Mosby's 2007 Nursing Drug Reference / Edition 20

Mosby's 2007 Nursing Drug Reference / Edition 20

by Linda Skidmore-Roth

ISBN-10: 0323045901

ISBN-13: 9780323045902

Pub. Date: 06/30/2006

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

For current, complete drug information, with a focus on safe medication administration, this book is the ideal choice. This indispensable resource, featuring the latest drug information organized alphabetically, is a favorite among students and practitioners. This new edition has been redesigned making it easier than ever to find the drug information you need.

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For current, complete drug information, with a focus on safe medication administration, this book is the ideal choice. This indispensable resource, featuring the latest drug information organized alphabetically, is a favorite among students and practitioners. This new edition has been redesigned making it easier than ever to find the drug information you need. Readers will find indications, precautions, and nursing considerations applicable to any patient care setting. Every copy includes a CD-ROM packed with useful tools, such as drug information in a printable format, patient teaching guides, a drug interactions tool, calculators, detailed information on herbal products, and more. A free Internet website provides the latest drug alerts, tables of recently released U.S. and Canadian drugs, English-to-Spanish translations for patient teaching, web links to useful drug information sites, and more.

• Presents complete details on more than 1,300 generic drugs (encompassing more than 4,500 trade names) for comprehensive coverage of drugs nurses commonly administer.
• Organizes drugs alphabetically by generic drug name to allow for fast retrieval of needed information.
• Provides extensive nursing considerations in a concise, practice-oriented framework: Assess, Administer, Perform/Provide, Evaluate, and Teach Patient/Family.
• Includes comprehensive drug information including generic names; Rx or OTC designations; pronunciation; U.S. and Canadian trade names; functional and chemical classification; controlled-substance schedule; action; uses; investigational uses; dosages and routes; available forms; side effects/adverse reactions; contraindications; precautions; do-not-confuse drugs; pharmacokinetics; interactions; lab test interferences; nursing considerations; and treatment of overdose.
• Identifies high alert drugs to warn nurses to use extra care in administering drugs most likely to cause patient harm, if administered incorrectly.
• Highlights common and life-threatening side effects in different typefaces for easy identification.
• Highlights critical nursing considerations with a special Nursing Alert icon to identify considerations that require special attention.
• Features over 400 potential interactions between drugs and herbal products.
• Lists over 1,200 pairs of look-alike/sound-alike drug names in an appendix as well as in special Do Not Confuse headings within the main section of the book to help nurses avoid administering the wrong drug.
• Includes all drug compatibility information under the Administer subheading to make this crucial information easy to locate.
• Groups IV drug information under the Administer heading with a boldface IV subheading ensuring that all of the IV drug administration content is grouped together in one easy-to-find place.
• Includes a separate section of drug category information that includes nursing considerations and a list of common generic drugs for each category.
• Provides a Syringe Compatibility Chart on the inside the front cover and an IV Drug/Solution Compatibility Chart on the inside the back cover.
• To help organize closely related drug information for convenient reference, the book also features detailed groups of drugs that are chemically similar forms of insulin, cephalosporin (1st-, 2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-generation), and penicillin together.
• Provides a complete clinical reference by including appendixes of recent FDA drug approvals; ophthalmic, otic, nasal, and topical products; commonly used antibiotics in adults and children; vaccines and toxoids; less frequently used antihistamines; FDA pregnancy categories; controlled substances; commonly used abbreviations; weights and equivalents.
• Features a Drugs Metabolized by Known P450's table, formulas for drug calculations, and a nomogram for calculation of body surface area on the front and back end sheets for quick retrieval.
• Presents new drugs in a separate appendix to help the user distinguish them from previously released products.
• Includes an appendix that lists the names and uses of approximately 50 of the most commonly used herbal products.
• Offers a combination products appendix that includes nearly 900 products in an easy-to-read format that includes uses for all drugs as well as product names and the dosages of generic components.
• Features key Canadian drug content including a listing of high alert Canadian medications, a Canadian controlled substance chart and a maple leaf to designate Canadian brand names.
• Features a functional two-color design that highlights key information for quick, easy reference.
• Offers a flexible, water-resistant cover that provides durability in the clinical setting.
• Includes a free companion mini CD-ROM that contains complete, printable information on the 28 most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States, a comprehensive drug interaction tool, patient teaching guides, detailed information on more than 100 of the most commonly used herb and natural supplements, over 20 clinical calculators, and a quick reference for cardiac emergency drugs.
• Includes free Internet updates at to provide users with the latest drug alerts, new drug information, English-to-Spanish translations, a table of recently released U.S. drugs, an extensive table of orphan drugs, a detailed table of AHA drug dosing guidelines, a quick reference for cardiac emergency drugs, a drug name safety tool, and links to useful drug-related websites.

• Features an improved format designed to streamline content and enhance readability.
• Includes colorful illustrations showing how drugs work at the cellular level.
• Presents more than 2,000 new drug facts, including patient/family teaching guidelines as well as updated drug interactions, side effects, precautions, contraindications, and IV therapy facts.
• Contains comprehensive information on approximately 20 drugs recently approved by the FDA.
• Includes an appendix of newly approved key drugs that provides generic names, trade names, and uses for drugs so recently approved that only limited information was available at the time of publication.

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Table of Contents

Syringe Compatibility Chart

Drugs Metabolized by Known P450’s Table

Drug Categories

Individual Drugs



A. Selected New Drugs

B. Recent FDA Drug Approvals

C. Ophthalmic, Otic, Nasal, and Topical Products

D. Commonly Used Antiinfectives in Adults and Children

E. Vaccines and Toxoids

F. Antitoxins and Antivenins

G. Less Frequently Used Antihistamines

H. Herbal Products

I. Combination Products

J. High Alert Drugs

K. Look-Alike/Sound-Alike Drug Names

L. FDA Pregnancy Categories

M. Controlled Substance Chart

N. Abbreviations

O. Weights and Equivalents

P. High Alert Canadian Medications

Q. Canadian Controlled Substance Chart



Portable Safe Medication Administration Checklist

Formulas for Drug Calculations

Nomogram for Calculation of Body Surface Area

IV Drug/Solution Compatibility Chart

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