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by Gayle Lynds

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Gayle Lynds' national bestseller Masquerade was the most celebrated international suspense debut in years. People magazine named it "Page Turner of the Week," and the Los Angeles Times hailed it as a "gloriously paranoid, immensely satisfying international thriller." Now Lynds spins another bullet-fast tale in a sensational new novel packed with


Gayle Lynds' national bestseller Masquerade was the most celebrated international suspense debut in years. People magazine named it "Page Turner of the Week," and the Los Angeles Times hailed it as a "gloriously paranoid, immensely satisfying international thriller." Now Lynds spins another bullet-fast tale in a sensational new novel packed with unforgettable characters, crackling dialog, and daring surprises. While giving a gala performance at London's Royal Albert Hall, blind concert pianist Julia Austrian's sight returns as mysteriously as it disappeared ten years earlier when she was struck by a little-known psychological disorder. But her euphoria shatters after she witnesses her mother's murder -- a trauma that hurls her back into her dark and lonely world.

Blind, yet the only person who can identify her mother's attacker, Julia vows to find the killer. She abandons her celebrated, wealthy life, and unwittingly plunges into a violent whirlwind of deceit, lust, and greed, a conspiracy of hidden forces with the power to manipulate the law, the banks, the media -- and Julia herself. Meanwhile, in a dark alley in Prague, a sex king's opportunistic employee sells incriminating documents. In glitzy Monaco, a beautiful blonde seduces a police inspector into altering official records. In an affluent New York City suburb, a charming old man riddled with guilt prepares to bring down one of the most influential families in America -- his own. On the campaign trail, a coolly determined presidential candidate prepares to beat the pundits and the polls with a devious plan guaranteed to win him the election. In Langley, Virginia, maverick CIA analyst Sam Keeline embarks on a forbidden journey to recover the fabled Amber Room -- a dazzling masterpiece that mysteriously vanished at the end of World War II. But his simple quest provokes horrific consequences, and suddenly he finds himself in the path of the relentless forces bent on destroying Julia.

Desperate but determined, Julia turns to hypnosis and regains her sight. Knowing that she can go blind in an instant, she joins with Sam Keeline to track down the sinister powers threatening the very foundation of America's political system. On the run, hunted and hated, the young couple races against time to piece together the seemingly random acts that form a vast and terrifying puzzle. An electrifying, intricately plotted story that bristles with action and intrigue, Mosaic never stops accelerating from its first page to its last -- earning Lynds a place alongside the top thriller writers of our time.

