More Music from Forever Knight

More Music from Forever Knight

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Gnp Crescendo

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  1. Forever Knight (Main Title)
  2. The Night Calls My Name  - Lori Yates
  3. Humanity
  4. Suite from Black Budda: The Explosion/ Vachon Blinks/Goodbye, Schank
  5. Suite from Blackwing: Flash to the Spirit Plane/Vachon and ...
  6. You Are One Strange Guy  - John Kapelos
  7. Suite from the Human Factor: Janette on the Stairs/Flashback#2/In ...
  8. Heart of Darkness
  9. Suite from Faithful Followers: The Cult Meeting/The Big Moment
  10. Suite from Let No Man Tear Asunder: Tracy and the Doc/Nick Rescues ...
  11. Knight in Question: Er Tension
  12. Lacroix Reads a Book  - Nigel Bennett
  13. Destiny's Edge
  14. Suite from Stranger Than Fiction: Natalie's Fantasy/Andrew Gets Weird
  15. How Does He Do It  - John Kapelos
  16. Love You to Death: Charlie and Lucy/Nick Flies
  17. Suite from the Fever: Tracy and Vachon/The Terror/A Sad Wrap-Up
  18. Ashes to Ashes: More Lacroix and Divia
  19. Hasta la Bye Bye
  20. Suite from Games Vampires Play: V.R. Yet Again/Nick Plays Again
  21. The Hunter: Nick Flashback#1
  22. One Law
  23. Break the Silence
  24. Now I Have Faith  - Geraint Wyn Davies
  25. Suite from Last Knight: Nick and Nat/The Big Moment/Lacroix and ...

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