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Morecock, Fartwell, and Hoare: A Collection of Unfortunate but True Names
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Morecock, Fartwell, and Hoare: A Collection of Unfortunate but True Names

by Russell Ash

There’s a baby born every minute and each one has to be named. In this book, you’ll find an insanity of nomenclature that beggars belief. Russell Ash has trawled birth, marriage, and death certificates, phone books, and censuses going back centuries to compile a compendium of breathtakingly unlikely-but-true names.

Why on earth would Mr. and Mrs.


There’s a baby born every minute and each one has to be named. In this book, you’ll find an insanity of nomenclature that beggars belief. Russell Ash has trawled birth, marriage, and death certificates, phone books, and censuses going back centuries to compile a compendium of breathtakingly unlikely-but-true names.

Why on earth would Mr. and Mrs. O’Shea name their son Rick? What were the Fants thinking when they named their child Elle? Or Mr. and Mrs. Royd, for that matter, when naming their daughter Emma? Or how about Everard Cock, Page Turner, or Sally Forth?

In this painstakingly researched, utterly true, riotously entertaining collection, readers will discover real-life examples of some of the most unusual, crude, and shocking names ever, presenting a laugh-out-loud overview of eccentricity through the ages.

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From the Publisher
“On my way downtown each day, I pass a street called Athol. And every time, it cracks me up. If you’re the same kind of immature goober that I am, this book will absolutely slay you. I love it.” —Mary Roach, author of Stiff, Spook, and Bonk

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Chapter One


In which we meet a diverse array of people whose names are remarkable, baffling, uncategorizable, or just plain weird.


Alf Abbet Born Teddington, Middlesex, c.1849 (Teddington, 1891 census)

George Sneezum Acock Born Woolwich, London, 1873

Herbert Slap Aldhous Born Islington, London, 1874

Agent Mildred Allsop Born Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, 1904

Phil Ander Born Westminster, London, c.1842 (St Martln-in-the-Fields. London, 1871 census)

Furious Andrews (Female) Born Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire, c.1821 (Steeple Claydon, Buckinghamshire, 1881 census)

B. Ann Angel (Female) Born Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, 1894

Onesiphorous Ankers Married Blackburn, Lancashire, 1910

John Anonymous Born np c.1865; died West Ham, Essex, 1868

Rameses Arblaster Born Cannock, Staffordshire, 1910

Ann Archy Born Haslingden, Lancashire, 1886

Annie Argument Born Durham 1887

Wow Ashworth (Female) Born Lancashire c.1771 (Blackburn, Lancashire, 1841 census)

Herbert Abcdef Atkinson Born Tynemouth, Northumberland, 1904

Betty Auckward Baptized All Saints, Hereford, 6 June 1755


Fairest Babbett Died Manchester, Lancashire, 1864

Eileen Back Born Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, 1908

Helen Back Born Tiverton, Devon, 1849

Shepherdess Jane Backhoffner Born St Marylebone. London, 1845 (St Marylebone, 1851 census) Shepherdess was the daughter of George H. Backhoffner, Professor of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy and Registrar of Births & Deaths.

Ptolemy Tom Backholer Born Sherborne, Dorset, 1872

Bedding Badding Born Holborn, London, c.1889 (Lambeth, London, 1901 census)

Lilian Comforter Badman Born West Ham, Essex, 1902

Earthly Emma Bailey Born Mitford, Norfolk, 1879

Bertram Cannon Ball Born Stourbridge, Worcestershire, 1875

Intercydonia M. Ball (Female) Married James Jarvis, Wolstanton, Staffordshire, 1912

Mother Balmforth Born Bramley, Yorkshire, 1866

Banger Balster Married Manchester, Lancashire, 1855

Aberycusgentylis Balthropp Baptized Iver, Buckinghamshire, 25 January 1648

Dimple H. Bangle (Male) Born Barnstable, Devon, c.1825 (Instow, Devon, 1871 census)

Piggy Banks Born Kimmeridge, Dorset, c.1810 (East Stonehouse, Devon, 1851 census)

Fud Barbee Born Scotland c.1853 (on ship Bride of the Nile, Humber, 1871 census)

Ali Barber Baptized Inveresk with Musselburgh, Midlothian, 29 August 1731

William Y. Barfly Born Penmaenmar, Caernarvonshire, c.1864 (Leek, Lancashire, 1881 census)

Joseph XXX Barkass Married Newcastle uponTyne, Northumberland, 1855

Zerrubabel Barraclough Born Keighley, Yorkshire. 1879

Faith Hope And Charity Barratt [one person] Born Exeter, Devon, I 846

Lilian Fluffy Barrett Born Shoreditch, London, 1895

Thomas Honeybun Bartlett Born Weymouth. Dorset, 1877

Monte Cristo T. Barton Born Lambeth, London, 1898

Boadicea Basher Baptized St Hilary, Cornwall, 13 January 1856

William Bashful Born Staffordshire c.1847 (Spitalfelds, London, 1871 census)

Bertie Basin Born Holborn, London, c.1891 (Clerkenwell, London, 1901 census)

Fancy Baskett Married Steyning, Sussex, 1880

Sosthenes Bather Died Cokhester, Essex, 1847

Thomas Grain Thought Bays Married City of London, 1841

New Year Beadle (Female) Married James Theaker, Thorne, Lincolnshire, 1862

Mercy Beak Married Bath, Somerset, 1870

Hula Beanland Born Burnley, Lancashire, 1871

Choo Ah Beano Married Stepney, London, 1882

Astynax Beattle Born Burghfield, Berkshire, c.1855 (Dorking, Surrey, 1871 census)

Harry Beatup Born Eastbourne, Sussex, c.1878 (Eastbourne, 1881 census)

John Sidney Six Beckham Born Norwich, Norfolk. 1860

Eleazer Bed Born Whitechapel, London, 1871

Gaylord Beebe Born Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, 1892

Sarah Pudentia Beeks Married Bala, Merionethshire, 1868

Bess Befor Baptized St Giles without Cripplegate, London, 26 July 1629

Bozy Bench Born Calverton, Nottinghamshire, c. 1889 (Calverton, 1891 census)

May Snow Bennett Born Plymouth, Devon, 1893

Thomas Churchreform Bennett Married Faversham, Kent, 1858

Rob Bery Born Whitechapel, London, 1857

Tunu Bibi Born np 1938; died St Albans, Hertfordshire, 1998 Tunu is said to be a Miwok Indian name meaning 'deer thinking about going to eat wild onions'.

Annice Bible Born Wolstanton, Staffordshire, 1907

Uretha Jane Biddle Born Nottingham 1889

Betty Big Baptized Rolvenden, Kent, 17 January 1762

Smallhope Biggs (Male) Born Cranbrook, Kent, c.1556

Old Bill Died Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, 1906

Spanner Bing Born Northwood, Isle of Wight, c.1822 (Newchurch, Hampshire, 1851 census)

Eliza Dribble Bingham Married Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 1862

Beasley Bingo (Male) Married Elizabeth Davies, Orleton, Herefordshire, 29 May 1681

Annie Primate Binnington Married Sculcoates, Yorkshre, 1880

John Wheeler Binns Born Wellington, Shropshire, 1874

Al Bino Born St Marylebone, London, c. 1860 (Southwark, London, 1871 census)

Parky Bishop Died Pontypridd, Glamorgan, 1880

Simon Straight Bishop Born np c. 1818; died St Columb, Cornwall, 1871

Matt Black Born Felling, Durham, c.1861 (Holmside, Durham, 1891 census)

Thomas John Dosias Four Blackwell Born Morpeth, Durham, 1842

Minnie Moon Blagg Born Basford, Nottinghamshire, 1880

Trueheart Blanchard Died Spilsby Lincolnshire, 1839

Marmaluke Bland Married Spilsby, Lincolnshire, 1888

Silence Bliss (Female) Born Woodend, Northamptonshire, c.1846 (Blakesley, Northamptonshire, 1871 census)

Strain Blogg Born Norfolk c. 1773 (South Erpingham, Norfolk, 1841 census)

Emma Bloodisack Born Rotherhithe, London, c. 1858 (Hackney, 1881 census)

Phalliss Bloomer Born Cradley, Worcestershire, c.1876 (Litchurch, Derbyshire, 1881 census)

Mary L. Blotto Born Lambeth, London, 1911

Bill Board Born Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, c. 1890 (Abergavenny, 1891 census)

Water Board Born Axbridge, Somerset, 1853

Kiss Bobby (Female) Born Diss, Norfolk, c.1853 (Fersfield, Norfolk, 1871 census)

Liar Bodwell (Male) Born Manchester Lancashire, c.1884 (Ince-in-Makerfeld, Lancashire, 1901 census)

Annie Body Born Plympton St Mary, Devon, 1866

Bold Bold Married Salford, Lancashire, 1838

Nora Bone Born South Stoneham, Hampshire, 1902

Fuku Nozwara Boogert Born np 1935; died Hammersmith, London, 1988

Risque Booth Born Stockport, Cheshire, 1909

Julius Caesar K. Borgia Born StAndrews, Middlesex (Holborn, London, 1871 census)

Friend Bottle Born Middlesex c. 1816 (St Botolph, Aldersgate, London, 1841 census)

Pop Botts (Male) Born Dorset c.1878 (Bournemouth, Hampshire, 1891 census)

Bridget Bouncer Baptized Dunchideock, Devon, 23 October 1659

Sarah Bouncy Married Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, 1876

Honour Bound Buried St Pinnock, Cornwall, 1783

Spartacus Martial Bourdin Born Hendon, Middlesex, 1890

Faintnot Isaday Bourne Born Rye, Sussex, 1878

Geronimo Bow (Male) Married Cathe [sic] Williams, St George in the East, London, 1810

Charles Damp Bowden Born Portsea Island, Hampshire, 1895

Affability Box Baptized St John Horsleydown, Bermondsey, London, 3 March 1822

Ima Box Born Reading, Berkshire, c. 1865 (Reading, 1871 census)

Wallop Brabazon Married Jane Du Pre, St Marylebone, London, 19 March 1796

Herbert Superbus Bradbury Born Chorlton, Lancashire, 1908 His middle name is assumed to be'Superb-us', as in Roman prefect Marcus Superbus, rather than 'Super-bus'.

