Move to Groove: The Best of 1970s Jazz-Funk

Move to Groove: The Best of 1970s Jazz-Funk

This double-disc collection of '70s jazz-funk takes in artists from both sides of the musical tracks, including jazz luminaries like Ahmad Jamal and Jimmy Smith as well as great funk outfits such as Kool & the Gang and the Ohio Players. The


This double-disc collection of '70s jazz-funk takes in artists from both sides of the musical tracks, including jazz luminaries like Ahmad Jamal and Jimmy Smith as well as great funk outfits such as Kool & the Gang and the Ohio Players. The decade's mix of fusion, rock, disco, and funk informs most of the 29 tracks here, with plenty of electric piano, deep bass, and breakbeat drums anchoring the proceedings. Along with expected acid jazzers like Roy Ayers, Wayne Henderson, and George Duke, the collection spotlights Latin stars like Candido and soul legends such as Fred Wesley. Also on hand are relatively obscure favorites like Mandrill and Alphonse Mouzon. Not to be missed.

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Polygram Records

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Master Henry Gibson   Percussion,Conga
Wayne Henderson   Trombone,Track Performer
John Tropea   Guitar
Linda Tillery   Vocals
James Brown   Organ,Piano,Track Performer
Kool & the Gang   Track Performer
Ohio Players   Track Performer
Patrice Rushen   Piano,Clavinet,fender rhodes
Sea Level   Track Performer
Monty Alexander   Piano,Track Performer
Roy Ayers   Percussion,Piano,Electric Piano,Vocals,Vibes,Track Performer
Arthur Blythe   Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
George Braith   Soprano Saxophone
Michael Brecker   Saxophone
Ron Carter   Bass
George Duke   Keyboards,Track Performer
Jon Faddis   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Grey   Trombone
Chico Hamilton   Percussion,Drums,Track Performer
Herbie Hancock   Piano,fender rhodes
Billy Harper   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Ahmad Jamal   Keyboards,Track Performer
Budd Johnson   Clarinet,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Ronnie Laws   Tenor Saxophone
Melba Liston   Conductor
Bobby Lyle   Keyboards
Hugh Masekela   Horn,Vocals,Track Performer
Greg Mathieson   Piano
Bennie Maupin   Synthesizer,Flute,Bass Clarinet,Alto Flute,Piccolo,Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Track Performer,Saxello,oberheim
Alphonse Mouzon   Synthesizer,Percussion,Conductor,Drums,Track Performer,ARP
Houston Person   Tenor Saxophone,Track Performer
St. Clair Pinckney   Tenor Saxophone
Allen Vizzutti   Flugelhorn
Julius Watkins   French Horn
Randy Weston   Track Performer
Warren Covington   Trombone
Onaje Allan Gumbs   Conductor
Eddie Henderson   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Clint Houston   Bass
Ernie Royal   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Lenny White   Drums
Bunny Brunel   Bass,Fretless Bass Guitar
Candido   Track Performer
Ray Crawford   Guitar
Armen Donelian   Piano
Richard Evans   Conductor
Roland Bautista   Guitar
Ralph MacDonald   Percussion
John Phillips   Flute,Alto Flute
Jess Roden   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Guy Warren   Vocals,Bells,Shekere
Bruce Johnson   Bass
Joe English   Percussion,Drums
Coke Escovedo   Percussion,Conga,Timbales,Track Performer
Norris Turney   Piccolo,Alto Saxophone
Ray Copeland   Vocals,Band
Sue Evans   Percussion
Eugene Wright   Bass
Airto Moreira   Hi Hat
Charlie Brown   Guitar
David Matthews   Conductor,Electric Piano
Chuck Anthony   Guitar
Ralph Armstrong   Bass
Danny Bank   Flute,Bass Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
David Barron   Guitar
Ronald Bell   Flute,Piano,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals,ARP
Billy Beck   Keyboards
Stanley Behrens   Flute,Harmonica
Robert "Kool" Bell   Bass,Vocals
George Bohannon   Trombone
Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner   Guitar
Randall Bramblett   Percussion,Keyboards,Saxophone
Kevin Brandon   Bass
Oscar Brashear   Trumpet
Randy Brecker   Trumpet
Tom Brechtlein   Drums
Chuck Brooke   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Sam T. Brown   Guitar
Calvin Brown   Guitar
George "Funky" Brown   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Judi Brown   Vocals
Forrest Buchtel   Horn
Candido Camero   Percussion,Conga
Bruce Carter   Drums
Davis Causey   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Claude Cave   Keyboards
Leon "Ndugu" Chancler   Conga,Drums
Buck Clarke   Percussion
Babe Clarke   Flute,Baritone Saxophone
Omar Clay   Marimbas,Timpani
Burt Collins   Trumpet,Piccolo Trumpet
Rudy Collins   Drums
Donald Cooke   Trombone
Armando Anthony Corea   Piano,Electric Piano,Track Performer
Eddie Daniels   Alto Flute
Roy Davies   Piano,Clavinet,fender rhodes
Dennis Davis   Drums
Gordon Edwards   Bass
Scott Edwards   Bass
John Ervin   Trombone
Joe Farrell   Flute,Oboe,Soprano Saxophone
Mickey Feat   Bass
Wilby Fletcher   Drums
Steve Forman   Percussion
Jerry Friedman   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Adaloja Gboyega   Piano,Electric Piano
Henry Gibson   Percussion,Conga
Jim Gilstrap   Vocals
Larry Gittens   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Vocals
Patrick Gleeson   Synthesizer
Venette Gloud   Vocals
Steve Gregory   Flute
Bob Greve   Flute,Baritone Saxophone
Paul Griffin   Piano,Clavinet,fender rhodes
Johnny Griggs   Conga
Tom Harrell   Trombone
Hilda Harris   Vocals
Jerry Hey   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Marvin Horne   Guitar
Kim Hutchcroft   Flute,Alto Saxophone
J.B.'s   Track Performer
Paul Jackson   Guitar
Jack Jeffers   Bass Trombone
Alphonso Johnson   Bass
Marshall "Rock" Jones   Bass
Robert "Rumba" Jones   Conga
Fudgie Kae   Bass,Vocals
Lawrence Killian   Percussion,Conga
Stanley Todd Kwesi   Guitar,Vocals
Abraham Laboriel   Bass
Chuck Leavell   Percussion,Keyboards
James Levi   Drums
Steve Madaio   Trumpet
Deborah McDuffie   Vocals
Dewayne Blackbyrd McKnight   Electric Guitar
Frank Mercurio   Keyboards
Omar Mesa   Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
Robert "Spike" Mickens   Trumpet
Ralph "Pee Wee" Middlebrooks   Trumpet
Otha Nash   Trombone
Billy Nichols   Guitar
Chano O'Ferral   Percussion,Conga
Yaw Opoku   Bass,Vocals
Horace Ott   Conductor,fender rhodes
Charles Padro   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Leon Pendarvis   Piano,Electric Piano,Clavinet
Nathaniel Phillips   Bass
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie   Drums
Pat Rebillot   Synthesizer,ARP
Lee Ritenour   Guitar
Harry Robinson   Strings
Nathan Rubin   Strings
Seawind Horns   Band
Alan Silvestri   Guitar
Charles Smith   Guitar
Jimmy Smith   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Conductor,Track Performer
Nolan Andrew Smith   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Ron Smith   Horn
Stephanie Spruill   Percussion,Vocals
Maretha Stewart   Vocals
Alfred Thomas   Drums
Dennis "D.T." Thomas   Flute,Conga,Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Fred Thomas   Bass
Calvin Tillery   Vocals
Papa Frankie Todd   Drums
David Tofani   Flute,Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Carmen Twillie   Vocals
Carla Vaughn   Vocals
Maxine Willard Waters   Vocals,Background Vocals
Ernie Watts   Tenor Saxophone
Fred Wesley   Trombone,Trumpet,Track Performer
Azzedin Weston   Conga,Kakabar
Harry Whitaker   Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano,Clavinet
Earl Williams   Percussion
James "Diamond" Williams   Drums
Lamar Williams   Bass
Clarence Willis   Rhythm Guitar
Carlos Wilson   Flute,Saxophone,Vocals
Lou Wilson   Percussion,Trumpet,Vocals
Rich Wilson   Saxophone
Philip Woo   Synthesizer
Jimmy Nalls   Guitar
Dave Grover   Trumpet
Alan Sharp   Conga
Asante   Drums,Vocals,talking drum
Donnie Beck   Bass
Charles Edward Smith   Guitar
Ricky West   Piano,Keyboards
Clarence "Satch" Satchell   Flute
Jimmy Madison   Drums
Robert Coleman   Guitar
Hearlon "Cheese" Martin   Guitar
Jimmy Parker   Alto Saxophone
Mark Phillips   Bass
Julia Tillman   Vocals,Background Vocals
William Champlin   Bass,Vocals
Taiwo Ysve Divall   Asheiko
Bob Fusco   Guitar
Jerone "Jasaan Sanford" Melson   Trumpet
Mike Santiago   Guitar
Kenny Dixon   Drums
Teressa Adams   Strings
Bobby Durham   Drums
Randolph Weston   Electric Piano
Wilbur Bascomb   Bass
Fred Jackson   Alto Saxophone
Roy Malan   Strings
Sam Leigh Brown   Guitar
Calrence "Chet" Willis   Guitar
Blackbyrd McKnight   Guitar
Chief   Percussion
George Bohanon   Trombone
Larry Williams   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
David Lee   Drums
Gary Gordon   Flute,Piccolo,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Gil Silva   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Richard Bailey   Drums

