Mountain Gorillas: Three Decades of Research at Karisoke

Mountain Gorillas: Three Decades of Research at Karisoke

by Martha M. Robbins

ISBN-10: 0521780047

ISBN-13: 9780521780049

Pub. Date: 08/28/2010

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Summary of 30 years research on mountain gorillas at Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda.  See more details below


Summary of 30 years research on mountain gorillas at Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda.

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Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology Series, #27
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5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 1.14(d)

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Table of Contents

1. Mountain gorillas of the Virungas: a short history Kelly J. Stewart, Pascale Sicotte and Martha M. Robbins; Part I. Variation in the Social System of Gorillas: 2. Variation in the social system of mountain gorillas: the male perspective Martha M. Robbins; 3. Female mate choice in mountain gorillas Pascale Sicotte; 4. Dispersal patterns, group structure and reproductive parameters of eastern lowland gorillas at Kahuzi in the absence of infanticide Juichi Yamagiwa and Alastair McNeilage; Part II. Within-group Social Behaviour: 6. Development of infant independence from the mother in wild mountain gorillas Alison Fletcher; 7. The social relationships of immature gorillas and silverbacks Kelly J. Stewart; 8. Social relationships of female mountain gorillas David P. Watts; 9. Vocal relationships of wild mountain gorillas A. H. Harcourt and Kelly J. Stewart; Part III. Feeding Behaviour: 10. Diet and habitat use of two mountain gorilla groups in contrasting habitats in the Virungas Alastair McNeilage; 11. Clever hands: the food processing skills of mountain gorillas Richard W. Byre; Part IV. Conservation and Management of Mountain Gorillas: 12. Assessment of reproduction and stress through hormone analysis in gorillas Nancy Czekala and Martha M. Robbins; 13. Clinical medicine, preventive health care and research on mountain gorillas in the Virunga volcano region Anthony B. Mudakikwa, Michael R. Cranfield, Jonathon M. Sleeman and Ute Eilenberger; 14. Conservation oriented research in the Virunga region Andrew J. Plumptre and Elizabeth A. Williamson; 15. Status of the Virunga mountain gorilla population H. Dieter Steklis and Netzin Gerald-Steklis; Afterward: Mountain gorillas at the turn of the century Bill Weber and Amy Vedder.

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