Most Requested Hits

Most Requested Hits

by Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter never quite became the pop idol that he should have been, given his looks and pedigree. As the brother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, he should have stormed up the charts during the teen pop boom of the late '90s/early 2000s, but despite that bloodline and despite constant promotionSee more details below


Aaron Carter never quite became the pop idol that he should have been, given his looks and pedigree. As the brother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, he should have stormed up the charts during the teen pop boom of the late '90s/early 2000s, but despite that bloodline and despite constant promotion, Aaron had only one notable hit, 2000's "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)," which scraped the Top 40. Prior to that, he had one hit -- "Shake It," which made Billboard's Heatseekers chart in 1998; after it, he had another hit, "That's How I Beat Shaq," in 2001 and that barely made it on the charts at all. Not a lot of hits, so it seems like they would all be on his first hits compilation, Most Requested Hits, particularly since it weighs in at 15 tracks. Not so. "Shake It" has been left off, as is anything from his 1998 debut, which isn't even listed as part of his discography in the liner notes. That's because Carter is trying to present himself as a young adult now, putting beefcake pictures of himself on the front and back cover and playing up his last album, Another Earthquake!, featuring half of that album's ten credited songs. Since that's his best album, easily eclipsing his first three records, that helps make this a musically strong collection, even if it's not necessarily balanced or accurate. Truth be told, most listeners won't miss the selections from 1998's Aaron Carter, and the mix of seven selections from Aaron's Party (Come and Get It) and Oh Aaron is more listenable than either of those albums, and makes for a good pairing with the stronger Another Earthquake! material. Carter still sounds awkward on that earlier material, illustrating why he never became a star even though he looked the part...and that makes the strength of the Earthquake! tracks ironic, since he finally wound up with a sound that could take him to the charts after the fad had passed. And that makes Most Requested Hits an interesting listen, since it winds up having contrast and a narrative, which is enough to make up for the fact that this doesn't have all of his hits.

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  1. Aaron's Party (Come Get It)  - Aaron Carter
  2. I Want Candy  - Aaron Carter
  3. That's How I Beat Shaq  - Aaron Carter
  4. Oh Aaron  -  No Secrets
  5. Not Too Young, Not Too Old  - Aaron Carter
  6. I'm All About You  - Aaron Carter
  7. Leave It Up to Me  - Aaron Carter
  8. Another Earthquake!  - Aaron Carter
  9. To All the Girls  - Aaron Carter
  10. Summertime  - Aaron Carter
  11. Do You Remember  - Aaron Carter
  12. America a O  - Aaron Carter
  13. She Wants Me  - Nick Carter
  14. One Better  - Aaron Carter
  15. My Shorty  - Aaron Carter
  16. [Untitled Hidden Track]  - Aaron Carter

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Aaron Carter   Primary Artist,Background Vocals
Marc Nelson   Background Vocals
Kevin Armstrong   Guitar
Michael Thompson   Guitar
Andy Goldmark   Bass,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals
Baha Men   Guest Appearance
Pete Amato   Bass,Drums,Keyboards
Larry Campbell   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Crowd Noise
James Genus   Bass
Audrey Martells   Vocals
Danny Weston   Drums
Dana Williams   Background Vocals
Gota Yashiki   Rhythm,Drum Loop
Buck Johnson   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Janette Carter   Vocals
Lewis, Carlysle & The Aristocrats   Background Vocals,Group Member
Charles McCrorey   Vocals
Billy Porter   Vocals
Rich Cronin   Background Vocals
Jeff Coplan   Background Vocals
Kenny Giola   Background Vocals
Javier Picayo   Crowd Noise
Marc Swersky   Bass,Guitar
Tony Momrelle   Background Vocals
Taylor Davis   Background Vocals
Jennifer Karr   Vocals
Daoud David Williams   Background Vocals
Sheppard   Bass,Guitar,Background Vocals
No Secrets   Background Vocals,Group
Jen Scaturro   Synthesizer
Stacy Smith   Vocals
Brian Kierulf   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals
Fran Cathcart   Guitar
Nicky Alan Cook   Keyboards
Nick Newby Carter   Guest Appearance
Chris DeStefano   Bass,Drums,Keyboards
Timmy Allen   Crowd Noise
Vance Allen   Crowd Noise
Arlen Bitsky   Crowd Noise
Susannah Rae Bitsky   Crowd Noise
Daquan Glover Brown   Crowd Noise
Martin Bushell   Guitar
Bill Butrymowicz   Vocals
Autumn Campbell   Crowd Noise
Angel   Background Vocals,Group Member
Chad John Faulkner   Crowd Noise
Laura Ann Faulkner   Crowd Noise
Jessica Fried   Background Vocals,Group Member
Jade Gaspar   Background Vocals,Group Member
Dylan Levy   Crowd Noise
Jake Levy   Crowd Noise
John Liston   Vocals
Ashley Lostal   Crowd Noise
Andrew Lunt   Crowd Noise
Greg Lunt   Crowd Noise
Kyle McClave   Crowd Noise
Owen McClave   Crowd Noise
Danny O'Donoghue   Background Vocals
Violeta Picayo   Crowd Noise
Mark Reily   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Mickey Saltzman   Crowd Noise
Myles Schneit   scratching
Natalia Tylim   Crowd Noise
Merecco "Rico" Turner   Vocals
J. Force   scratching
Lofey   Vocals
Michael Thompson   Guitar
Erin Tanner   Background Vocals,Group Member
Josh Schwartz   Vocals,Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Kevin Armstrong   Assistant Vocal Engineer
Alan Ross   Composer
Andy Goldmark   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Percussion Programming
Pete Amato   Percussion Programming
Bert Berns   Composer
Larry Campbell   Producer,drum programming,Instrumentation
Richard Gottehrer   Composer
Bill Malina   Engineer
Charlie Midnight   Producer,Remixing
Chris Trevett   Engineer
Michael Tucker   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
S. Williams   Composer
Stephen George   Engineer
Janette Carter   Management
Charles McCrorey   Engineer
Rich Cronin   Composer
Nick Gamma   Art Direction
Patrick Berger   Programming
Jeff Coplan   Programming,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Kenny Giola   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Mickey P.   Producer
Joel Soyffer   Engineer
Steve Mac   Arranger,Producer
Lucas   Producer
Rich Tapper   Assistant Vocal Engineer
Robert Feldman   Composer
A. Carter   Composer
Alexander Greggs   Engineer
Tony Momrelle   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Scorpio   Producer
Chris Laws   Engineer
Gerald Goldstein   Composer
Mark Sheehan   Producer
Sheppard   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Mystery   Producer
Bray Merritt   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Brian Kierulf   Producer,Engineer,drum programming,Vocal Engineer
Fran Cathcart   Programming,Engineer
Nicky Alan Cook   Arranger,Programming,Producer
Chris DeStefano   Engineer,Percussion Programming
Martin Bushell   Composer,Producer
Steve Lunt   Contributor
Danny O'Donoghue   Producer
Mark Reily   Programming,Vocal Engineer
Lofey   Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Alex G. Riprock   Producer
Josh Schwartz   Producer,Engineer

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