Amelia Disturnal Brassington Born West Bromwich, Staffordshire, 1871

Susan Brasso Baptized Wisborough Green, Sussex, 12 December 1602

Lettice Bray Baptized Mobberley, Cheshire, 26 April 1807

Richard Clencher Brazier Born Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, 1840

Freezer Breeze Born GreatYarmouth, Norfolk, c.1839 (GreatYarmouth, 1851 census)

Eva Brick (Female) BornTurkey c. 1874 (Battersea, London, 1901 census)

Napoleon Lavoisier Voltaire Briggs Married West Bromwich, Staffordshire, 1862

Jucy [sic] Ann Brocklebank Born Bootle, Cumberland, 1871

Foetus Brocklehurst Born Prestwich, Lancashire, 1877

Napkin Brooker Married Mary Hawkins, St Michael, Lewes, 23 October 1799

Wack Broomhead (Male) Born Over Haddon, Derbyshire, c.1848 (Haddon, Derbyshire, 1851 census)

Emily Pocohontas [sic] Brown Born Gravesend, Kent, 1847 An appropriate middle name: native American princess Pocahontas, wife of English colonist John Rolfe and star of the Disney animated film, died in Gravesend 230 years earlier.

Irony Thomas Brown Born Romford, Essex, 1843

Nimrod Buckett Born Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1820

Content Increase Buckley Born Oldham, Lancashire, 1860

Benito Mussolini Buckross Born np 1932; died Bradford, Yorkshire, 1997 What may have sounded like an interesting choice of first names when the fascist dictator was allegedly making the Italian trains run on time perhaps seemed less appealing ten years later.

Lovely Budge Born Chard, Somerset, 1881

Alefounder Bugg Born Brantham, Suffolk, 18 April 1817

Original Bugg Born Lincoln 1907

Lamentation Bullivant Born Spilsby, Lincolnshire, 1841

Rahartha Bung (Female) Born Tiverton, Devon, c.1860 (Newton Abbot, Devon, 1861 census)

Philemon Bungy Born Brighton, Sussex c. 1873 (Brighton, 1881 census)

Philadelphia Bunnyface Laneast, Cornwall, will, 1722 The inclusion of this name among those published by the Cornwall Record Office in its list of 'Silly Names' upset some people called Boniface, who believed the name to be a corruption of theirs.

Bounce E. Burbidge (Female) Born Sheffield, Yorkshire, c. 1856 (Sheffield, 1871 census)

Furry Jane Burbidge Born Friskney, Lincolnshire, c. 1847 (Friskney, 1871 census)

Rhoda Failing Burpee Born Bucklow, Cheshire, 1905

Tim Burr Born Watford, Hertfordshire, 1867

Ethelbert Bursting Born Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, c. 1877 (Cambridge, 1901 census)

Judas Iscariot Burton Born Stafford 1882

Wealthy Buscomb Buried St Breock, Cornwall, 1723

Florence May Bust Born Nottingham 1895

Thankful Butler Born Hastings, Sussex, 1838

Providence Buttefant (Female) Born np c. 1806 (Southwold, Suffolk, 1841 census)

Delight Butterworth Born np c. 1856, Massachusetts, USA (Droylsden, Lancashire, 1891 census)

Leviathan Buttress Born Stevenage, Hertfordshire, c. 1853 (Bartlow, Cambridgeshire, 1881 census)

Bob By Born Battle, Sussex, c. 1841 (Battle, 1841 census) Along with names such as Er and Up, By is one of a small number of two-letter surnames in the UK.


Harie Cabaret Baptized London 10 January 1628

William Snafu Cadman Born St George, Southwark, London, 1853 If correct, this would be a unique usage of'Snafu'-better known as the acronym for'Situation Normal All Fucked Up'-as a name, but is more probably a snafu by the Registrar, and is meant to be 'Snape'.

Julia Caesar Born Westminster, London, c. 1832 (Lambeth, 1851 I census) Julia Caesar was the daughter of Octavius Caesar, a coachsmith.

Julius Caesar Married Alice Dente, Mitcham, Surrey, 10 April 1596

Rose Cann Cann Born Barnstaple, Devon, 1867

Peculiar Cannon (Female) Born Claypole, Lincolnshire, c.1876 (Hawton, Nottinghamshire, 1881 census)

Mephibosheth Capstack (Male) Born Halifax,Yorkshire, 1869 (Northowram, Yorkshire, 1871 census)

Truly Carbon Born Dorking, Surrey c. 1869 (Broadwater Down, Kent, 1901 census)

I. D. Card (Female) Born Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1908

Valentine Card (Male) Born np 1913; died Chelmsford, Essex, 1993

Joseph Greenhouse Careless Born Walsall, Staffordshire, 1874

John Lucknow Hidden Carpenter Born Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, 1859 His name presumably commemorated the Siege of Lucknow, India, two years earlier.

Clint Cartilige Born Prescot, Lancashire, 1849

Splash Carver Born np 1913; died Romsey, Hampshire, 2001

George Frisky Cattermole Born Depwade, NorFolk, 1896

Swill Baden Dentwyford Cawthorne Born Leeds, Yorkshire, c. 1900 (Chapel Allerton,Yorkshire, 1901 census)

Mary Celeste Born Lancashire c.1811 (Liverpool, Lancashire, 1841 census) A spookily prescient name-the mysterious case of the abandoned ship Mary Celeste did not occur until 1872.

Flora Sexburga Chambers Born Durham c. 1874 (Altrincham, Cheshire, 1881 census)

Moon Chaplin Died Norwich, Norfolk, 1844

Molesbury Vim Chapman (Male) Born Helpston, Northamptonshire, c.1847 (Newborough, Northamptonshire, 1871 census)

Eliza Kanbone Chegwidder Baptized Feock, Cornwall, 28 May 1848

Alice Louisa Damp Child Born Sandown, Hampshire, c.1877 (Portsea, Hampshire, 1891 census)

Charity Chilly Baptized Menheniot, Cornwall, 24 November 1736

Emma Chiset Born Brighton, Sussex, c.1828 (Brighton, 1851 census)

Ah Choo Married Stepney, London, 1882

Jesus Christ Born np 1940; died Rotherham, Yorkshire, 2004

Merry Christmas Born Midhurst, Sussex, 1874

Sabbath Church (Male) Baptized Wybunbury, Cheshire, 3 March 1731

El Cid (Female) Baptized St Paul, Norwich, Norfolk, 25 April 1686

Minnie Pudentiana Clague Born West Derby, Lancashire, 1872

George Edward Short Clampit Born Newton Abbot, Devon, 1848

Charlotte Clapsaddle Born np c.1796 (Rochdale, Lancashire, 1841 census)

Pussie Maude L. Clarke Born Lexden, Essex, 1898

Argy Clatworthy (Female) Born Exeter, Devon, 1876

Curvey Cleary Born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, c. 1846 (Paddington, London, I 89 I census)

Minnehaha Clements Born Wandsworth, London, 1874

Pubella Clements (Female) Born Middlesex c. 1879 (Lambeth, London, 1881 census)

Aureola Clinton Born Battersea, London, c. 1892 (Battersea, 1901 census)

Jelling Cluck Baptized Bedlington, Northumberland, 17 December 1671

Jessie Clutterbuck Clutterbuck Born Chepstow, Monmouthshire, 1845

Charles Cobweb Baptized St James Roman Catholic Church, Winchester, Hampshire, 12 February 1818

Mary Ann Cocaine Born Derbyshire c. 1828 (Failsworth, Lancashire, 1901 census)

Earthy Cocksedge Born Stowmarket, Suffolk, c. 1899 (Stowmarket, 1901 census)

Christopher Cockshit Baptized Clayton with Frickey, Yorkshire, 14 October 1771

Admonition Codd Died Newton Abbot, Devon, 1842

Not Wanted James Colvill Born Lambeth, London, 1861

William Conqueror Born Sunderland, Durham, 1862

Norman Conquest Born Lewisham, London, 1904

Ellen Slow Cooch Born Northampton 1838

Harry Tantrum Cook Born Stockbridge, Hampshire, 1894

Humiliation Cook Died Ipswich, Suffolk, 1848

Sexy Cook Died Bedminster, Somerset, 1848

William Henry Boke Cool Baptized St Andrew by the Wardrobe, London, 5 April 1856

Honey Coombs Born Stratford-upon-Avon,Warwickshire, 1880

Richard Transvestent Copp Born np 1910; died Carlisle, Cumberland, 1995

Charles Crusher Corale Born Leicester 1844

Henry Porn Cordery Born Petersfield, Hampshire, 1872

Chunky Cornfield Born np 1931; died Birmingham, West Midlands, 2000

T. Cosy (Male) Born South Molton, Devon, c.1820 (South Molton, 1881 census)

Flake Cox (Female) Born Hampshire c.1891 (Battersea, London, 1891 census)

Knickless J. Cox (Male) Born Liverpool, Lancashire, c.1877 (Liverpool, 1881 census)

Lurking Crabb Born Gosfield, Essex, c.1780 (West Hanningfeld, Essex, 1861 census)

Charlotte Crack Married John Amos, St Leonard, Shoreditch, London, I I October 1846

Irene May Crack Born Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 1913; died 1989

Patience Creep Baptized Boyton, Cornwall, 3 October 1790

Peter Creeper Baptized Tresmeer, Cornwall, 7 August 1768

Edmund Crisp Crick Crick Born Loddon, Norfolk, 1842

Lusty Gladstone Cripps Born Highworth, Wiltshire, 1894

Soapy Crooks Married Bosmere, Suffolk, 1891

Chris Cross Born Trull, Somerset, I November 1598

Orlando Furiosa Cross Buried St Mary, Lichfeld, Shropshire, 5 April 1621

Fuxilla Crowther (Female) Born Facit, Lancashire, c. 1829 (Whitworth, Lancashire, 1871 census)

Cosmo Crump Born Pimlico, London, c.1863 (Islington, 1901 census)

Salome Cruncher Born Stratford, Nottinghamshire, c. 1841 (Newington, London. 1881 census)

George Sidney Crush Crush Born Chelmsford, Essex, 1845 and George Sidney Crush Crush Born Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 1845 Both boys were born in the same year and given the same unusual combination of names.

