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Morgan's Chase #5

Morgan's Chase #5

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by Lucy St. John

Don’t miss the heart-stopping Fifth Chapter in Lucy St. John’s exhilarating, sexy, fast-paced and action-packed “Morgan’s Chase” series.

Nothing matters now – not even the chase.

After suffering a shocking personal tragedy, Morgan Chase is



Don’t miss the heart-stopping Fifth Chapter in Lucy St. John’s exhilarating, sexy, fast-paced and action-packed “Morgan’s Chase” series.

Nothing matters now – not even the chase.

After suffering a shocking personal tragedy, Morgan Chase is changed forever. Despite striving to climb the corporate ladder all her adult life and finally reaching the absolute pinnacle, Morgan finds that none of it matters.

Not when someone very dear is floating over the thin line between life and death. Worse still, Morgan’s non-stop attention to running the global corporate empire bequeathed to her two children is partly to blame. Morgan the mother simply delegated too much, to the extreme detriment of the family she dearly loves. Somewhere along the way, Morgan ceded her parental responsibilities in the name of good corporate governance. And an innocent -- someone very near and dear to Morgan Chase -- has paid the ultimate price for her inattention.

More ominously, Morgan’s children’s stake in their fallen father’s multi-billion-dollar company has made them unsuspecting targets. That’s because the easiest way to change an inheritance is to eliminate those who have been rightfully named as heirs.

Morgan Chase has played plenty of corporate game before. But never like this. This time, it’s winner take all. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. The costs will extend far beyond money. And the ultimate price might be far higher than Morgan Chase can bear.

Because to whom much is given, much can be taken away.

And the takers have come for Morgan Chase and her family. Now, nothing else matters. Not love. Not money. Just life itself...

Morgan’s Chase #5 – Inheritance
***This e-book contains 40,000 words.

From the Author:

Dear Reader,

All of my fiction springs from the realities we women face every day in the push-and-pull of our professional and personal lives. So you know as well I that as hard as we work, as much as we try, life shows us that the forces of fate are for more powerful than all of our personal and professional struggles, combined.

All along the way, shocking events put Morgan's chase in perspective, even as they change the playing field where she will compete. At times, we find Morgan as an unlikely loser on both sides of her ongoing chase for balance in her personal and professional life. Her family has been thrown for a loss, and so too has her love-life.

Other times, Morgan Chase makes all the right moves in both her professional and personal lives. Indeed, it appears Morgan is achieving everything she ever dreamed - and more. And at long last, after many false starts, she's on the cusp of reaching a new level of intimacy in her romantic relationship with ex-Navy SEAL Travis Walker

I welcome you to enjoy the deepest, richest, most exciting and satisfying Morgan's Chase installment yet. Indeed, it has all been leading up to this. And every character, every situation comes alive and plays a part in the unexpected outcome.


Lucy St. John is the super-secret Nom de Plume of a major league, highly successful female executive. She sticks to what she knows in creating her brand new, breakthrough romantic series, “Morgan’s Chase.” All the juicy details are ripped right from Lucy’s own fast-climbing corporate life.

St. John’s superheated, highly evocative – and, yes, controversial -- narrative chronicles both the corporate boardroom battles and the behind-the-scenes bedroom tumbles of a fast-charging female executive out to shatter the glass ceiling. In doing so, St. John’s passionate prose is as authentic as it is addictive. Once you begin following Morgan’s Chase, you won’t be able to stop.

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Meet the Author

Dear Reader,

All I can say is, brace yourself.

My hands literally shook as I finished writing this book. And if you are as wrapped up in the story as I am, you will be shaking too as you follow Morgan Chase through one of the most harrowing, yet heart-rendering periods in her life.

We find Morgan at the lowest of low points. One of her own has been hurt in an unimaginably cruel way. But this is far more than a tragedy. It’s much deeper than that.

We learn the lengths some people will go for money, vast sums of money. And we begin to unravel the twisted vendetta that is forming against Morgan and her family. All to claim the multi-billion-dollar inheritance that her two children hold.

So what if innocent lives hang in the balance? The takers have come for Morgan, and they will stop at nothing until they claim everything.

Yes, Travis Walker remains by Morgan’s side. He has been her protector in the past, and he rises to the occasion once again. But something is different. As head of corporate security for Morgan’s global company, Travis is playing by a new set of rules. They involve stock prices and public relations, as much as they do protecting people’s lives. Travis’s old military mantra of “by any means necessary” is put to the test in this new bloodless corporate world.

Only Morgan’s father, the blunt, bare-knuckles firefighter Big Al Chase, sees things for how they really are. Big Al is one man who will not stand idly by when his family is hurt or put in peril. He has no use for the niceties of corporate relations. And he could care less about the company, its value, even the vast fortune his grandchildren have inherited.

Big Al is out to settle the score the only way he knows how: An eye for an eye, taken under a black flag.

There is more action, thrills, twists and suspense in this single book than all the others combined. But there’s far more to come. By the end of Book Five, all players are set in motion toward a climax that will change everything. I begin that next book now, Morgan’s Chase #6 – Legacy. I promise to write as quickly as I can. And I am sure that by its conclusion, I will not only be shaken again -- but surprised, satisfied and utterly exhausted.

That’s as it should be when it comes to the thrilling saga of Morgan Chase.

All Best,
June, 2012

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