Motivation and Self-Regulation across the Life Span

Motivation and Self-Regulation across the Life Span

by Jutta Heckhausen

A group of internationally renowned scholars discuss their research on motivation.See more details below


A group of internationally renowned scholars discuss their research on motivation.

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Introduction Jutta Heckhausen and Carol S. Dweck;
Part I. Regulation of the Self, Action, and Development:
1. Decomposing self-regulation and self-control: the volitional components inventory Julius Kuhl and Arno Fuhrmann;
2. Developmental regulation in adulthood: selection and compensation via primary and secondary control Jutta Heckhausen and Richard Schulz;
3. Development of regulatory focus: promotion and prevention as ways of living E. Tory Higgins and Israela Loeb;
4. Commentary: human psychological needs and the issues of volition, control, and outcome focus Richard M. Ryan;
Part II. Social Determinants of Motivation:
5. Social motivation and perceived responsibility in others: attributions and behavior of African-American boys labeled as aggressive Sandra Graham;
6. A multidimensional perspective of social control: implications for the development of sex differences in self-valuation and depression Eva Pomerantz and Diane Ruble;
7. The functional regulation of adolescent dating relationships and sexual behavior: an interaction of goals, strategies, and situations Nancy Cantor and Catherine A. Sanderson;
8. Commentary: strategies for studying social influences on motivation Ellen A. Skinner;
Part III. Functional and Dysfunctional Control-Related Behavior in Childhood:
9. Ruminative coping with depression Susan Nolen-Hoeksema;
10. The development of early self-conceptions: their relevance for motivational purposes Carol S. Dweck;
11. Sociocultural influences on the development of children's action-control beliefs Todd D. Little;
12. Commentary: self-regulation, motivation and developmental psychopathology John R. Weisz;
Part IV. Developmental Goals in Adulthood:
13. A life-span approach to social motivation Laura L. Carstensen;
14. Maintaining self-integrity and efficacy in later life: the adaptive functions of assimilative persistence and accommodative flexibility Jochen Brandtstadter;
15. The willful pursuit of identity Peter M. Gollwitzer and Oliver Kirchhof;
16. Commentary: motivation through the life course Richard Schulz.

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