kiss you?

    I Miss America

    I long to walk across the sandy shores,
    Eyeing the shells in small seafront stores.

    Cement towers scrape the sky,
    Indicating there's freedom only if you try.

    The lady who stands on the Eastern Harbor
    Holds a torch that shines forever more.

    The laws are made from way up North,
    Adapted to protect individuals.
    Who want to become a part of America's heart.

    You venture to the West where life is considered the best;
    Days speed by fast allowing very little rest.

    I miss America, the land of humanity.

    You may come here and exist, no matter who you may be.

    Feelings of Comfort

    Sensuous, mystical, caring, and proud,
    The spark of warmth that I feel inside.

    The letters of love are enclosed it's true.
    Protecting the times that I've spent with you.

    Relax with me and let me reveal.
    The instinctive love we try to shield.

    A newborn's blanket is the place for me,
    With the comforts of love that I see in thee.

    Pains of Color

    Seeing me as a person is what I ask,
    My skin may be one color,
    But it's only a mask.

    The machine of life pumps liquid of red,
    From the tip of my toes to the top of my head.

    Evaluating the thoughts of individual minds,
    Separates the fact that you are one of a kind.

    Take me for who I am and not the person you see,
    Because the voice you hear is the real me.

    Searching for Hidden Dreams

    Seeking the future from a world that's past,
    Only shows the pain of love that didn't last.

    Hidden dreams are figments that were never meant to be.
    Hopes of reality you will never see.

    Animate objects that you view and touch,
    Comprise a world that means so much.

    I know you're gone, so why should I dream?
    Never serve me love unless I have the cream.

    Consistency in life and follow-ups for schematics,
    Are what makes searching for hidden dreams
    So dramatic.

    An Infant's Heart

    Existing in a world without decisions,
    provides a structure of life without revisions.

    It's bad when you don't know
    the difference between right and wrong.
    Feeling the pain because you're not that strong.

    Infant hearts function with immature parts,
    in a world that's undeveloped from the start.

    Life's not a toy that's broken and thrown away,
    It's the coolness of the seasonal breeze,
    that performs every day.

    Dealing with you is a reversal in time,
    and not the future I'm looking to find.

    My Home

    Here in my bed with my eyes open wide,
    I can only see the poverty and famine
    that evolves inside.

    Hunger is nothing but a way of life;
    each new day brings wishes from a world of blight.

    It must be nice to feel the strength from nutritious meals.
    In a society filled with food and money for deals.

    I realize that this can only be a dream,
    because I'm happy as a rose
    with the sun that beams.

    This is American and I'm home free.

    Parity of Friends

    To me, you are the island of love.
    You give me feelings of friendship that are
    derived from above.

    I perish the days when we're away from each other.
    The smoke that blinds and the clouds that cover.

    Parity of friends means the comfort of sensations,
    valued times and caring relations.

    I look at you as part of my life,
    not as my woman, but as my wife.

    My Beginnings

    Why confront me with a decision,
    When I don't know the difference
    Between the truth and a lie?

    You want me to see your side,
    Without giving me a reason why.

    I'm glad I was taught the difference,
    Between one plus one and zero plus two.

    While learning that it all adds up
    To my evaluation of you.

    I can be happy knowing
    that the joy of life is ahead.
    Because it's all been up to me,
    How I've lived and what I've said.

    The Favor

    I asked you for a favor that involved
    the subject of money.

    You questioned my reasons
    in words that weren't funny.

    I've been down and so have you.
    Can't you realize what I'm going through?

    I'm not asking for a gift, but only for a loan.
    If the time were right and the money were there,
    I could do it on my own.

    I work for a living and I try to take care of myself.
    But you, as my parents should truly understand,
    that I need a little help.

    Fierce Lion

    The storehouse of power that's within your mind,
    Gives strength to the lives that you've managed to find.

    Your words are thought to be forceful and lean,
    but these are points in life that you've already seen.

    The hands of guidance are on my shoulders,
    teaching me more as I grow older.

    I look in your eyes and I see a world that survived;
    I realize now, Father, why I'm so happy to be alive.

    Threads of the Soul

    The fullness of life flows through my heart
    in patterns of red.
    I design my world according to my own feelings,
    and not by what others have said.

    The threads are here to function as the beginning of
    an original. There is nothing I want to hide and far
    less to conceal.

    My heart was developed as the nucleus of my beginnings.
    The threads put together the shelter for my true feelings.

    I'm a Reader

    All you have to do is give me a sign.
    Because that's the only message,
    To which I feel inclined.

    You don't need amendments or second degrees,
    The safety of yourself is enough for me.

    I'm not jealous or envious of your acts.
    The sincerity of my concern makes my emotions react.

    Written messages won't make me conceal
    The ancient instincts, which I continue to reveal.

    You showed signs that were negative in nature,
    Questioned by words that were never pure.

    A Free Day

    It's my day off and I have several chores to do.
    I'm not interested in what's on my agenda,
    I'm only concerned with what's in you.

    I've thought about it twice and that's enough,
    Without a doubt I must say it's been rough.

    Garage sales are designed to put your problems in
    someone's nest.
    Separating yourself from the situation is for the best.

    You couldn't make me smile, because you were for self.
    I took the piece of friendship that you gave me,
    And I placed it on the auction shelf.

