Mountain Frolic

Mountain Frolic


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Disc 1

  1. Medley of Old Time Dance Tunes: Sourwood Mountain/Sally in the Garden/L  -  Crockett Family
  2. Goin' Up Town  -  Humphrey Bate and the Possum Hunters
  3. Billy in the Low Ground  -  Humphrey Bate and the Possum Hunters
  4. Green Backed Dollar Bill  -  Humphrey Bate and the Possum Hunters
  5. Chesapeake Bay  -  Walter Couch & Wilks Ramblers
  6. Fate of Santa Barbara  - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  7. Sherman Valley  - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  8. Get Along Home Cindy  - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  9. Darby's Ram  - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  10. Stepstone  - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  11. Speaking the Truth  - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  12. A Stump Speech in the 10th District  - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  13. Adam and Eve  -  Nelstone's Hawaiians
  14. North Bound Train  -  Nelstone's Hawaiians
  15. You'll Never Find a Daddy Like Me  -  Nelstone's Hawaiians
  16. Mobile County Blues  -  Nelstone's Hawaiians
  17. Just Because  -  Nelstone's Hawaiians
  18. Village School  -  Nelstone's Hawaiians
  19. Fatal Flower Garden  -  Nelstone's Hawaiians
  20. Rabbit Chase  - Charlie Parker
  21. Sugar Hill  - Dad Crocket
  22. I Ain't a Drunk  - George Short Buckle Roark
  23. No Business of Mine  -  Smoky Mountain Ramblers
  24. I'll Never Get Drunk Again  -  Red Patterson's Piedmont Log Rollers
  25. Governor Smith for President  -  Carolina Night Hawks

Disc 2

  1. The Last Shot Got Him  -  Chenoweth's Cornfield Symphony Orchestra
  2. Hot Foot Step and Fetch It  -  Chenoweth's Cornfield Symphony Orchestra
  3. John Hardy  - Buell Kazee
  4. Roll on John  - Buell Kazee
  5. Old Whisker Bill, The Moonshiner  - Buell Kazee
  6. Rock Island  - Buell Kazee
  7. Darling Cora  - Buell Kazee
  8. East Virginia  - Buell Kazee
  9. The Ship That's Sailing High  - Buell Kazee
  10. If You Love Your Mother (Meet Her in the Skies)  - Buell Kazee
  11. The Roving Cowboy  - Buell Kazee
  12. The Little Mohee  - Buell Kazee
  13. The Sporting Bachelors  - Buell Kazee
  14. The Butcher's Boy (The Railroad Boy)  - Buell Kazee
  15. Lady Gay  - Buell Kazee
  16. The Orphan Girl  - Buell Kazee
  17. Poor Boy Long Ways from Home  - Buell Kazee
  18. Little Bessie  - Buell Kazee
  19. Poor Little Orphan Boy  - Buell Kazee
  20. My Mother  - Buell Kazee
  21. The Cowboy's Farewell  - Buell Kazee
  22. Gambling Blues  - Buell Kazee
  23. A Married Girl's Troubles  - Buell Kazee
  24. You Are False But I'll Forgive You  - Buell Kazee
  25. Don't Forget Me Little Darling  - Buell Kazee

