More Bounce to the Ounce

More Bounce to the Ounce


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Lookout Records


Disc 1

  1. We Are the Future People of Tomorrow @@Mr. T. Experience
  2. Jealous Again/Depression  -  Pink Lincolns
  3. Chevy II Nova @@Go To Hells
  4. Day Dreaming  -  Parasites
  5. One Pill  -  Teen Idols
  6. Granola-Head  -  Cletus
  7. Escape Velocity  -  Sicko
  8. Dolemite  -  Groovie Ghoulies
  9. Dumb  -  Nobodys

Disc 2

  1. Slow Down  -  Hi-Fives
  2. The Day I Went Away @@Lillingtons
  3. You Don't Give Me Strawberry Trees  -  Cretins
  4. FB Song  -  Cub
  5. Gas Chamber  -  Sinkhole
  6. Borough Boy @@Spirit Varnish
  7. Del Champion @@Lick 57
  8. Keep On  -  Smugglers
  9. I Wanna Be a Cretin  -  Squirtgun
  10. Waldorf  -  Doc Hopper
  11. The Kids Are Alright  -  Queers

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Smugglers   Track Performer
Queers   Track Performer
Jonathan Clark   Guitar,Vocals
Gregg Hoffman   Drums
Roy McDonald   Drums
Scott Price   Drums
James M. Testa   Background Vocals
Nobodys   Track Performer
Mass Giorgini   Bass
Kim Shattuck   Guitar,Vocals
B-Face   Bass
Ronnie Barnett   Bass
Hugh O'Neill   Drums
Joe Queer   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Roach   Guitar
Squirtgun   Track Performer
Hunter Oswald   Background Vocals
Lisa G.   Drums
Groovie Ghoulies   Track Performer
Andrew Clark   Guitar,Vocals
Hi-Fives   Track Performer
Cub   Track Performer
Sicko   Track Performer
John ?   Guitar,Vocals
Doc Hopper   Track Performer
Cletus   Track Performer
Parasites   Track Performer
Pink Lincolns   Track Performer
Sinkhole   Track Performer
Cretins   Track Performer
Dan Lumley   Drums
Lisa Marr   Bass
Frank   Guitar,Vocals
Jon Von   Guitar
Lawrence Livermore   Background Vocals
Johnny Puke   Vocals
Teen Idols   Track Performer
Beez   Bass
Flav Giorgini   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Robynn Iwata   Guitar
Matt Leonard   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Eliot Shepard   Guitar
Thatch Ulrich   Bass,Vocals
A. J. Cretin   Drums,Vocals,Belching
Justin Disease   Drums,Vocals
Matt Anderson   Guitar
Dorsey Martin   Guitar
Jody Bilinski   Drums,Vocals
Matt White   Guitar
Matt Hart   Vocals
Joanna Clymer   Guitar,Vocals
B.J. McDonnell   Bass,Vocals
Chris Barrows   Vocals
Kepi   Bass,Vocals
Metal Murf   Guitar,Vocals
Fred Stolz   Drums
Kevin Coss   Bass
Jon Madden   Bass
Chris Bonito   Drums
Chris Kraut   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Chris Pierce   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Ben Hammock   Bass
Kevin Lewey   Guitar
Kody Templeman   Guitar,Vocals
Grant ?   Vocals
Bryce   Drums
Paul Johnston   Guitar

Technical Credits

Joe King   Producer
Rob Cavallo   Producer
Mass Giorgini   Producer,Engineer
Hugh O'Neill   Executive Producer
Joe Queer   Executive Producer
Darryl Neudorf   Producer,Engineer
Cub   Producer
Dan Lumley   Engineer
Judd Packer   Engineer
Andy Ernst   Producer
Jeff Hansell   Engineer
Jon Von   Producer
Chris Appelgren   Contributor,Graphic Design
Jim Tierney   Engineer

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