Economy Joseph Cumpston Born Brixworth, Northamptonshire, 1878

Ethel Nastina Cundick Born Warminster, Wiltshire, 1877

Philliane Cunnilli Born Birmingham, Warwickshire, 1905

T. Cupp (Female) Born Beaminster, Dorset, 1876

Cornelius Curse Baptized Leake, Lincolnshire, 19 May 1664

Margaret Curvy Baptized Rampton. Cambridge, 16 September 1627


Diddy Daddilums (Female) Born Hertfordshire c. 1874 (St Albans, Hertfordshire, 1881 census)

Pubella Dalt Born Stockport, Cheshire, c. 1840 (Stockport, 1861 census)

Robert Morris Dancer Born Prescot, Lancashire, 1903

Fuchny Mottieve Dangerfield Married Newington, London, December 1850

Dann Dangle Married Uxbridge, Middlesex, 1857

Admonish Daniel (Female) Born Cramlington, Northumberland, c.1871 (Cramlington, 1881 census)

Dansey Dansey (Male) Baptized St Helen's, Worcester, 18 September 1800

William Mikado Danvers Born Liverpool, Lancashire, 1886 Gilbert & Sullivan's comic opera The Mikado had opened in London on 14 March 1885.

Agnes Cigarette Danyow Born Raglan, Monmouthshire, c.1865 (Tafolwern, Monmouthshire, 1891 census)

William Cupid Dart Born np c. 1843; died Bristol, Gloucestershire, 1903

Anchorite Peacock Davies Born Ruthin, Denbighshire, 1837

Thomas Tricky Davies Born np c. 1844; died St George Hanover Square, London, 1887

William Quack Dawson Born Tynemouth. Northumberland, 1872

Name the Day

Any Day Born Barningham, Suffolk, c.1857 (Crawshawbooth, Lancashire, 1871 census)

Christmas Day (Male) Baptized Lowestoft, Suffolk, 27 December 1762

Godfrey Armistice Day Born np 11 November 19231; died Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, 2003

Lucky Day Born Blyching; Suffolk, 1859

May Day Died Axbridge, Somerset, 1842

Selby Day Born Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, 1897

Time Of Day (Male) Born Hoo Kent, 1899

Valentine Day Born Leeds, Yorkshire, 1842

Winter Day Born Romsey, Hampshire, 1845

Earwacker Deadman Born Alton, Hampshire, 1849

Erneburga De Flamville Wife of Hugh De Hastings, born Bordwell, Leicestershire, 1109

Edmond Sufferrer De Mullett Married Bolton, Lancashire, 1898

Mystic May Dent Born Halifax, Yorkshire, 1894

Euphrasia De Spurtes Born St Martin's, London, c. 1838 (St Martin's, 1871 census)

Everleaner Dethick Born Nottinghamshire c. 1825 (Nottingham, 1841 census)

Charles Glue Dibley Born Westhampnett, Sussex, 1885

Straddling Ernest E. Didot Born Epsom, Surrey, 1900

Bill Ding Baptized Easton-on-the-Hill, Northamptonshire, 22 September 1661

Ding Ding Died Thanet, Kent, 30 April 1971

Warwick Giddy Dingle Born np c. 1821; died Plymouth, Devon, 1877

Lula Dingledine Born Widdrington, Northumberland, 24 February 1872

Delaviveve Discipline Born Pakenham, Suffolk, 1737

Thomas Dodgem Baptized Great Edstone, Yorkshire, 3 October 1774

Melcom [sic] Garabed Donabed Married Liverpool, Lancashire, 1906

All Done Born Derby 1898

Prudentia Doolittle Born np c. 1852; died Ormskirk, Lancashire, 1906

Ben Dover Baptized St George in the East, London, 10 March 1839

Eileen Dover Born np 1924; died Swindon, Wiltshire, 1987

Win Dow Born Maldon, Essex, 1886

Ida Down Born Okehampton, Devon, I 894

Abishag Doxey (Female) Died Ashbourne, Derbyshire, 1854

Anonyma Drane Born Dunmow, Essex, 1893

Frederick Hair Driver Born Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire, 1898

Mesmer Dumbrell Born Brighton, Sussex, 1871

Domingo Dumdum Baptized Kirk Merrington, Durham, 4 September 1706

Dinah Dump Born Whitechapel, London, 1897

Trulove Dunk Born Sheffield, Yorkshire, I January 1870

Hugh Dunnet Born Scotland c. 1836 ('attendant to the insane', Dinsdale Asylum, Dinsdale, Durham, 1861 census)

I. Dunnit (Female) Born Paisley. Renfrewshire, 9 October 1812

No More Durrant Born Risbridge, Suffolk, 1899

James Brook Dust Dust Born St Pancras, London, 1841

Uriah Dust Married Anne Comely, Kingston St Michael, Wiltshire, 8 October 1772

Barb Dwyer Baptized Sacred Heart and English Martyrs, Thornley, Durham, 7 January 1877

Sexbus Dyball Born Ludlow, Shropshire, c. 1832; died Reigate, Surrey, 1898

Alfred Arthur Forsaken Dymock Born Croydon, Surrey, 1862


Emmeline Nirvana Eaborn Born Wrexham, Denbighshire, 1902

Gladys Rose Early Born Wandsworth, London, 1899

Epenetus Earwaker Born St Saviour, Southwark, London, 1871

Epaphreditus Eatty (Male) Born St Luke, Middlesex, c. 1830 (St Luke, 1881 census)

Cliff Edge Born Haslingden, Lancashire, 1903

Oracabessa Edge Baptized Little Ryburgh, Norfolk, 10 November 1862

Esther Egg Married Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire, 1863

National Elder Born South Shields, Durham, c. 1864 (South Shields, 1881 census)

Finale Eldridge Born Wharfedale, Yorkshire, 1893

Kate Breeder Elliott Born Playden, Sussex, c.1854 (Rye, Sussex, 1861 census)

Alice Nut Brown Emmett Born Leeds, Yorkshire, 1864

Albina Gubbing Enticknap Baptized Chertsey, Surrey, 20 January 1833

Ann Eraser Married John Mackie, Aberdeen, 13 May 1831

Augustus Caesar Evans Born Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, 1874

F. Ewe (Male) Married St Pancras, London, 1899

Worthy Extra Married Malmesbury, Wiltshire 1865


Job Fab (Male) Married Elizabeth Banyard,Teversham, Cambridgeshire, 6 April 1713

Eva Faithfull Born Winchester, Hampshire, 1895

Madora Fankboner (Female) Born Wales c.1861 (Claines, Worcestershire, 1861 census)

Ancient Fanthorpe (Male) Born Lincoln 1843 (Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, 1881 census)

Sidney Hilarious Farrow Born St Marylebone, London, 1877

Drusilla National Fear Born Axbridge, Somerset, 1896

Jemima Lottery Fearman Born Holborn, London, 1852

Orgie B. Feast (Female) Born Fareham, Hampshire, c.1879 (Fareham, 1881 census)

Wave Feather (Male) Born Windsor, Berkshire, c.1825 (Hampton, Middlesex, 1851 census)

Obediencia Feck Baptized Poundstock, Cornwall, 12 March 1642

Low Fee Married Chorlton, Cheshire, 1908

Number Seven Fell Born Alton, Hampshire, 1879

Ethel Congress Few Born Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, 1904

Ffaithfull Ffillips Married Lanreath, Cornwall, 29 November 1660

Fickess Fickess Born Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, 1844

Fried Field Married East Preston, West Sussex, 1890

Paddy Fields Born West Derby, Lancashire, 1908

Benny Fitt Born Shoreditch, London, 1876

Sarah Ann Flapper Born Gateshead, Durham, c.1876 (Gateshead, 1881 census)

Joseph Flicker Flicker Born Dartford, Kent, I 844

Egesta M. Flopsey (Female) Born Romford, Essex, c, 1870 (Romford, 1871 census)

Albert Fluck Fluck Born Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, 1893

Fanetta Annie Fluke Born Melksham, Wiltshire, 1867

Wonderful George Forsdyke Born Bosmere, Suffolk, 1886

Sally Forth Born Eye, Northamptonshire, c. 1847 (Eye, 1881 census)

Ellen Step Forward Born East Stonehouse, Devon, 1846; died Penzance, Cornwall, 1848

George Tweet Foster Born Mattingley, Hampshire, c. 1870 (Heckfield, Hampshire, 1891 census)

Scott Free Born Bethnal Green, London, 1901

Al Fresco Born St Giles, London, 1853

Dresden China Fretwell Born Wortley, Yorkshire, 1880

Gladys Friday Born np 1900; died Brent, Middlesex, 1987

Catherine Frisky Born np c. 1826; died Uppingham, Rutland, 1907

Hopton Frothingham Baptized St Andrew, Holborn, London, 14 January 1657

William Gubb Fry Fry Born Barnstaple, Devon, 1852

Bathiah Fumble Married John Miller, St Katherine by the Tower, London, 16 November 1729

Sweetie Winifred Futter Born Blofeld, Norfolk, 1898


Christina Rebecca Gagging Born St George, Southwark, London, 1862

Isabella Blows Gale Born Greenwich, Kent, 1837

Opportune Ganwit (Female) Born France c. 1842 (Shirburn, Oxfordshire, 1871 census)

Phil Gapp Married Forehoe, Norfolk, 1859

Medium Matilda Garlick Born Melksham, Wiltshire, 1860

Pearly Gates Married Kevin M. Cadle, Westminster, London, 1996

Fartune Gathercole (Female) Born Norfolk c. 1766 (Mattishall, Mitford, Norfolk, 1841 census)

Skimpool Gealy Born Leeds, Yorkshire, c. 1880 (Armley, Yorkshire, 1901 census)

