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Morgan's Chase #4

Morgan's Chase #4

by Lucy St. John
Don’t miss the unbelievable Fourth Chapter in Lucy St. John’s exhilarating, sexy, fast-paced and action-packed “Morgan’s Chase” series.

Everything has changed -- except the chase.
After striving to climb the ladder all her adult life, Morgan finds herself at the helm of a


Don’t miss the unbelievable Fourth Chapter in Lucy St. John’s exhilarating, sexy, fast-paced and action-packed “Morgan’s Chase” series.

Everything has changed -- except the chase.
After striving to climb the ladder all her adult life, Morgan finds herself at the helm of a vast corporate empire. But to keep the seat of power and preserve a multi-billion-dollar inheritance for her two children, Morgan must prove she’s shrewd and savvy enough to keep this corporate kingdom growing fast enough to satisfy nervous outside investors. Otherwise, her family’s empire of wealth could come crashing down. An inner circle of global finance geniuses now answer to Morgan. But each harbors his own agenda and would like nothing more than to see Morgan fail. If it takes high-stakes corporate treason and ruthless boardroom backstabbing to make this happen, so be it.
Only ex-Navy SEAL Travis Walker has Morgan’s back. He remains by her side as the company’s new director of global security -- and Morgan’s own personal protector. His many top-secret military missions have ably prepared Travis for this complicated and dangerous assignment. Yet the unassuming SEAL longs to be much more than Morgan’s bodyguard. Can their interrupted relationship ever be restarted again following Morgan’s stunning reversal of fortune?
The furious pace at which Morgan must now operate on the global business stage is taking its toll. Her family, particularly her two troubled children, is suffering for it. On one hand, Morgan Chase and her family now have more than they could have possibly dreamed. On the other, they’re being deprived of those precious, irreplaceable moments that can cement unbreakable bonds among loved ones. In other words, all those things money can’t buy.
Once again, well-meaning Morgan Chase is caught in the middle -- between love, money, family, work -- and danger. Morgan believes her own choices are her worst enemies. But the true threat to Morgan and her family has yet to reveal itself.
By the time these forces set their chain of terrible events into motion, tragedy might be inevitable. And the costs will extend far beyond money. The ultimate price might be far higher than Morgan Chase can bear.

Because to whom much is given, much can be taken away. And the takers are coming for Morgan Chase... Morgan’s Chase #4 – Executrix
***This e-book contains 36,000 words.

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From the Author:

Dear Reader,
What if you woke up and suddenly possessed everything you ever dreamed of? Would it cease all your personal pursuits? Would it place a period at the end of all your problems? Or would it open a whole new set of personal and professional burdens, bargains, even dangers?

These are the questions that concern the next trilogy of books in the Morgan Chase series, beginning with a bang in Book Four.

I am so pleased to bring you the next installment in the series. This character is so special to me because I invest so much of myself and my own experiences in cut-throat corporate America in creating Morgan and her many adventures.

The theme of Books 4-6 explores the dark side of the Cinderella Story, namely that getting everything can cost you everything. Here, we see Morgan sitting atop a global empire, a position she didn't dare imagine for herself in her wildest dreams.

But the constant pressure of such a high perch and the crushing demands on her time required to keep it quickly take their toll on Morgan's family. Trouble is brewing among her two children, the true heirs to the family fortune. And Morgan's one chance at true love and sustained happiness with ex-Navy SEAL Travis Walker hangs in the balance.

The obstacles thwarting Morgan's chase to strike that elusive personal and professional balance in her life are higher than ever. So is the danger from those forces that would stop at nothing to take away everything from Morgan and her family.

This is my most action-packed, suspense-filled and heart-rending trilogy in the series to date. I hope you enjoy the wild ride and will invite other readers to join "The Chase."

Thank you all for being readers and for following along on Morgan's journey.


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Meet the Author

Lucy St. John is the super-secret Nom de Plume of a major league, highly successful female executive. She sticks to what she knows in creating her brand new, breakthrough romantic series, “Morgan’s Chase.” All the juicy details are ripped right from Lucy’s own fast-climbing corporate life.

St. John’s superheated, highly evocative – and, yes, controversial -- narrative chronicles both the corporate boardroom battles and the behind-the-scenes bedroom tumbles of a fast-charging female executive out to shatter the glass ceiling. In doing so, St. John’s passionate prose is as authentic as it is addictive. Once you begin following Morgan’s Chase, you won’t be able to stop.

Dear Reader,

All of my fiction springs from the realities we women face every day in the push-and-pull of our professional and personal lives. So you know as well I that as hard as we work, as much as we try, life shows us that the forces of fate are for more powerful than all of our personal and professional struggles, combined.

All along the way, shocking events put Morgan's chase in perspective, even as they change the playing field where she will compete. At times, we find Morgan as an unlikely loser on both sides of her ongoing chase for balance in her personal and professional life. Her family has been thrown for a loss, and so too has her love-life.

Other times, Morgan Chase makes all the right moves in both her professional and personal lives. Indeed, it appears Morgan is achieving everything she ever dreamed - and more. And at long last, after many false starts, she's on the cusp of reaching a new level of intimacy in her romantic relationship with ex-Navy SEAL Travis Walker

I welcome you to enjoy the deepest, richest, most exciting and satisfying Morgan's Chase installment yet. Indeed, it has all been leading up to this. And every character, every situation comes alive and plays a part in the unexpected outcome.


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