More Healthy Homestyle Cooking: 200 All New Recipe Makeovers

More Healthy Homestyle Cooking: 200 All New Recipe Makeovers

by Evelyn Tribole

The Queen of easy home cooking serves up more than 200 outrageously good recipes. And they're good for you!

In this long-awaited sequel to her million-copy bestseller Healthy Homestyle Cooking, Evelyn Tribole proves once and for all that home cooking can be just like Grandma used to make-- minus the fat and fuss! From easy oven-baked goodies like Spiced


The Queen of easy home cooking serves up more than 200 outrageously good recipes. And they're good for you!

In this long-awaited sequel to her million-copy bestseller Healthy Homestyle Cooking, Evelyn Tribole proves once and for all that home cooking can be just like Grandma used to make-- minus the fat and fuss! From easy oven-baked goodies like Spiced Apple Muffins to down-home Sunday dinners like Barbecue Pot Roast with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, these innovative new recipes will have your family clamoring for more, more, more! And with no hard-to-find ingredients or time-consuming techniques, you'll have no problem using these recipes again and again.

An award-winning dietitian, Tribole reviews the basics of nutrition and clears up the confusion surrounding carbohydrates, sodium, fatty acids, and phytochemicals. She also reveals her insider secrets to recipe makeovers, both tried-and-true and brand new. Here's a hint: Straight substitutions don't always work. (Anyone who has spread fat-free cream cheese on a bagel knows the truth in this.) Lots of reliable fat-saving swaps and flavor-boosting tricks are out there, and Tribole knows them all.

Besides sound nutritional wisdom and fail-safe cooking tips, what truly sets this book apart are the simple recipes, so delicious that you'll forget how healthy they are. For breakfast or brunch, try a new twist on an old favorite: Stuffed French Toast. In a hurry? Fifteen-minute meals like Speedy Tostadas or Spicy Garlic Shrimp will prevent a pit stop at the local fast-food joint. Expecting company? Chicken Kiev or Beef Pinwheels are sure to impress, and you can cap the meal with a satisfyingly sweet slice of Peanut Butter Pie or Strawberry Cheesecake. With chapters on meatless main dishes, salads, appetizers, side dishes, and a range of "pastabilities," More Healthy Homestyle Cooking has something for everyone at every course.

In each and every recipe, Tribole explains exactly how she reduced the fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium or increased the fiber. Plus, she provides a complete nutritional analysis and a Nutrition Scorecard that takes a before-and-after look at calories and fat.

Packed with useful information, personal anecdotes, and easy recipes that have proven appeal, More Healthy Homestyle Cooking is sure to be as popular as its predecessor.

Also includes:
* Step-by-step guide to recipe makeovers, with substitution chart
* Secrets of using reduced-fat foods
* Six key flavor-boosting tricks
* More than 50 Health Notes on the healing powers of food
* More than 80 Homestyle Hints with Tribole's timesaving tips and sensible kitchen wisdom
* Easy ways to get more whole grains and vegetables into your diet
* "Daily 6-5-4-3 Countdown" to simplify the Food Guide Pyramid
* "Plate Model of Eating" takes the guesswork out of meal planning
* Big chapter of 15-minute meals
* Complete nutritional analysis with every recipe

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

“Tribole has done it again! Now there is no excuse not to eat healthy. Whether you're time-challenged, cooking phobic, health-unconscious, or just ready for a change of taste, this book is for you. Even my kids loved the recipes!” —Elizabeth Somer, R.D., author of Food & Mood

“Evelyn is innovative, creative, and crystal clear in everything she does. She doesn't follow trends; she sets them!” —Graham Kerr, author and international culinary consultant

“You may never have to open another cookbook again! More Healthy Homestyle Cooking combines flavor, health, and convenience. Plus, it's filled with usable, down-to-earth tips.” —Debra Waterhouse, R.D., author of Outsmarting the Midlife Fat Cell

“Once again, Evelyn has created quick, great-tasting, healthy food that the whole family will enjoy. Plus, she reveals her secrets in every recipe!” —Mindy Hermann, R.D., children's nutrition columnist and coauthor of The American Medical Association Family Health Cookbook

Let's face it. If we had our druthers, we'd all like to eat more healthful foods and live healthier lifestyles. We'd like to meet the daily requirements of 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-4 servings of fruits, and 2-3 servings of dairy and calcium-rich foods. And we certainly all wish we had more time in our frantic lives to spend with our families to enjoy freshly prepared wholesome foods at dinner time.