Technical Credits

Paul Gayten   Producer
Wayne Henderson   Producer
James Brown   Producer
Kool & the Gang   Arranger,Composer
Mandrill   Producer
Ohio Players   Producer
Roy Ayers   Arranger,Producer
Chico Hamilton   Producer
Ahmad Jamal   Producer
Melba Liston   Arranger
Hugh Masekela   Composer,Producer
Alphonse Mouzon   Arranger,Producer
Houston Person   Producer
James Williams   Composer
Onaje Allan Gumbs   Arranger
Edwin Birdsong   Composer
Richard Evans   Arranger,Producer
Jess Roden   Arranger
Gene McDaniels   Arranger,Producer
Coke Escovedo   Arranger,Executive Producer
David Matthews   Arranger
Ronald Bell   Arranger,Composer,Executive Producer
Chris Blackwell   Producer
Alfred Brown   Producer
Armando Anthony Corea   Arranger,Producer
Patrick Gleeson   Producer
Bill Levenson   Executive Producer
Stewart Levine   Producer
Robin McBride   Producer
Eugene McDaniels   Arranger,Producer
Horace Ott   Arranger
Jerry Peters   Arranger,Horn Arrangements
Gene Redd   Producer
Don Schlitten   Producer
Jerry Schoenbaum   Producer
Alan Silvestri   Arranger
Jimmy Smith   Arranger,String Ensemble
Lola Smith   Producer
Allen Toussaint   Producer
Carmen Twillie   Arranger
Fred Wesley   Arranger
David Lau   Art Direction
Jerry Rappaport   Creative Consultant
Mark Phillips   Arranger
Greg Casseus   Liner Notes
Baldhard Falk   Producer
Randolph Weston   Producer
Chuck Mitchell   Executive Producer
William Beck   Composer
Ralph Middlebrooks   Composer

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