Forget-me-not Geeves Born Hertford 1898

Ann Clown Gentleman Married St Pancras, London, 1880

Big George Died Guisborough, Yorkshire, 1871

Lolita Stuckey Gifford Born Llandilofawr, Carmarthenshire, 1882

John Giggler Born Luton, Bedfordshire, c. 1826 (Biggleswade, 1861 census)

John Farmer Giles Born np c. 1881; died Witney, Oxfordshire, 1904

Glamour Girl Married Robert H.Travers. Edmonton, London, 1960

Peter Gloob Married Elizabeth Natters, Chester-le-Street, Durham, 23 June 1716

Fynae Glue Baptized Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, 16 April 1634

Margaret Glug Baptized Brechin, Angus, 20 May 1756

George Goblin Married Maria Boot, Whorlton, Yorkshire, 11 June 1805

Blastus Godley Married Alicia Seabrooke. St Stephens, St Albans, Hertfordshire, 21 November 1609

Herrman [sic] Goering Born Birmingham, Warwickshire, 1880

Lactarias Golley Born Caerhays, Cornwall, c. 1846 (Caerhays, 1851 census)

Finess Gollop Born Poole, Dorset, 1857

Alexander Gonk Baptized Arbroath, Angus, 18 June 1810

Simeon Goo Baptized St Michael, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, 24 August 1828

Old England Goodson Born Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, 1875

Alonzo Goody Goody Born Sudbury, Suffolk, 1856

Mary Strip Gordon Born Poplar, London, 1864

Manly Gore Born Brighton, Sussex, c. 1863 (Portsea, Hampshire, 1871 census)

Gertrude May Gotobed Born Wandsworth, London, 1900

Waxwax Goughe Baptized Burrington, Herefordshire, 23 January 1561

One Too Many Gouldstone Born West Ham, Essex, 1870

Isobel Gowdielock Married James Dunn, Peebles, 25 September 1756

Anna Gram Born np c.1811 (Ambrosden, Oxfordshire, 1841 census)

Errata Grant Born Sheffield. Yorkshire, 1844

Jane Trafalgar Grapes Born Newport, Isle of Wight, 1805 One of the children of John and Hannah Grapes, who were all given middle names that related to the Napoleonic Wars, including William Nile Grapes (1815), Charlotte Waterloo Grapes (1815) and Charles Wellington Grapes (1811).

George Grassmuck Born Littlehampton, Sussex, c.1840 (Littlehampton, 1851 census)

Ann Gravity Married Daniel Arnold, St Dunstan, Stepney, 28 September 1788

Contents Increase Greatorix (Female) Born Oldham, Lancashire, 1872

Greatwichnellie May Greatwich Born Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. 1910

Barbary Groat Baptized Westray, Orkney, 30 May 1808

Hephzibah Gromit Married Boston, Lincolnshire. 1855

Ice Groom Born Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, 1871

Sarah Grunge Born St Marylebone, London, c. 1818 (St George Hanover Square, London, 1851 census)

Tommy Gun Born Evesham, Worcestershire, 1838

Fried Gunly Born Lincoln 1838


Caractacus L. Habakkuk Born np c. 1857 (Peterstone Super Montern, Glamorgan, Wales 1881 census)

Angel Hackabout (Male) Baptized St Luke, Old Street, Finsbury, London, 20 September 1752

Kink Hailagman Married Liverpool, Lancashire, 1878

Gabriel Hairbottle Baptized St Andrew by the Wardrobe, London, 20 August 1721

Trannie Percy Hampshire Born Chertsey, Surrey, c. 1897 (Chertsey, 1901 census)

Peter Handsomebody Baptized St Andrew, Holborn, London, 19 February 1758

Rifle Handworker Born Russia c.1851 (Leeds, Yorkshire, 1891 census)

Beniventrus Hanky 'Drowned while bathing at Le Posterne', Chester, 6 August 1586 (Chester Coroners' Inquests)

Robert Jackson Hardcore Born Long Preston, Yorkshire, c. 1842 (Henllan, Denbighshire, 1881 Wales census)

Abort Hardman Born Oldham, Lancashire, c.1860 (Oldham 1861 census)

Bartelmowe Hardup Married Margaret Sewell, Smallburgh, Norfolk, 15 November 1601

Hannah Harmless Married James Eston, Byford, Herefordshire, 13 October 1829

William No. 1 Harris Married Islington, London, 1896

William No. 2 Harris Married Maria A.Trent, Islington, London, 1913

Phil Harrup Born Royston, Hertfordshire, 1839

Tom Dick Harry Born Carmarthen 1890

Sweet Hart Died St Mary Newington, London, 1837

Beaten Shakerley Harvey Married Penzance, Cornwall, 1854

Henry Hatful Died Holborn, London, 1908

Tom A. Hawk Born St Dennis, Cornwall, c. 1890 (St Dennis, 1891 census)

Neglected Heaks Baptized St Mary's, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, 3 February 1627 The parish record also states: '1627-Buried Neglected, the daughter of Jeffrey Heaks, the 11 th of February, and she was so named because she had no God father or God mother prepared at the time of Baptizing.'

Fluffy Heaver Born np 1901; died Kensington and Chelsea, London, 1998

O. Heck (Male) Born Leeds, c. 1836 (Headingley cum Burley, Yorkshire, 1901 census)

O. Hell (Male) Baptized Old Meeting Gaol Street Presbyterian, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, 24 February 1709

Snobia Hemp (Female) Born Merther, Cornwall, c.1839 (Merther, 1851 census)

Agnes Skid Henderson Born Scotland c. 1831 (Earsdon, Northumberland, 1881 census)

Alpha and Omega Heydinrych (Twins) Born Wandsworth, London, 1886

Xpopher Hic Baptized Snaith, Yorkshire, 19 January 1607

Radium Hickie Born Wandsworth, London, 1904

Exodus Hickling (Female) Born Ripley, Derbyshire, c.1791 (Shillington, Yorkshire, 1861 census)

Thomas Antique Hicks Born Cardiff, Glamorgan, 1852

Girly Hind Born Southwell, Nottinghamshire, 1873

James Desperate Hines Born Samford, Suffolk, 1885

Abraham and Joe Hitler (Twins) Born Prestwich, Lancashire, 1901

Adolf Hitt Born Germany c.1871 (Willesden, London, 1901 census)

B. Hive Married Thomas Redding, Stepney, London, 17 August 1656

Gulielinus Hobbit (Male) Married Margaretam [sic] Rayer, Swindon, Gloucestershire, 22 July 1607

Vage Hoke (Male) Born Lettaford, Devon, c. 1836 (Bridgewater, Somerset, 1901 census)

May Holiday Born Westminster, London, 1878

Glossy Agnes Holland Born Wooton St Lawrence, Hampshire, 1891

Mary Perpetual Homer Born Blandford, Dorset, 1853

Honesty Honesty (Male) Born Greenwich, Kent, c. 1849 (Dover, Kent, 1891 census)

Harriet Fecund Hooper Born Bethnal Green, London, 1848

Abacuck Hoore Married Joan Wallpoole, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, 1575

Mary Crack Hopkins Born Cardiff, Glamorgan, 1841

Jeronimo Hornblow Married Mary Mew, Upton-cum-Chalvey, Buckinghamshire, I October 1743

Adeline Louisa Maria Horsey de Horsey Born London 24 December 1824; died Corby. Northamptonshire, 25 May 1915

Hugh Gentleman Horspole Born Wisbech. Cambridgeshire, 1900

Chastity Ellen Hosegood Born St George, Southwark, London, 1844

Cautious House Born Farnborough, Hampshire, 1859

Happy Helen Hovel Born Flegg, Norfolk, 1851

Annie How Born Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, 1843

Ernest William Gnash Hoyle Born St Mary le Wigford, Lincoln, c. 1872 (Lincoln, 1881 census)

Caiusillarcius Coriolanus Hubble Married Lewisham, London, 1863

Pontius Pilate Hughes Born Dewsbury, Yorkshire. 1872

Sexas Huish Born Axbridge, Somerset, 1888

Penitent Humphreys Married Manchester, Lancashire, 1850

Pleasure Hunter (Female) Born Shipdham, Norfolk, c.1840 (Shipdham, 1851 census)

Napoleon Austin Lucas Hymen Hurry Born Linton, Cambridgeshire, 1844

Alice Surprise Hutchinson Born Islington, London, 1883

George Execellent [sic] Sargent Banning Hyne Born Stoke Damerel, Devon, 1843


Dorothea Mary A. E. Iceberg Born City of London 1873

Gabriel Incarnation Married St George Hanover Square, London, 1855

Ann Inch Baptized St Kew, Cornwall, 16 February 1713

F. Ing (Male) Baptized Blean, Kent, 21 June 1829

F. Ingood Born Tutbury, Staffordshire, c. I 85 I (Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, 1861 census)

Kissey Inwards Born Woburn, Bedfordshire, 1873

Cadwalader Ish Born Llanbeblig, Caernarvonshire, c. 1851 (Llanbeblig, 1851 Wales census)


Frothy Jackson (Female) Born Markington,Yorkshire c. 1831 (Potternewton, Yorkshire, 1901 census)

Question James Born Williton, Somerset, 1880

Adolphus Shaft Jarman Born Westminster, London, 1849

Offspring Jeeves Born Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, 1876

Prodigal Robert Jennings Born Battersea, London, 1858 (Battersea, 1861 census)

Jane Jiffy Died South Shields, Durham, 1857

Rarely John (Male) Born Cardiff, Glamorgan, c. 1852 (Cardiff, 1861 census)

Miracle Johnson (Female) Married Andrew Pratt, Hertford, c.1558

Keeping up with the Joneses Keeping up with the Joneses

Decimal Jones Born Corwen, Denbighshire, 1889

Frederick Alphabet Jones Born Kendal, Westmorland, 1873

Lama Dana Jones (Female) Born Cemmes, Montgomeryshire, c.1859 (Brynuchel, 1861 Wales census)

Robert Meteor Jones Born Camberwell, London, 1857

Youthful Jones Baptized St Andrew, Enfield, Middlesex, 29 May 1776

Starbuck Jordan Born Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, 1874

Thankful Joy (Female) Born Arundel, Sussex, 4 November 1816

Marathon Mary Judge Born np 1909; died Chiltern, Buckinghamshire, 1999

Thomas Highfield Jump Born Chorley, Lancashire, 1902


Wong Kee (Female) Born China c. 1874 (aboard ship Glenlochy, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, 1901 census)