Unfortunately, real life doesn't always make room (or time) for proper nutrition. But, thankfully for us, Evelyn Tribole, author of the bestselling Healthy Homestyle Cooking, has come to the rescue —again. Taking her mantra of "taste, taste, taste" and recipe makeovers to another level, More Healthy Homestyle Cooking: Family Favorites You'll Make Again and Again is a mouth- watering collection of 200 delicious recipes for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, desserts and slow- cooker favorites that take flavor to new heights while still maintaining strong nutritional principles.

Tribole, a nutritionist with a consulting practice in Southern California, unabashedly admits that she loves food. While realizing the importance of nutrition, she also knows that nothing is as crucial as good taste. "Who cares how good a meal is nutritionally," she says, "if it doesn't taste good?" To that end, she takes dishes normally higher in fat and does a "makeover" for each recipe, all without sacrificing taste. For example, Thai-Style Pizza uses less peanut butter in the sauce along with reduced fat mozzarella, while Asian Super Slaw uses replaces vegetable oil with pineapple juice and sesame oil.

And if incredible taste isn't appealing enough, Tribole offers a score of wonderful dishes that can be prepared in 15 minutes or less. Spicy Garlic Shrimp and Shortcut Cheddar Soup are both delicious timesavers that are guaranteed to give home cooks more time with the family. Even recipes that require a bit more time are simple, straightforward and reassuringly uncomplicated. And, of course, Tribole, long famous for her desserts, indulges our sweet tooths with tempting treats such as Strawberry Cheesecake and a decadent Sacher Torte.

A nutrition scorecard gives before-and-after information on calories and fat content, and each recipe contains cholesterol, sodium and fiber information. Helpful tips abound, from a guide to making over any recipe and advice on substitutions and reduced-fat foods to information on the latest nutritional data along with ways to increase nutritional content in your favorite foods. Vivid full-color photographs round out a volume that is sure to be a useful addition to kitchens everywhere.

The author of Eating on the Run, Intuitive Eating, Stealth Health, and Healthy Homestyle Desserts, Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D. is also well-known to many as the former nutritional expert on Good Morning America, and her "Recipe Makeover" column has appeared in Shape magazine for more than ten years.

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In this follow-up to her 1994 bestseller Healthy Homestyle Cooking, Tribole continues to teach readers how to lighten up a varied assortment of family-pleasing dishes by using a smart collection of replacement ingredients and a refreshing dash of common sense. Don't cut out the mascarpone and cocoa so essential for tiramisu, she urges; pair them with fat-free cream cheese and sponge cake, swirled with frozen light whipped topping. Appetizers, entr es, "fixings," desserts and baked goods have all been revamped the Tribole way, and she tells exactly how she did it in two information-packed introductory chapters (one featuring helpful "conversion" charts--change coconut flakes to coconut extract and save 337 calories!). Each recipe has a "nutritional scorecard" totaling fat and calories before and after; tricks for making changes (such as using fruit puree for shortening in cakes); and a complete nutritional analysis. Some selections are naturally light and easy--Broiled Sole with Olive Topping or Portobello Pizzas (the caps serve as "crusts"). Others, like Chicken Kiev, demand more tinkering. If the goal is to have your Cheesy Green Enchiladas and eat them, too, then Tribole's methods will be great weapons in the battle against the bulge. (Oct.) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|
Library Journal
Tribole is the author of Shape magazine's "Recipe Makeovers" column (but only one of these recipes appeared there), and her first Healthy Homestyle Cooking title has sold more than a million copies. For each recipe, she gives a "Nutrition Scorecard" listing calories and fat before and after her low-fat, low-calorie, low-cholesterol, high-fiber makeover. Many of the recipes are somewhat old-fashioned--Orange-Pineapple Fluff Gelatin, Chicken Kiev (though now stuffed with light Muenster cheese instead of herbed butter), Creamed Tuna on Toast--and the low-fat/no-fat substitutions make others seem like a shadow of their former selves. Obviously, however, there will be a good deal of demand. Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.\

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Meet the Author

Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., is the author of six books on cooking and health, including Intuitive Eating and Healthy Homestyle Cooking, which sold over one million copies. Her popular "Recipe Makeover" column has appeared in Shape magazine for more than a decade, and she was the 1994-1995 nutrition expert on Good Morning America. She has a nutrition counseling practice in Beverly Hills, California, where her clients range from celebrities to everyday folks. She lives in Irvine, California, with her husband and two children.

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