The Mormon History Association's Tanner Lectures

The Mormon History Association's Tanner Lectures

by Dean L. May, Reid L. Neilson

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University of Illinois Press
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Table of Contents

Pt. 1Beginnings
1Evangelical America and early Mormonism9
2Two restoration traditions : Mormons and churches of Christ in the nineteenth century29
3The book of Mormon in a biblical culture45
4Mormon and Methodist : popular religion in the crucible of the free market65
5Some comparative perspectives on the early Mormon movement and the church-state question, 1830-4581
6Learning to play : the Mormon way and the way of other Americans97
Pt. 2Establishing Zion
7The Mormon nation and the American empire125
8The popular history of early Victorian Britain : a Mormon contribution138
9Sesquicentennial reflections : a comparative view of Mormon and gentile women on the westward trail153
10Mormon "deliverance" and the closing of the frontier172
11Peace initiative : using the Mormons to rethink culture and ethnicity in American history185
12Mormon women, other women : paradoxes and challenges207
13The Mormon message in the context of Maori culture224
14National perceptions of Utah's statehood250
Pt. 3Mormonism considered from different perspectives
15Early Mormonism and early Christianity : some parallels and their consequences for the study of new religions277
16Extracting social scientific models from Mormon history286
17Religion and culture : a persistent problem304
18Looking west : Mormonism and the Pacific world319
19From the age of science to an age of uncertainty : history and Mormon studies in the twentieth century337
20Two integrities : an address to the crisis in Mormon historiography354
21Historical theology and theological history : Mormon possibilities373

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