Christmas Evan Keel Married Toxteth Park, Lancashire, 1894

Sargassa Zulu Kerrison Born np c. 1874; died Colchester, Essex, 1879

Indiana Kettle Born Dudley, Staffordshire, 1854

Edwin King Key Born Warwickshire c. 1869 (Congleton, Cheshire, 1881 census)

Kings Rule

Ada Waste King Born Worcester c, 1860 (Lewisham, London, 1901 census)

Dirty King Died Hatfield, Hertfordshire 1863

Fay King Born np 1922; died Bromley, Kent,1998

Hopeful King Born Norwich, Norfolk, 1866

Lee King (Female) Born Chard, Somerset, c, 1877 (North Wraxall, Wiltshire, 1861 census)

Matilda Handsomebody King Married Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, 1893

Royal King Born Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1902

Win King(Female) Born Lancashire, c. 1839(Manchester, Lancashire, 1841 census)

Harriet Circus Kirby Born Skipton,Yorkshire,1904

Edmund Stanley Knife Born City of London 1892

Pleasant Knight (Female) Born Blaxhall, Suffolk, c.1781 (Blaxhall, 1861 census)

Tamara Knight Born np c.1882; died Aston, Warwickshire, 1892

Mary Immaculate Knox Born MerthyrTydfil, Glamorgan, 1909

Industrious Kubb Born Chelsea, London, c. 1806 (Wandsworth, London, 1881 census)

Pock Kum Born np c. 1854; died Holyhead, Anglesey, 1894


Easter Ladle Married John Spalding, St Augustine, Norwich, Norfolk, 31 March 1793

Appolonia Lallas (Female) Born np c.1801 (Powick, Worcestershire, 1841 census)

Panter Lambert Married Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, 1912

Dowsabell Lambole (Female) Married William Boles, St Swithun over Kingsgate, Winchester Hampshire, 19 July 1624

Leonard Level Land Born Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, 1900

Bona Large Died Freebridge Lynn, Norfolk, 1850

Fishy Larkar Born Kent c.1815 (Greenwich, Kent, 1851 census)

Alice Lashings Born Brighton, Sussex, c.1833 (Brighton, 1881 census)

Henery Zaphnath La Small Born Dover, Kent, c.1822 (Carlby, Lincolnshire, 1851 census)

Laura Lather Born Shardlow, Derbyshire, 1893

Ernest Laughter Born Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, c.1880 (Bromsgrove, 1881 census)

Carnage Laverack Born Selby, Yorkshire, 1877

Aymyn Electric R. Lawrence Born Pontypridd, Glamorgan, 1908

Fling Lazewody (Female) Born Stoke Fleming, Devon, c.1879 (Stoke Fleming, 1901 census)

Manish Leather Born Walthamstow, Essex, c.1890 (Shirley, Hampshire, 1901 census)

Mabel Jubi Lee Born Peterborough, Northamptonshire, 1897 Named as a patriotic tribute to Queen Victoria, who celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in this year.

Anaesthesia Leech Born np 1903; died Hartlepool, Durham, 1903

Starlight D.V.Le Garde Married William H. Jones, Lianrwst, Denbighshire, 1913

Lucinda Legassick Legassick Born Penzance, Cornwall, 1874

Modern Leggo Born Penzance, Cornwall, 1859

Fan Light Baptized West Wittering, Sussex, 20 February 1760

Medium Light Died Henley, Oxfordshire, 1849

Joseph Lightowlers Lightowlers Born Bradford, Yorkshire, 1878

Hephzibah Lillycrap Married Lesnewth, Cornwall, 22 September 1768

Phil Ling Born St Olave, Southwark, London, 1882

Strange Livings (Male) Born Little Hallingbury, Essex, c.1863 (Little Hallingbury, 1871 census)

Cautious Constance Lock Born Binstead, Hampshire, c.1871 (Binstead, 1891 census)

Miles Long Born Sleaford, Lincolnshire, 2 January 1661

Noah Lott Baptized Hipswell, Yorkshire, 16 August 1843

True Love Born Newington, London, 1848

George Conk Lovibond Born East Chinnock, Somerset, c.1811 (East Chinnock, 1861 census)

Bea Lowe Baptized Winwick, Lancashire, 18 Oct 1706

Skimer Lunce BornTonbridge, Kent, c.1869 (Wandsworth, London, 1891 census)

Copernicus Mephibosheth Lynam Born Basford, Nottinghamshire, 1898


Charlotte Grease MacDonald Born West Derby, Lancashire, 1877

Beaky Mace Born np 1929; died Surrey 2001

Elizabeth Drizzle MacLean Died St Luke, London, 1858

Veneril Virtue Maggs Married Clifton, Gloucestershire, 1865

Major Major Born Islington, London, 1871

Arthur Phosphor Mallam Born Headington, Oxfordshire. 1872

Frou-Frou Mallett Born np c.1904; died St Pancras, London, 1907

Dinonysius Mancarter Married St Endellion, Cornwall, 30 July 1748

Prism Manchip (Female) Born Bridgwater, Somerset, c.1810 (Bridgewater, 1851 census)

Charity Mangle Baptized Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 28 January 1834

Phoebe Manhole Married John Clarke, Peatling Magna, Leicestershire, 16 November 1835

Armageddon Danbury Margerum Born East Stonehouse, Devon, 1875 (Raunds, Northamptonshire, 1881 census)

Zaphnaphpanth Marker (Male) Born Nottingham c.1811 (Greasley, Nottinghamshire, 1841 census)

Thats Marshall Born Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire, c. 1881 (Normanby, Lincolnshire, 1901 census)

Polyphemus Ann Martin Born Medway, Kent, 1903

Thomas Alias Christ Martin Born Wiltshire c.1811 (Warminster, Wiltshire, 1841 census)

Panting Mary (Female) Born Crockley, Wiltshire, c.1842 (Paddington, London, 1901 census)

Martha Masculine Married Robert Marsh, St Katherine by the Tower. London, 18 November 1675

Hannah Mattress Died Bishop Auckland, Durham, 1859

Patience Mayhem Married William Vigian, Maidstone, Kent, 19 January 1596

Preserved McDonald (Female) Born Elgin, Moray, c.1810 (Elgin, 1851 Scotland census)

Mercy Mee (Female) Born Loughborough, Leicestershire, 1880

Minnie Mee Born Derby 1873

A. Men (Male) Born Cornwall c.1840 (Camborne, Cornwall, 1841 census)

O. Men (Male) Born Blackfriars, London, c.1870 (Southwark, London, 1881 census)

Mary Mermaid Baptized St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, 30 May 1690

Mildew Michaels (Female) Born London c.1874 (Kensington, London, 1901 census)

Egbert Stark Midlane Born Newport, Isle of Wight, 1849 (Newport, 1901 census)

Jane Whip Miller Born Tynemouth, Northumberland, 1891

Arthur Mind Born Poplar, London, 1907

Arthur Minute Born Hastings, Sussex, 1882

Foam Mitchell (Female) Born Tottenham, London, c.1866 (Hackney, London, 1891 census)

Lowdy Moan Baptized Tywardreath, Cornwall, 4 November 1666

Harriet Moans Baptized Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland, 20 March 1865

Faithfull Mock (Male) Married Elizabeth Cullis, Roche, Cornwall, 5 May 1702

Nelly Monk Monk Born Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, 1886

Nelson Monument Born Mitford, Norfolk, 1872

Phases of the Moon

Cyril Centurion Moon Born np 1922; died Chippenham, Wiltshire, 1985

Mary Moon Moon Born Clutton, Somerset, 1882

Nehemiah Epaphrodites Moon Born Frome, Somerset, 23 February 1828

Robert Howling Moon Born np c.1878: died Pickering,Yorkshire, 1882

Trash Moon Born Kent c.1787 (Tenterden, Kent, 1851 census)

Zebulon Moon Born Dudley, Staffordshire, 1860

Zipporah Moonshine Born Mile End Old Town, London, 1908

Les Moore Born np 1935; died Enfeld, Middlesex, 2000

Lean Twister Morgan Born Rhyl, Flintshire, c.1862 (Pensarn, Denbighshire, 1871 Wales census)

Charlotte Freezer Mortimer Born Saffron Walden, Essex, 1879

Helen Naughty Morton Born np 1906; died Hitchin, Hertfordshire, 1998

Libertine Moss Married Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, 1855

Reveille Naorose R. Motabhoy Married Croydon, Surrey, 1892

Doris Large Mothers Born Leicester 1899

Rocco Motto Born Italy c.1854 (St Pancras, London, 1881 census)

Salome Mud Born Mile End, London, c.1876 (Bethnal Green, London, 1891 census)

Henrietta Mug Born Whitechapel, London, 1874

Margaret Muggle Married William Prosser, St Mary Somerset, London, 21 January 1627

Zealous Farraginous Mullard Born Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, 1892

Ellis Wallis Mumpower Born Wandsworth, London, c.1889 (Wandsworth, 1891 census)

Anne Muppet Baptized St Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex, 12 October 1799

Magic Muxworthy Born Doncaster,Yorkshire, 1889


Nancy Nappy Baptized Hemingbrough,Yorkshire, 24 July 1785

Fish Pool Neville Died Ongar, Essex, 1837

James Noose Newcomb Born Newport, Monmouthshire, 1861

Martha Thunder Nipp Born Hull, Yorkshire, c.1821 (Hull, 1851 census)

Alfred Nix Nix Born Faversham, Kent, 1881

Munte Cum Bernet Nixon Died Brampton, Cumberland, 1859

Harry Nobody Born np c.1901; died Mile End Old Town. London, 1905

Hi Noon (Male) Born Radford, Nottinghamshire, 1878

Zachary Noseworthy Married Alice Dudeny, Dunchideock, Devon, 19 November 1699

Y. Nott (Female) Born np 1930; died Tunbridge Wells, Kent, 2002

Rachell Nude Married Stephen Smith, Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk, 20 November 1572

