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Morality, Decision and Social Organization: Toward a Logic of Ethics / Edition 1

Morality, Decision and Social Organization: Toward a Logic of Ethics / Edition 1

by Karl Menger, Henk L. Mulder

ISBN-10: 9027703183

ISBN-13: 9789027703187

Pub. Date: 11/30/1974

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Vienna Circle Collection Series , #6
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

I. Common Traits of the Classical Systems of Ethics: An Introductory Letter About what will not be Said.- II. Five Epistemological Notes About Good and Evil.- 1. The Development of a Person’s Sense of Morality.- 2. The Ideals.- 3. The Logical Role of the Ideals.- 4. The Essence of the Good. The Meaningless.- 5. The Development of the Epistemology of Morality.- III. The Ethics of Decisions: A Dialog on Demystified Ethics.- 1. Whether investigations according to the principles suggested in the preceding notes belong to ethics at all.- 2. Whether there do not exist still other ethical questions.- 3. Whether ethics is analogous to geometry.- 4. Whether systems of norms might not be combined by logical operations.- 5. Whether decisions are the only basis for morality.- 6. Whether rational foundations for decisions are possible.- 7. What role faith plays in morality.- 8. What demystified ethics might be able to achieve….- 9. … except for a logic of norms.- 10. … and except for a logic of desires.- IV. Five Logico-mathematical Notes on Voluntary Associations.- 1. The Partitions of People Induced by Norms.- 2. Duality.- 3. Disjunctive Norms.- 4. A Person’s Demands on Himself and on Others.- 5. Several Modes of Behavior.- V. Logic, Imagination, Reality, Evaluations: A Concluding Letter about what has been said.- Postscript to the English Edition.- Karl Menger: Principal Dates.- Fields of Research.- Publications in Book Form.

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