Moving Cultures: Mobile Communication in Everyday Life / Edition 1

Moving Cultures: Mobile Communication in Everyday Life / Edition 1

by Andre Caron, Letizia Caronia

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ISBN-10: 0773532307

ISBN-13: 9780773532304

Pub. Date: 04/16/2007

Publisher: McGill-Queens University Press

The interruption of personal interaction, even the most intimate, by a ringing cell phone has profoundly affected social behaviour. New communication technologies transform culture - but the reverse is also true. Moving Cultures explores the ways in which teenagers have creatively adopted cell phones and BlackBerries in their social and cultural lives.

Andre Caron


The interruption of personal interaction, even the most intimate, by a ringing cell phone has profoundly affected social behaviour. New communication technologies transform culture - but the reverse is also true. Moving Cultures explores the ways in which teenagers have creatively adopted cell phones and BlackBerries in their social and cultural lives.

Andre Caron and Letizia Caronia look at teenagers' use of text messaging to chat, flirt, and gossip. They find that messaging among teens has little to do with sending shorthand information quickly but is instead a verbal performance through which young people create culture. Moving Cultures argues that teenagers have domesticated and reinterpreted new communication technologies.

The authors use these findings as a framework for exploring the larger impact of emerging communication technologies on daily life. They focus on the social and cultural dimensions of the contemporary "mobile turn" - the ways in which new technologies have freed us from temporal and spatial constraints: even the simplest notions of being present or absent, being alone or with someone, must be redefined. Moving Cultures also explores the emergence of an "on generation" and the death of silence, remote parenting, the performance of identity in urban space, the creation of new languages, and technologically mediated cultural communities.

About the Author:
Andre H. Caron is the Bell Chair and director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Emerging Technologies (CITE) at Universite de Montreal

About the Author:
Letizia Caronia is associate professor, education, University of Bologna

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     ix
Transcription Conventions     xi
Introduction     3
New Social Scenarios     13
Looking for the "Where" and "Who" of Our Communications     13
Delocalization     32
Multilocalization     17
From Identity to Identification     18
The Chronic Symptoms of Our Time     19
Wasting Time to Save Time     20
Technologies in the Rear-View Mirror     21
Synchrony, Asynchrony, Polychrony     22
The Death of Silence?     32
Seeking Noise     24
Seeking Silence     27
Communication: Between Noise and Silence     28
Social Actors: Locations and Links     31
Speaking Objects, Acting Words: New Communication Practices     32
Technologies and Everyday Construction of Culture     32
Technologies as Statements: The Performative Force of Social Objects     36
Technologies That Make Us Do     40
The Contemporary "Nutcracker": The Cascade Effect and the Interrelation of Technologies     42
Reflexivity at Play: The Interaction between Technology and Culture     44
The Discursive Origin of the Meaning of Things     46
CommonSense, Technologies, and Daily Life     47
Doing with Words: Language, Interaction, and Culture     50
Individual Sense-Making and Dominant Discourse     52
Discourse on Technologies as a Meaning-Making Device     54
Life Stories of Technologies in Everyday Life     58
How to Domesticate Technology     60
Life Stories of Technological Objects     61
Geographically Migrating Technologies     63
Unexpected Uses: When New Technologies Perform Old Functions     66
A Cascade of Adoptions and a Cascade of Communications     69
From Communicating Something Urgent to the Urgency of Communicating: Reasons for Adoption and Anticipated Uses     71
Now Playing: Mobiles, Discourses, and Advertising     78
Discourses of the Past and Simple Future     79
Type and Stereotype     81
Kitsch and Discriminatory Humour     84
Talk Young, Talk Ads     88
And Elsewhere     89
Communicating at Any Price and All Cost     90
All Included, Even Friends?     93
Differences in Similarity     94
Mobile for Every Situation     97
Language, Interaction, and Mobile Culture: Field Research among Teenagers     102
New Rites of Passage: Technology Ownership as Symbolic Threshold     103
Linguistic Creativity and Cultural Innovation     105
Teenagers' Mobile Culture: The Shaping Role of Everyday Discourse     108
Making the Familiar Strange: A Chronology of Field Research     109
Culture in Action: Adolescents as Cultural Translators     114
Naturally Occurring Mobile Conversations: Social and Cultural Microcosms     118
Displaying Identities in Urban Space: How Do Young People Talk on Mobile Phones?     122
Telephone Conversations as Linguistic Patchworks     122
Speaking "Teenager"     123
"Bad" Language and New Technologies: An Identity-Producing Synergy     125
Crossing Linguistic Boundaries: Cultural Identity on the Mobile     128
Cultural References in Teenagers' Mobile Conversations     136
Belonging to a Community of Practices: Geek Language and Culture     138
Crossing Words and Cultures by Mobile Phone     140
Mobile Culture in Everyday Life: Teenagers Talking on Their Mobiles     142
Making Sense of Space: Where Do Young People Talk on Their Mobile Phones?     142
Repertoire of Cultural Reasons: Technologies and Teenagers' Laziness     144
Domesticating Technologies: Vegging, Doing Nothing, and Talking on the Mobile      148
Breaking the Rules: The Implicit Logic of Mobile Phone Use     150
"Being a Couple": Maps of Everyday Life and Simulacra of Proximity     153
Live Narrating of Everyday Life: Storytelling on the Mobile Phone     157
Mobile Phone Use as a Friendship-Building Activity     159
Guess Where I Am: Derealization as a Social Game     163
Borrowed Calls and Co-Conversations     164
Saturday Night: Telephone Organization or Social Control?     167
Who Is Where Tonight: The Mobile Phone as a Panoptikon     171
The Ritual Meeting: Micro-Organization through Mobile Calls     172
Domestication of a Technology and Cultural Changes     175
SMS in Everyday Life: Ethnography of a Secret Language     178
Text-Messaging in Peer Culture: A Field Study     178
The Secret Language of SMS     179
Inventing a Code: Mini-Messages as Secret Handshakes     181
Hidden Communication: SMS in Teens' Underground Life     138
The Thumb Generation: SMS Conversations     186
Text-Messaging as an Interactive Phenomenon: Social Organization and Linguistic Creativity     188
Putting Everyday Life into Words: Gossiping in SMS     190
Verbal Performances: Flirting in SMS     193
Teenagers' Techno-Language across Contexts     196
Intergenerational Communication: Changes, Constants, and New Models     198
The ON Generation versus the OFF Generation     200
Co-Construction of Family Boundaries by Technology     201
Gift and Counter-Gift     204
Listen to Your Father and Mother, or Your Mobile?     206
The Mobile Phone: Tool for Transgression?     213
Being Free Together     215
Mobile Communication as Social Performance: New Ethics, New Politeness, New Aesthetics     217
Storytelling about Technologies: Urban Legends and Personal Narratives     217
Telephone Conversation as Social Performance     222
New Ethics for New Social Encounters     224
Politeness Rules: Manners for Mobile Use     228
Biomorphism or Sociomorphism? Emboding New Communication Technologies     231
New Aesthetics or New Self-Perceptions?     233
Between Globalization and Localization: A Few Conclusive Notes     236
Notes     239
Bibliography     253
Index     263

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