Ada Nudy Married Harry Bott, Ecclesall Bierlow,Yorkshire, 1913

Priscilla Nuke Married Edward Martyn. Cathedral Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 18 April 1704

Uranus Nussey Married Dewsbury,Yorkshire, 1890

Strop Willy Nutall Born Higher Booths, Lancashire, c.1841 (Newchurch, Lancashire, 1861 census)

Nellie Hinge Nutt Born Kensington, London, 1900


F. Off (Male) Baptized Ampthill, Bedfordshire, 14 February 1875

Driphena Old Born Stepney, London, 1849

Harold Snarl Oliphant Born Salford, Lancashire, 1886

John Opium Baptized St Andrew, Holborn, London, 5 May 1764

Rick O'Shea Married Kennington, London, 1864

Ann Other Died Leyburn,Yorkshire, 1899

Ephraim Very Ott Born Plumstead, London, c.1879 (Plumstead, 1881 census)

George Special Ottaway Born West Ham, Essex, 1873

Pluto Oulton Born Manchester, Lancashire, 1871

Zechariah Outrage Baptized Ryarsh, Kent, 6 August 1780

Fanny Overland Born Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, 1876

Crispy Ann Overton Born Lincolnshire, c.1876 (Wainfleet St Thomas, Orby, Lincolnshire, 1841 census)


Knob Hill Palmer Born Uppingham, Rutland, 1905

Matilda Panter-Downes Died Bristol, Gloucestershire, 1901

Wal Paper Born Greenwich, Kent, c. 1864 (Greenwich, 1901 census)

Agape Parker (Female) Born Oxford c.1875 (Oxford, 1891 census)

Blandina Parody Born Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, 1875

Edwin Titanic Pascoe Born np 1912; died Penzance, Cornwall, 1996 He was born twelve days before the Titanic disaster, but presumably named to commemorate its launch.

Emily Odd Paste Married West Ham, Essex, 1882

George Yokel Pavett Born Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, c.1874 (on ship Pembroke, Chatham, Kent, 1901 census)

Scunt Pazney (Male) Born Kent c.1803 (Stone, Kent, 1841 census)

Faith Hope Charity Peace Born Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, 1864

Ann Shakes Peare Born Wrexham, Denbighshire, c. 1849 (Wrexham 1901 census)

Easy Pease Died Billericay, Essex, 1889

Nimby Pedder Born West Derby, Lancashire, 1875

Acts Apostles Pegden Born Dunkirk, Kent, c.1796 (Canterbury, Kent, 1851 census)

Cuthbert Penix Born Mile End, London, c.1865 (Mile End, 1891 census)

Sexaple [sic] Pennell Born Surrey c.1847 (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, 1871 census)

Barbara Penthouse Born Kirkby Malzead,Yorkshire, 5 October 1600

Talitha-Cumi People Married Andover, Hampshire, 1852

Martha Ann Nark Perfect Died Yarmouth, Norfolk, 1859

Perfect Perfect Born Chatham, Kent, c.1887 (Chatham, 1891 census)

Boileta Perks Born Birmingham, Warwickshire, 1843

Sue Perman Born Wiltshire c.1791 (Downton, Wiltshire, 1841 census)

Sue Perrior Married David Yeatman, Downton, Wiltshire, 6 October 1755

Polly Hankey Phantom Baptized St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, 31 January 1779

Sydgestermondayer Phillips Married Thomas Jones, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, 1864 She was born in Shrewsbury in 1844 and said to have been baptized Sigismunda Phillips, but when it came to her wedding no one, including the bride, knew how to spell her name, so her marriage was registered with this approximate phonetic version.

Sanspareil Audacious T. Philpott Born Faversham, Kent, 1892

Hannah Grime Pickup Born Oldham, Lancashire, 1860

Thomas Strangeways Pigg-Strangeways Married Emily Dorothy Beck, Cambridge, 1902

Zankey Pilch Married Mary Chapman, East Rudham, Norfolk, 7 January 1768

Narcissus Pinch Born Shoreditch, London, 1860

Jane Curvey Pink Born Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire, c.1 835 (Bishop's Waltham 1891 census)

Arthur Pint Born Portsmouth, Hampshire, c.1797 ('brewer', Portsea, 1851 census)

Darth Pish Born Stoke-next-Guildford, Surrey c. 1844 (Stoke-next-Guildford, 1851 census)

Frankensteine Pitt Married Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, 1885

William Plank A. Plank Born Poole, Dorset, 1886

Emma Nickers Platt (Female) Born Hurst, Lancashire, c.1869 (Levenshulme, Lancashire, 1901 census)

Snowflake George Pledger Born Hampstead, London, 1877

Howard Junie Ploof Born Nottinghamshire c.1878 (Nottingham, 1891 census)

Richard Mayhem Pogson Died Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, 1839

Lew Pole Born Pontypridd, Glamorgan, 1898

May Pole Born Leicester 1904

Caesar Policarp Nantwich, Cheshire, will, 1692

Elias Pollymounter Baptized St Stephen-in-Brannel, Cornwall, 14 March 1830 At the time of the 1851 census, there were fifteen Pollymounters, all residing in the same parish; by 1871, there were four, all in St Columb Major, Cornwall; now there are none.

Hannah Pong Baptized Upton-cum-Chalvey, Buckinghamshire, 15 February 1818

Frayton Poocock Born Laughton, Sussex, c.1825 (Chiddingly, Sussex, 1891 census)

Jean Pool Born np c.1841; died West Derby, Lancashire, 1899

Harry Sequin Portch Born Farnham, Hampshire, 1877

Wee Girlie Potter Born Risbridge, Suffolk, 1906

Josephine Valkyrie A. Powell Born Cardiff, Glamorgan, 1889 Wagner's Die Walküre had been first performed in London in 1882.

Tesco Power (Female) Born Warwickshire c.1807 (Birmingham, 1841 census)

Burpee P. H. Preensides (Male) Born Stallington, Lincolnshire, c.1864 (Middlesbrough,Yorkshire, 1871 census)

George Pregnant Born np c.1830 (East Stonehouse, Devon, 1871 census)

Final Edwin Preston (Male) Born Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, 1892 Final was, they hoped, the last-born of the six children of Lot and Amy Preston.

The Price is Wight

High Price Married Presteigne, Herefordshire, 1861

John Lower Price Born Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, 1844

Mad Price (Male) Born Bishop Auckland Durham, c. 1865 (Bishop Auckland, 1891 census)

Over Price (Male) Born np c.1812 (Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, 1841 census)

Silly Price (Female) Born Sheffield, Yorkshire, c.1855 (Sheffield, 1891 census)

Worthy Price Born Malmesbury, Wiltshire, 1857

Wright Price Born Louth, Ireland c.1868 (Watford, Hertfordshire, 1871 census)

George Bambusy Primate Baptized St Matthew, Bethnal Green, London, 17 October 1819

Jiggy Proper (Female) Born Dowlais, Glamorgan, c.1840 (Dowlais, 1851 Wales census)

Arsenal Berriball Prout Born Tavistock, Cornwall, 1845

Floppy Pryor Died Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, 1885

Joseph Ghost Puddephal Born Coventry, Warwickshire, 1861

Bolthazer Puffparker Baptized Crossthwaite, Cumberland, 29 January 1603

Fartumalus Purdger (Male) Born Kent c.1829 (Margate, Kent, 1841 census)


Edwin Mowgwong Quack Married St Pancras, London, 1861

Pythagoras Quarry Baptized St Pancras Old Church, London, 2 May 1847

B. Quick (Female) Born Ireland c.1822 (Tower Hamlets, London. 1881 census)

Maude Quick Quick Born Helston. Cornwall, 1878


Wacks Racke (Male) Born Yorkshire c.1899 (Barnsley, Yorkshire, 1901 census)

Virgin Rackstraw Died Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, 1896

Hiram Brown Rainwater Born St Merryn, Cornwall. 9 October 1881

Thomas Thing Ramplin Born Cosford, Suffolk. 1847

Nathaniel Ratcatcher Married Amye Wright, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, 23 July 1622

Love Reading Baptized Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, 20 November 1768

Eva Ready Born Halifax,Yorkshire, 1896

Violence Reason Born Buckden, Huntingdonshire, c.1893 (Buckden, 1901 census)

Ethel Red Born Kentish Town, London, c.1900 (St Pancras London, 1901 census)

Sensitive Redhead (Female) Born Bridlington,Yorkshire, 1873

Goblin Reeves Born Orsett. Essex, 1848

John Estuary Register Married Hastings, Sussex. 1874

Hughe Relief Born Stackpole Elidor, Pembrokeshire, c.1579

Charlotte Rentfree Born np c.1828; died Portsea Island, Hampshire, 1871

Francis Respect Baptized Kirk Rushen, Isle of Man, 26 May 1793

Au Revoir (Male) Born St Giles, London, 1887

August Revolt Born np c.1836; died Northwich, Cheshire, 1894

Dusty Rhodes Born np 1940; died Wigan, Lancashire, 1999

Yeah Rich Born Devon c.1821 (Kingskerswell, Devon, 1841 census)

Irene Joy Riding Born Preston, Lancashire, 1910

Isabel Ringer Born Hartismere, Suffolk, 1911

Digory Ripper Born Truro, Cornwall, 1870

Mike Robe Baptized Kilsyth, Sterling, 15 May 1743

Marie Antoinette L. Robust Married St Marylebone, London, 1905

High Rockett Married Bridport, Dorset, 1856

Roger Roger Baptized Moreton, Shropshire, 7 February 1587

Heavy Roots Born Ryarsh, Kent, c.1823 (Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, 1871 census)

John Tight Roper Born Guisborough, Yorkshire, 1898

Tommy Rot Born Shoreditch, London, 1871

Fice Rotondo Born Sunderland, Durham, c.1876 (Sunderland, 1901 census)

Susan Rottengoose Baptized Hemsby, Norfolk, 10 July 1636

Roderick Random Round Born np c. 1814; died Blackburn, Lancashire, 1889

Catherine Roundabout Married John Cook, St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire, 29 December 1735

