Mosonyi: Piano Works

Mosonyi: Piano Works

by Istvan Kassai

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Marco Polo

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  1. Prayer after Endured Danger, for piano
  2. Making the Bridal Garland, for piano
  3. The Bride's Farewell to the House of Her Parents, for piano
  4. The Dewy Rose, for piano
  5. Eyes Bedewed with Tears
  6. Puszta Life, for piano
  7. Homage to the Spirit of Ferenc Kazinczy, for piano
  8. Hungarian Musical Poem, for piano
  9. Funeral Music for the Death of Istvánm Széchenyi, for piano
  10. Trauervorspiel und Trauermarsch, for piano, S. 206 (LW A334)
  11. Fantasy sur l'opéra hongroise Szép Ilonka, for piano (after Mosonyi), S. 417 (LW A232)
  12. Mosonyis Grabgeleit, for piano, S. 194 (LW A249)

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