Editorial Reviews

Denver Post
[Lynds'] twisting complexity rivals Le Carre's. . .but it's fresher, more puzzling and entertaining.
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A punchy prologue to this disappointing romantic thriller pits ex-spy Sam Keeline, psychosomatically blind concert pianist Julia Redmond Austrian, and her peppery grandfather, Lyle Redmond, against her wealthy, wicked Redmond uncles. The plot coils around the final four days of Uncle Creighton's race for the U.S. presidency, during which Julia suddenly regains her sight but loses it again after witnessing a horrendous crime. Two mysteries are buried in the heart of this overcomplicated story: What originally caused Julia's blindness? And what happened to Russia's famed Amber Room, a treasure from the Winter Palace that disappeared from a Nazi train at the end of WWII and for which Sam, Julia's love interest, has long searched? Lynds (Masquerade) writes splendid action scenes, but though she expertly rides the roller coaster of Julia's alternately blind and seeing states, the off-again on-again affliction is hard to believe. Clever twists keep the fast-paced plot going for a while, but eventually it's weighed down with too many characters and too much repetition. (Dec.)
Library Journal
Concert pianist Julia Austrian's blindness, which tends to come and go in times of stress, is only one of the mysteries woven through this second thriller from Lynds (Masquerade, LJ 12/95). Like Elizabeth Lowell's Amber Beach (Avon, 1997), the focus of the excitement is the Nazi theft of artifacts from the fabled Amber Room in one of Russia's imperial palaces at the end of World War II. With the help of Sam Keeline, a disillusioned CIA agent, Julia discovers the connection between her grandfather and the murky origins of her family's wealth. But an assassin pursues her from London to Washington, and the scandalous implications of her discoveries lead to the highest levels of government and law enforcement on both sides of the Atlantic. Though the timing of Julia's recurring blindness sometimes seems contrived, the excitement of the chase and the deviousness of both sides are satisfying. Fans of Robert Ludlum, Linda Howard, and Tami Hoag will find this an exciting read.--Kim Uden Rutter, Lake Villa Dist. Lib., IL
Michael Connelly
Mosaic moves with the speed of an assassin's bullet. It has all the ingredients: international intrigue, politics, and escalating danger for two lovers on the run toward a hidden truth. But at its heart this book is an eloquent parable on the corruption of greed and the lust for power. Gayle Lynds really knows how to write a page turner! --- Book Work
The Denver Post
[Lynds'] twisting complexity rivals Le Carre's. . .but it's fresher, more puzzling and entertaining.
Kirkus Reviews
Schmaltzy potboiler, as grievously flawed as Lynds' first (Masquerade). This time, a rogue CIA agent and a blind but beautiful concert pianist are pitted against murderous relatives, one of whom is days away from being elected U.S. President. It must have been the Liszt—-as soon as internationally famous pianist Julia Austrian plays the mad Hungarian's "Transcendental Etudes" in London, she discovers she can see again. Born with normal vision into a phenomenally wealthy family, Julia lost her sight as a teenager after suffering a bad case of stage fright. A decade later, she barely has time to tell her mother, Marguerite Redmond Austrian, that she can see again when Marguerite, and her unfortunate cab driver, are blown away in what appears to be a drive-by robbery by a masked gunwoman who, assuming Julia is blind, lets her live. The trauma causes Julia's blindness to return, but she's determined to avenge her mother's death. What Julia doesn't know is that the gunwoman was really after a highly confessional cache of memoirs by her father, Lyle Redmond. The worst of Lyle's sins: the wealthy dynasty he founded with banker Dan Austrian (who became Julia's grandfather) was built with stolen Nazi loot and, later, a murder kept the theft a secret. With conniving former Supreme Court Judge Creighton Redmond, Julia's uncle, now running for President, the Redmond clan can't afford to let the family secret leak out. And so, numerous blackmails, payoffs, and murders take place. Straining probability, Julia pairs off with Sam Keeline, a CIA agent of peerless integrity who has trouble getting his own guilt for the death of his girlfriend. They fall for each other as Julia strugglesto regain her sight and Keeline defies his corrupt superiors to hunt down the stolen loot.

From the Publisher

— Michael Connelly


— Allan Folsom

"Nonstop action, roller-coaster thrills..."

The Los Angeles Times

"A cyclone of a thriller."

— Elizabeth Lowell

"Readers won't be able to put this one down."

— Tess Gerritsen

"A breathless, pulse-pounding ride....From London to New York, Mosaic takes us on an adventure of a lifetime."

The Literary Times

The Literary Times A breathless, pulse-pounding ride...From London to New York, Mosaic takes us on an adventure of a lifetime with enough twists and turns to keep the plot going full steam ahead until the very last page.

Writers Write Mosaic is a fast-paced, suspenseful thriller with enough plot twists and turns to satisfy even the most jaded reader. The subplot about the stolen Nazi treasure is intriguing and the action never stops. Another complex, exciting and very readable tale from the author of Masquerade.

Library Journal The excitement of the chase and the deviousness of both sides are satisfying. Fans of Robert Ludlum, Linda Howard, and Tami Hoag will find this an exciting read.

Murder Ink [A] winner...Part Gothic, part political thriller, and all action, this novel is every bit as exciting as its predecessor (Masquerade). I can't wait for Lynds' next one.