Dick Rubber Born Bristol, Gloucestershire, 1838

Sudden Rusher Born Keighley, Yorkshire, c.1847 (Keighley, 1851 census)

Grease Ellen Rushgrove Born Gloucester 1861

Kenneth Creamy Russell Born Lewisham, London, 1909


Pete Sake Born Cheshire c. 1840 (Macclesfield, Cheshire, 1841 census)

Gusty Sandbag Born np c.1853; died Thornbury, Gloucestershire, 1902

Photo Gilbert Scales Born Hartlepool, Durham, 1866

Susannah Scandal Married James Musgove, HolyTrinity, Gosport, Hampshire, 26 December 1778

John Scared Married Chester, Cheshire, 1892

Eliza Scavenger Died Stepney, London, 1839

Hepsa Scoggins (Female) Born Suffolk c. 1830 (Badingham, Suffolk, 1841 census)

Zilpah Scotchedge Baptized Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, 20 June 1773

Timosin Scrag Married James Oliver, Leek, Staffordshire, 25 October 1748

Isobella Scream Baptized Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, 23 May 1824

Aaron Screech Married Catherine Tippett, Saltash, Cornwall, 20 October 1746

Totty Seeds Born St Olave, Southwark, London, 1885

C.Senor (Male) Born Middlesex c.1831 (Clerkenwell, London, 1841 census)

Marmaduke Sewer Married Mary Goulsbrough, St Paul, Lincoln, I I June 1629

Huge Shakeshaft Born Buerton, Cheshire, 1871 (Buerton, 1871 census)

Samuel Squelch Shakespeare Born Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, 1841

Bertha Innerarity Shallcross Born Wirral, Cheshire, 1877

Maria Shampoo Baptized St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, 7 January 1664

Rick Shaw Born Romford, Essex, c. 1857 (Tottenham, London, 1881 census)

Nehemiah Shed Born Rochford, Essex, 1852

Florry Shegog Born Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, 1877

Loveless Shepherd Died Thornbury, Gloucestershire, 1863

Methuselah Shonk Died Romford, Essex, 1902

Hannah Quick Shugg Born Penzance, Cornwall, 1852

I. Sickle (Female) Born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, c. 1857 (Washington, Durham, 1871 census)

C. Side (Female) Born St Saviour, Southwark, London, 1841

I. Sight (Female) Born Shirley, Hampshire, c.1895 (Shirley, 1901 census)

George Slaberdash Born Bath, Somerset, c.1791 ('worm destroyer', Hereford, 1871 census)

Nutty Slack Born Italy c.1864 (Islington, London, 1881 census)

James Scanty Slingsby Born Hull, Yorkshire, 1840

Budgel Slop Married John Mitchell, Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire, 18 June 1608

Tiny Slurd (Male) Born Plymouth, Devon (Everton, Lancashire, 1881 census)

Sinderella [sic] Small (Female) Born Cornwall c. 1853 (Newton Abbot, Devon, 1881 census)

Didimus Smalley Born Lincoln 1886

C. Letterquist Smither (Male) Born Newington, Surrey, c.1839 (Greenwich, Kent, 1851 census)

George Zellweger Sneezum Born Edinburgh, Midlothian, 4 July 1866

Selina Snip Born West Ashford, Kent, 1846

Mary Snogglegrass Born Fife c.1862 (St Giles-in-the-Fields, London, 1881 census)

Hargood Snooke Married Ann Foote, Stoke Damerel, Devon, I I April 1780

Arabella Snoot Married Shaftesbury, Dorset, 1838

Eli Messiah Snutch Born Birmingham, Warwickshire, 1878

Yetta Sofa Born St George in the East, London, 1886

Sing Song Died Liverpool, Lancashire, 1847

Mud Sowersby Born Driffeld, Yorkshire, 1879

Zenas Spaceman Born Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, 1861

Shaga Spagatner Died Holborn, London 1907

Sarah Mary Tumble Spargo Born Newton Abbott, Devon, 1853

Ann Billion Sparkes Married Shrewsbury, Shropshire, 1841

Ellinor Oil Spartalis Born Tenby, Pembrokeshire, c. 1870 (Tenby, 1871 Wales census)

Agabus Spendlove Born Belper, Derbyshire, 1885

Spark Spinks Born Thetford, Norfolk, 1840

Wilhelmina Tiffin Spirit Born Hexham, Northumberland, 1901

Sidwella Splat Married William Small, Chagford, Devon, 21 June 1613

John Spong Spong Born Maidstone, Kent, 1842

Samuel Spoon Married Anna Maria Aldred, St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, 28 August 1858

Icy Constance Spragg Born Fulham, London, 1904

Lettice Spray Baptized Greasley, Nottinghamshire, 23 April 1633

Martin Spreadeagle Married Elizabeth Pitcher, St Mary in the Marsh, Norwich, Norfolk, 22 July 1672

Lezetta Stacker BornTynemouth, Northumberland, 1861

Focks Stain (Male) Born Histon, Cambridgeshire, c.1807 (Great Gransden, Huntingdonshire, 1851 census)

Matilda Sperman Staines Born Kensington, London, 1860

Silence Starbuck Married Bingham, Nottinghamshire, 1841 The surname'Starbuck'is more commonly found in Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

Even Stephens Born Llanwrthwl, Breconshire, c.1856 (Aberdare, Glamorgan, 1891 Wales census)

Grissell Stick Married HendrieThomsoun [sic], South Leith, Midlothian, 8 July 1615

Joss Stick Born Ulverston, Lancashire, 1887

Cornelius Sticky Born Ireland c.1828 (Stepney, London, 1851 census)

Pharoah Stingemore Born Axbridge, Somerset, 1875

Flint Stone (Male) Baptized Marsham, Norfolk, 12 September 1790

Rosetta Stone Baptized St Giles without Cripplegate, London, 3 August 1828 The Rosetta Stone was acquired by the British Museum in 1802.

Meleor Strangewidge Buried Breage, Cornwall, 16 July 1620

Nicholas Streaker Baptized St Oswald, Durham, 27 October 1747

Acheron Strench Born Ireland c.1801 (Liverpool, Lancashire, 1841 census) In Greek mythology, Acheron is one of five rivers of Hades.

Peculiar Stringer Born np c.1803; died Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, 1882

Hercules Stuffing Baptized Pleasley, Derbyshire, 1 December 1564

Dude Sugarberg Born Mile End, London, c.1895 (Mile End, 1901 census)

Pubice Sula (Female) Born Smethwick, Staffordshire, c.1816 (Harborne, Staffordshire, 1861 census)

Low Sum Died Cardiff, Glamorgan, 1909

Martha Kitchen Sunshine Born West Ham, Essex, 1868

Christian Sustenance Baptized Attleborough, Norfolk, 10 January 1742

Er Sutcliffe Born Lancashire c.1834 (Whalley, Lancashire, 1841 census)

Nanki Poo Sutton (Male) Born Bristol, Gloucestershire, c.1887 (Bristol, 1891 census)

Mary Quato Swindle Born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, 1902

Alphabeta Swithinbank Died Hunslet, Yorkshire, 1849

Bamlet Neptune Switzer Married Ada Charlotte Prince, Uckfield, East Sussex, 1890 Bamlet Neptune Switzer, later curate of Crowborough, Sussex, was born at sea, hence his apt middle name.

Blender Swock (Female) Born Dickleburgh, Norfolk, c.1832 (Diss, Norfolk, 1871 census)

Fare-well Sykes Born Honley, Yorkshire, 1842 One of the four sons of Sydney and Betty Sykes, Fare-well-who drowned in 1865-was the brother of Live-well, Do-well and Die-well Sykes.

Fortune Symons (Female) Buried Hammersmith, London, 8 April 1723 She was claimed to be 111 years old.


Noah Tall Baptized Antony, Cornwall, 21 April 1783

Mary Ann Lickerish Tandy Born Warwick 1847

Ada Tantrum Born Ludlow, Shropshire, 1875

Confucius Tarry Born Leicester 1872

Dick Tater Married Elizabeth Wayman, Elmore, Gloucester, 23 April 1621

Ann Teak Ann, nee Morley, married William Teak, Rothwell, Yorkshire, 22 May 1722

Thomas Teehee Born Bilston, Staffordshire, c. 1830 (Darlaston, Staffordshire, 1871 census)

Fannasibilla Temple Baptized Sibbeston, Leicestershire, 24 May 1602

Tamper Tharth Born Durham c. 1838 (Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, 1841 census)

Hate Thatcher Born Hungerford, Berkshire, 1848

Dick Thickbroom Baptized Church Gresley. Derbyshire, 27 July 1718

A Few of My Favourite Things

Annie Thing Born Broughton, Buckinghamshire, c. 1870 (Broughton, 1891 census) 'Thing' is predominantly a Norfolk and Suffolk surname

John Thomas Thing Died Stow, Suffolk, 1872

Minnie Thing Born Steeple Langford. Wiltshire, c. 1888 (Steeple Langford, 1891 census)

Pleasance Thing Born np c.1792; died Stow, Suffolk, 1869

Violet Thing Born Ipswich, Suffolk, 1896

Silly Things Born Stowmarket, Suffolk, c. 1892 (St Peter Suffolk, 1901 census)

William Thingy Born Matlock. Derbyshire, c 1784 (Matlock, 1851 census)

James Bomb Third Born Dundee, Forfarshire, c, 1844 (Dundee, 1861 census)

Creamaleanouss Thompson Married Liverpool, Lancashire, 1874

Old BookThomspilie Born Congleton, Cheshire, c.1863 (Hulme, Lancashire, 1871 census)

Nut Cell Nude Thorne (Female) Born Ilminster, Somerset, c. 1863 (Ilminster, 1901 census)

Albert Throbby Born Leicester 1866

Hubert Revelation Thrower Born Worksop, Nottinghamshire, 1905

Abraham Thunderwolff Married Abigail Thomas, St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall, 1813

Polly Tickle Born Clifton, Lancashire, c. 1876 (Swinton, Lancashire, 1901 census)