    Don't look for me when times get tight,
    Because I've given that part of you up for life.

    The Convenience of a 20/20 Mind

    I may not have perfect vision,
    But I see a lot farther than you think.

    Opportunities come about where moves can be made,
    So take advantage of the situation before the present fades.

    I don't need vision to understand you, because
    Plastic people were made to see through.

    20/20 is a degree that includes all senses;
    The hidden virtue that life immerses.

    Feeling with your mind and not with your hand.
    Makes the world you thought was small begin to expand.

    A Song

    When the stars at night are shining,
    And the moon is right for love,
    The thoughts of you are coming,
    From the heavens up above.

    Love has qualities that no one ever sees,
    It is built on relationships that are only meant to be.

    Music can bring a sign of specter,
    It can also consist of the essence of nectar.

    It's funny how songs are often mistaken;
    The meanings are there, but not well taken.

    Being conscious can reveal,
    A side of love that only you feel.

    Judgments are often made in haste,
    Using valuable time that we often waste.

    It's learning the words,
    Not the rhythm or rhyme.

    Understanding one's love,
    Only comes with time.

    Noticeable Hints

    To look in your face, I can see every nerve,
    Confirming my notion that you're disturbed.

    Come out and tell me your true feelings.
    I can deal with any card that you're dealing.

    I won't be disconsolate by the truth held inside;
    I must realize that it's pain that will eventually subside.

    Don't endanger our future with questions and doubts.
    A relationship without trust, I can live without.

    The retina moves quick when I look in your eyes.
    There's a story in your heart, I finally realized.

    Noticeable Hints are time-outs in the mind.
    You're stabbing me in the heart while trying to be kind.

    Rekindled Thoughts

    You walked up to me as though we've never met.
    I've learned to live with the virtue to forgive,
    but never to forget.

    I'm finding within myself,
    that forgiveness is a virtue I'll never regret.

    I look in your eyes and see the times we've spent together.
    The sunny days and the cloudy weather.

    The umbrella of belief that covered my head,
    Couldn't protect me from the rains of grief that
    appeared instead.

    I'm not disappointed by what you sent me through,
    It's just the knowledge that I believed in YOU.


    Fighting the elements of human existence
    such as prejudice, love, hurt, and success,
    means that you can have and believe in yourself.

    To sustain the courage and fortitude in life,
    will promote self realization.

    Compromising with others and still knowing what you
    want in life, instills determination and faith in yourself.

    If there is anything out there that represents happiness,
    you must have the courage to fight for it.

    The Code

    Friendship is a complexity with many degrees.
    It's respecting and understanding,
    the loved one's needs.

    It's knowing what friendship is all about.

    Consideration should be one of your aims,
    to see your friend accomplish glory and fame.

    Speaking of love there is no other.
    Like the honest friendship of a fellow brother.

    The Gift of Life

    He gave me the Gift of Life, which was happiness.
    He gave me the path to freedom, which was light.

    I didn't realize how much the Good Lord meant to me,
    Until he gave me the Gift of Life.

    He paused for a while to give me a smile;
    To let me know that I was his true friend.

    He gave me the Gift of Life, and that was faith.
    I turned over to the morning light;
    Eagerly waiting to see a life so bright.

    The Lord gave me the gift of inspiration,
    Along with the true sign of life.

    The Jewels of Life

    The discovery of trust, realism, and compassion,
    are feelings we all wish to experience.

    At one time or another, a loved one will interject
    something unexpected.
    We call it Love.

    These are the Jewels of Life.

    When faith is given, it must be addressed in return.
    In faith exists a feeling of purpose and a sense of sincerity.

    These are the Jewels of Life.

    Because you are special and precious,
    And God will oversee you with protection and love.

    To say the least, you are the Jewel of Life.

    Love and Let's be True

    If you say that you're alone,
    I'll stay with you.
    If you feel that you're not wrong,
    I'll stand by you.

    What a lucky day, my dear,
    For both of us to say, my dear,
    "Love and let's be true."

    In the darkness of the night,
    I'll wait for you.
    Knowing that our love
    is always true.

    Questions never touch my mind,
    Where there are thoughts of you.
    Feelings of delight are always new.

    What a lucky day, my dear,
    For both of us to say, my dear,
    "Love and let's be true."

    I Place this Conversation
    Directly Toward You

    I say to you words that contain a thought.
    I realize in life what sincerity is about.

    Speaking at random is a waste of time.
    It's comparing cymbals to musical chimes.

    It's saying to you, words that I truly feel.
    It's refusing to be fake, when I can be real.

    Words were planted as roots for character.
    So don't use words as an excuse for human nature.

    Be for Real.

    Why Prosecute Love?

    I sit here on the witness stand,
    Wondering if I'm still your man.

    Don't misjudge me for the things you've heard,
    Truth doesn't revolve around the spoken word.

    Take me for who I am and how I treat you.
    Love is not measured by what others say or do.

    Love is not an instrument of torture and pain,
    It's the message you get from an early spring rain.

    I love you with my heart and not my mind,
    It's not images of another, I'm trying to find.

    I can't say it's the trial that makes me sigh,
    The fact of the mater is I don't know why.


Excerpted from Moods of LOVE by Danny C. Williams Copyright © 2012 by Danny C. Williams. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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