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Gayle Lynds's debut novel, Masquerade, was hailed by People magazine as a "Page-Turner of the Week," and the Los Angeles Times called it an "immensely satisfying international thriller." Now Lynds returns with Mosaic, a deftly crafted and diabolical time bomb that sparks with action, intrigue, and ingenuity. What begins as a simple story of lust and revenge quickly turns into an intense and seductive bullet train of suspense, murder, and political machination. Mosaic, is a pulse-pounding thriller that is sure to solidify Gayle Lynds as one of the genre's great new contributors.

Young, wealthy, beautiful, and talented: These words describe Julia Austrian to a tee. But Julia is also one more thing -- she's blind. Born into exuberant wealth, Julia has become one of the most renowned pianists in the world. When she was young and just beginning to display her skills publicly, Julia was struck with a rare psychological disorder that caused her blindness. Many find Julia's skill remarkable, especially considering her disability, but Julia claims that her lack of sight is not disabling in the least; in fact, she finds it beneficial.

When Julia is set to perform before a live televised audience in London, her sight miraculously returns. Overcome with joy, Julia plays the concert of her life. But her glee is short-lived when, following the concert, an unknown attacker guns down Julia's mother in cold blood. Julia, who miraculously survives the incident, is the only one who caught a glimpse of the assailant, but the sudden trauma unfortunately plunges her back into her world of darkness.

But the murder of Julia's mother is not as random as it appears. In actuality, it's part of an international conspiracy with dangerously skilled participants, high stakes, and deadly consequences. With the help of maverick CIA analyst Sam Keeline, can Julia expose the clandestine plot that could potentially run America's political system into the ground, as well as reap vengeance on her mother's ruthless killer? Multilayered, fast-paced, and enthralling, Mosaic, is top-notch entertainment.

What People are Saying About This

Sue Grafton
Watch out, Robert Ludlum.
Elizabeth Lowell
Treachery and trust, betrayal and ultimate tiumph -- Mosaic is a cyclone of a thriller!" --- Author of Jade Island and Amber Beach
Clive Cussler
A master of intrigue and adventure. Her rush-to-the-next-page excitement never stops.
Allan Folsom
A compelling, page-turning voyage through a dark and forbidding labyrinth. --- Author of The Day After Tomorrow and Day of Confession
Tess Gerritsen
A relentless and riveting thriller, with an appealingly vulnerable heroine. Readers won't be able to put this one down! -- Author of Bloodstream

Meet the Author

Gayle Lynds is the New York Times bestselling author of Masquerade and Mosaic, and co-author with Robert Ludlum of The Hades Factor and The Paris Option. Born in Nebraska and raised in Iowa, she has been a reporter for The Arizona Republic in Phoenix, editor of Santa Barbara magazine, and a think-tank editor with top-secret clearance. She lives in California with her husband, novelist Dennis Lynds. Romantic Times magazine named Mosaic "thriller of the year." Visit her Web site: www.gaylelynds.com.

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Mosaic 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
After reading Gayle Lynds' "Mesmirized" and her two collaborations with Robert Ludlum, it is clear that Ludlum has taught her how to keep the pace moving and the story taut because this story dragged in places with two much information and the connections at the beginning of the book between the heroine and her corrupt family were unclear. Nevertheless, it was another action-packed thriller that kept me reading on and on into the night until I finally finished in the early light of dawn. Gayle Lynd's fascination with psychological conditions--this time hysterical blindness--and special talent provides a vulnerable heroine who is a blind concert pianist, and when she digs down, discovers how tough she can be when her mother is murdered beside her in a taxi. Up to this tragic moment, Julia has suffered blindness for ten years and has just reached such confidence and self-esteem that she can suddenly see--subconsiously she is ready to set aside the psychological trauma that set off her escape and self-punishing condition without knowing what caused it. The killer, however, thinks she is blind and spares her. The shock of watching her mother die brings on the blindness again, but this time her desire for revenge and her sense of helpless guilt drive her to see again. Through a maze of coincidences the plot unravels, and Julia discovers her family don't really want her to see again. The only person she can rely on is a renegade CIA agent who protects her from a villanous assassin. Wherever they go, a pile of bodies follow, but eventually the trail leads to Nazi loot and justice for all.