Sarah Tight Tight Born Blofeld, Norfolk, 1850

Frou-Frou Tilley Born Bristol, Gloucestershire, c.1874 (Clifton, Gloucestershire, 1881 census)

Will Ting Born Aldgate, London, c. 1838 (City of London, 1891 census)

Experience Tingle Married Thomas Meek, Walford, Herefordshire, 4 June 1689

Veginia [sic] Tiplady Born Salford, Lancashire, c. 1828 (Hulme, Lancashire, 1881 census)

Joseph Stalin Tipple Born np 1942; died Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 1999

Ella L. Toadvine Born Ryde, Isle of Wight, c. 1882 (Surbiton, Surrey, 1901 census)

Thomas Toaster Died Birmingham, Warwickshire, 1905

Vitruvius Palladio Toft Married Alice Tatham, Barton-upon-Irwell, Lancashire, 1874

Extravaganza Muriel M. Tomkyns-Grafton Born Ulverston, Lancashire, 1871

Beatrice Jester Toon Born Chorltor, Lancashire, 1909

Onysephoris Toop Married Christian Whisker, Seaton and Beer, Devon, I June 1708

Robert Ludolphus Davis Tosswill Tosswill Born Newton Abbot, Devon, 1840

Clammy Townend Born Pontefract, Yorkshire, c.1877 (Golcar, Yorkshire, 1891 census)

Martha Snowflake Tozer Born Holywell, Flintshire, 21 January 1892

Benoni Trampleasure Born Kingsbridge, Devon, 14 February 1815

Kate Trembler Married Chorlton, Lancashire, 1892

Lucy Mysterious Trigg Born Kensington, London, 1852

Halloween Lucy Troddan Born Lanchester, Durham 1899

Vera Horsey Trott Born Weymouth, Dorset, 1901

Misty Tuffin Born Dorset c.1791 (Fontmell Magna, Dorset, 1841 census)

Ada Tugnutt Born Steyning, Sussex, 1879

Merab Emily K. Jane Austen Tumber Born Sheppey, Kent, 1860

Fridget Tumilty Born Durham 1909

Page Turner Born Axminster, Devon, 1865

Thomas Tweet Died Tiverton, Devon, 1852

Mary Ann Twinkle Baptized All Saints, Worcester, 26 December 1807


Fred Umbrella Born Essex c. 1875 (Danbury, Essex, 1881 census)

Elizabeth Underlay Married Robert Baston, EastTeignmouth, Devon, 10 February 1669

Volantine Unthank Baptized Gateshead, Durham, 10 March 1717

Sapiens Upright Married John Shergall, St Dunstan, Stepney, London, 9 April 1667

Alice Desideratum D. Upstill Born Taunton, Devon, 1869

Rose Upward Born Iwerne, Dorset, c. 1847 (Motcombe, Dorset, 1871 census)


Rosetta Vaculine Born Hornchurch, Essex, c. 1840 (Hornchurch, 1861 census)

Crucifix Valente Died Sunderland, Durham, 1900

Nicholas Virgin Born Guisborough, Yorkshire, 1875

Love Rake Vizard Born Thornbury, Gloucestershire, 1892

German Voice (Male) Married Elizabeth Watkins, Abbey Dore, Herefordshire, 27 December 1731

Robert Blackadder Vuncombe Born Chirnside, Berwickshire, c.1821 (Plumstead, London, 1881 census)


Gwendolen De Blois Wack Born St Pancras, London, 1900

Xpofer Wad Married Grace Murgatruid, Halifax, Yorkshire, 13 February 1552

Agrippa Wadge Baptized Callington, Cornwall, 5 October 1750

Never Wait Born Manchester, Lancashire, c. 1834 (Warrington, Lancashire, 1891 census)

Isa Wake (Female) Born North Shields, Durham, c.1863 (Gateshead, Durham, 1891 census)

Baby Walkers

Comfort Walker (Female) Baptized Holbeck, Yorkshire, 29 June 1735

Jay Walker (Female) Born Battersea, London, c. 1889 (Hackney, London, 1901 census)

Pubus Walker Born Bedale, Yorkshire, 1847

Risky Walker Born Harrington, Cumberland c.1880 (Parton, Cumberland, 880 census)

Slack Walker Born Wigton, Cumberland, 1840

Baxter Wall Born West Ham, Essex, 1906

Bendy Wall Born Yarmouth, Norfolk, c.1851 (GreatYarmouth, 1861 census)

Violent [sic] Irene Wallis Born Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, 1883

Mary Bath Walters Born Kingsbridge, Devon, 1854

Batman Wanless Married Tynemouth, Northumberland, 1871

B. Ware (Male) Born Pontypool, Monmouthshire, 1911

Luke Warm (Female) Born Ely, Cambridgeshire, c.1891 (Ely, 1901 census)

Regula Warning (Female) Born Middlesex c.1781 (St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London, 1841 census)

Libra Waterfall (Female) Born Foleshill, Warwickshire, c.1803 (Foleshill, 1861 census)

Mary Blessed Waterfall Born Holbeach, Lincolnshire, 1882

U. Watt (Male) Married Castle Ward, Northumberland, 1900

Milky Wax Born Yorkshire c. 1806 (Wilberfoss, Yorkshire, 1841 census)

Harriet Moist Way Born Newton Abbot, Devon, 1873

Mary Mallarkey Wealleans Born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, 1904

Windebank Webb Married Lambert Coot, St Margaret, Westminster, London, 30 July 1668

Marvellous Webster Married Todmorden,Yorkshire, 1861

George String West Born Stepney, London, 1856

Adeline Wetnight Born np c. 1821 (St George Hanover Square, London, 1841 census)

Theseus Adonis Wexham Born St George Hanover Square, London, 1883

Ferris Wheeler (Male) Born Melksham, Wiltshire, 1860 He predates the invention of the Ferris wheel (named after its inventor George Washington Gale Ferris) by thirty-three years.

Harriet Trickle Wheway Married Nuneaton, Warwickshire, 1875

Christian Whinge Baptized Great Barrington, Gloucestershire, 19 April 1590

Noah Whirligig Buried Abdon, Herefordshire, 18 November 1813

Whither than White

Albino White Married Hackney, London, 1907

George Seamen White Born Clifton, Gloucestershire, 1853

Nothing Henry White Born Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, 1852

Pearl E. White Born Gravesend, Kent, 1908

Thomas Snow White Born Frome, Somerset, 1882

Shirtliff Whitehead Born Thorne, Yorkshire, 1904

Skyrack Whitham Born Burnley, Lancashire, 1847

Rev Cornelius Whur Born Pulham Market, Norfolk, 1782; died Loddon, Norfolk 1853 In addition to his unusual name, Whur was regarded as one of the worst poets of all time, penning verses with titles that included 'The Cheerful Invalid', 'The Diseased Legs' and 'The Armless Artist', containing such immortal phrases as 'throbbing bosom'and 'whizzing balls'.

Benjamin Loose Wick Born Walsingham, Norfolk, 1846

Ralph Heavysides Wigham Born np c.1844; died Teesdale, Durham, 1895

Lapidoth Stratton Wigley (Female) Born Wallingford, Berkshire, 1846 Lapidoth was the sister of Keturah, Philetus, Philiplus, Theophilius, Tryphena and Tryphosa Wigley.

George Sudden Willderspin Born St Ives, Huntingdonshire, 1838

Something Willis (Male) Born Ireland c.1801 (Glamorgan, Wales 1851 census)

Richard Edwards Windup Born Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, 1882

Ebenezer Hanshaw Winkie Winter Born Norwich, Norfolk, 1841

G. Wiss (Male) Born Whitechapel, London, 1865

Betsy Witch Witch Baptized Ringwood, Hampshire, 1 September 1772

Lovelace Bigg Wither (Male) Born Wymering, Hampshire, c.1806 (Wooton St Lawrence, Hampshire, 1841 census)

Careless Withers Born Dudley, Staffordshire, 1859

Minnie Woman Born Caistor, Lincolnshire, 1891

Ernest Womble Womble Born Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 1908

Chip Wood Born Huddersfield, Yorkshire, 1867

Juggler Woodhouse Married Runcorn, Cheshire, 1884

Frederick Slick Woof Born Kendal, Westmorland, 1885

Elkanah Wookey Born Burrington, Somerset, c.1854 (Burrington, 1861 census)

Henry Clotworthy Woolcook Born Penzance, Cornwall, 1859

Hot Mary Worth Born Tavistock, Devon, 1867

Elizabeth Wrench Wrench Born Ampthill, Bedfordshire, 1842

Olive Quatorzieme Wright Born Stoke Damerel, Devon, 1897

Zownds Wright Born Bedfordshire c.1781 (Harold, Bedfordshire, 1841 census)

Henry Wuss Married St Pancras, London, 1902

Win Wynn Born Prescot, Lancashire, 1889


Humphredo Yallop Baptized Hargham, Norfolk, 26 August 1672

Matthew Yellow Yellow Born Thirsk, Yorkshire, 1862

Winifred Kate Yob Baptized St Mary, Bristol, Gloucestershire, 26 May 1891

B. Yond (Male) Born Prescot, Lancashire, 1905

Arden Thicknesse V. Yonge Born Nantwich, Cheshire, 1868

Sue You Born Saint Helena c. 1862 (British subject aboard Royal Navy ship Flora, Ascension, 1881 census)


Canute Zane Born St Thomas, Devon, 1870

Charles Zebedee Zebedee Born Alderbury, Wiltshire, 1877

Thomas Zillion Born Kippax, Yorkshire, c.1822 (Allerton Bywater, Yorkshire, 1851 census)

Maggie Zine Born Kensington, London, c.1871 (Willesden, Middlesex, 1891 census)

MORECOCK, FARTWELL, & HOARE Copyright © 2007 by Russell Ash. All rights reserved. For information, address St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, NewYork, N.Y. 10010.

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RUSSELL ASH is best known for his annual Top 10 of Everything and other reference books. He is the author of numerous humor titles, and his extensive research work encompasses biographical studies and genealogy. His ancestors include Claudius Ash (the inventor of false teeth) and Serjeant (his name, not his rank) Ash, and he married into a family that celebrates its ancestors, the Cobbledicks.

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