Mountains and the Sea

Mountains and the Sea

by Jackson Berky

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Soli Dei Gloria Rec.


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jackson Berkey   Primary Artist,Dulcimer,Synthesizer,Percussion,Piano,Bass (Vocal),Keyboards,Choir, Chorus,Soprano Recorder,Mountain Dulcimer
Almeda Berkey   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Beth Asbjörnson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
David Boehr   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
David Carlsen   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Lois Carlsen   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Jacque Hosbach   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Julian Klaczynsky   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Richard Miser   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Phyllis Noble   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Rebecca Noble   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Carrie Solomon-Schultz   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Daniel Schultz   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Charlotte Shields   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Howard Speck   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Paul Susemihl   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Roger Thaden   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Catherine Vouk   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Jackson Berkey   Producer
Almeda Berkey   Director
Clete Baker   Engineer
Jim Hidinger   Producer,Graphic Design
Tim Hidinger   Producer
Soli Deo Gloria Cantorum   Contributor
Jim Hidinger   Producer

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