Disc 3

  1. The Faded Coat of Blue  - Buell Kazee
  2. The Wagoner's Lad (Loving Nancy)  - Buell Kazee
  3. The Dying Soldier (Brother Green)  - Buell Kazee
  4. Red Wing  - Buell Kazee
  5. Snow Deer  - Buell Kazee
  6. In the Shadow of the Pines  - Buell Kazee
  7. You Taught Me How to Love You Now Teach Me to Forget  - Buell Kazee
  8. The Hobo's Last Ride  - Buell Kazee
  9. Steel a Goin' Down  - Buell Kazee
  10. Toll the Bells  - Buell Kazee
  11. The Cowboy Trail  - Buell Kazee
  12. The Blind Man  - Buell Kazee
  13. I'm Rolling Along  - Buell Kazee
  14. A Mountain Boy Makes His First Record, Pt. 1  - Buell Kazee
  15. A Mountain Boy Makes His First Record, Pt. 2  - Buell Kazee
  16. Election Day in Kentucky, Pt. 1  - Buell Kazee
  17. Election Day in Kentucky, Pt. 2  - Buell Kazee
  18. Black Eyed Susie  -  Hopkins & His Bucklebusters
  19. Cluck Old Hen  -  Hopkins & His Bucklebusters
  20. Boatin' Up Sandy  -  Hopkins & His Bucklebusters
  21. Johnson Boys  -  Hopkins & His Bucklebusters
  22. Gonna Raise Ruckus Tonight  - Hugh Cross
  23. Cindy  - Bradley Kincaid
  24. Old Joe Clark  - Bradley Kincaid
  25. Whistlin' Rufus  - Ernest Thompson
  26. When You're All in Down and Out  - Ernest Thompson

Disc 4

  1. Bring Me a Leaf from the Sea  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  2. Good-Bye My Bonnie, Good-Bye  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  3. The Bulldog Down in Sunny Tennessee  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  4. I Love My Mountain Home  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  5. When the Good Lord Sets You Free  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  6. There's a Man Goin' Around Takin' Names  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  7. Lay Down Baby, Take Your Rest  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  8. Can't You Remember When Your Heart Was Mine?  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  9. Roll on, Boys  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  10. You Are a Little Too Small  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  11. Peg and Awl  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  12. I'll Be Washed  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  13. Hand in Hand We Have Walked Along Together  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  14. The Train's Done Left Me  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  15. Who's Gonna Kiss Your Lips, Dear Darling  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  16. Oh, How I Hate It  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  17. Rude and Rambling Man  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  18. The Old Grey Goose  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  19. Back to Mexico  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  20. The Hen House Door Is Locked  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  21. Got the Farm Land Blues  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  22. Washing Mama's Dishes  -  Carolina Tar Heels
  23. She Wouldn't Be Still  -  Pine Mountain Boys
  24. Roll on, Daddy Roll On  -  Pine Mountain Boys
  25. The Bulldog Down in Sunny Tennessee  - Doc Walsh

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Buell Kazee   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Carson Robison   Guitar,Vocals,Human Whistle
Riley Puckett   Guitar,Vocals
Bradley Kincaid   Guitar,Vocals
Jack Kapp   Spoken Word
John Richards   Bells
Allan Crockett   Trombone
Gwen Foster   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Oscar Albright   String Bass
Tony Alderman   Fiddle,Vocals
Hugh Cross   Vocals
Garley Foster   Guitar,Harmonica,Kazoo,Vocals,Human Whistle
Hopkins   Vocals,Voices
Bert Layne   Fiddle
Bascom Lamar Lunsford   Banjo,Vocals,Spoken Word
Walter McKinney   Steel Guitar
Homer "Slim" Miller   Fiddle
Oscar Stone   Fiddle
Doc Walsh   Banjo,Vocals,Spoken Word
Stanley Walton   Guitar
James Touchstone   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals,Spoken Word
Charles Bowman   Banjo,Fiddle,Vocals
Bert Hirsch   Fiddle
Jack Reedy   Banjo
Fred Stanley   Guitar
Albert Crockett   Guitar (Tenor)
Clarence Crockett   Guitar
George Crockett   Banjo,Fiddle
John Crockett   Fiddle,Vocals
Johnny Crockett   Banjo
George Short Buckle Roark   Banjo,Vocals
Bill Brown   Spoken Word
Percy Setliff   Fiddle
Walter Ligget   Banjo
Howard Miller   Fiddle
Ernest Thompson   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
John Henry Hopkins   Ukulele,Vocals

Technical Credits

Buell Kazee   Duet
Carson Robison   Duet
Riley Puckett   Duet
John Richards   Sound Effects
Hugh Cross   Duet
Pat Harrison   Liner Notes

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