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Mozart's Ghost: A Novel

Mozart's Ghost: A Novel

3.8 5
by Julia Cameron

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Meet Anna, a thirtysomething Midwesterner living alone in New York City. A schoolteacher by day, she is a medium by night, covertly helping people reunite with their lost loved ones. Anna leads a double life, guarding her secret as much as she guards her heart—until Edward, a gangly yet quietly handsome concert pianist, moves into her building.


Meet Anna, a thirtysomething Midwesterner living alone in New York City. A schoolteacher by day, she is a medium by night, covertly helping people reunite with their lost loved ones. Anna leads a double life, guarding her secret as much as she guards her heart—until Edward, a gangly yet quietly handsome concert pianist, moves into her building.

Edward’s music fills Anna’s apartment with beautiful sounds that disturb her concentration and her lines of communication with ghosts. She and Edward fall for each other fast, but Anna is conflicted: By exposing her true identity, does she risk losing what may be her true love? And is music really his true love?

Then a ghost begins to interfere—Mozart’s ghost—and while making a pest of himself to Anna, he begins to play matchmaker with unpredictable results....

An enchanting and irresistible love story in the tradition of Sue Monk Kidd’s The Mermaid Chair, Mozart’s Ghost will win Julia Cameron a whole new galaxy of fiction readers.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Cameron, the author of more than 25 books and probably best-known for The Artist's Way, brings her fans a twist on a stereotypical romance that strikes a chord with those willing to immerse themselves in a world of ghosts. Anna Chester is a New York transplant from the Midwest trying to overcome loneliness and support herself by substitute teaching while pursuing a sideline career as a medium. When Edward Appleton, a talented pianist who is practicing for a competition, moves in downstairs, Anna is frustrated that the piano music interrupts her communication with the other world. Her anger is amplified even more by frequent visits from the ghost of Mozart, who adores Edward's playing and encourages Anna to pursue a romantic relationship with the musician. The romance blossoms in fits and starts, and Anna is reluctant to tell Edward about her speaking-with-the-dead abilities out of fear he will no longer want a relationship. While this delightful novel has a heavy supernatural presence, it's also about loneliness and fear, two things that many readers will understand-even if they don't believe in ghosts. (Feb.)

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Library Journal

Spiritual medium Anna has moved from Ann Arbor, MI, to New York City so that she can embrace her gift and make it her living. Anna likes her routine: diner dinners, soothing laundry, dysfunctional family telephone calls, and needy friends. When Edward, a quiet classical pianist, moves into her building and prepares for a competition that could launch his career, the two plunge into a roller-coaster relationship sparked by the machinations of a mischievous ghost, who tries to give Edward advice through Anna. The main story line could have been fascinating, but it is quickly buried beneath confusing secondary stories and characters. The overwritten prose, laced with too many adjectives and adverbs, makes it difficult for readers to get lost in the characters' emotions. Still, given the popularity of Cameron's nonfiction titles, primarily The Artist's Way : A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, this novel will attract a following. A good bet for high-circulation numbers, even if it disappoints readers.
—Stacey Hayman

From the Publisher
“Heartbreakingly funny.”

- Erica Jong

“Wonderfully sly . . . beautifully realized . . . a delicious love story.”

- Tim Farrington, author of The Monk Upstairs and The Monk Downstairs

“Captivating . . . musically evocative, tenderly funny, and hauntingly erotic. Moving and delicious . . . a spellbinding novel.”

- Judy Collins

“Enchanting. Charming. Anyone who goes to a psychic or has ever been tempted to try a medium will love reading about Julia Cameron’s spirit talker and Mozart’s ghost.”

- Sophy Burnham, author of A Book of Angels

“Authentic and entrancing . . . Mozart’s Ghost has successfully captured the challenge and humor of living a spirit-filled life in the secular world. I loved her ending.”

- Sonia Choquette, bestselling author of The Psychic Pathway

“A grand little tale, worthy of Mozart’s love and joy . . . a great symphonette.”

- Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect

“A charming, festive novel that has kick. Well-written and awake, we now have a fine tale from the author of The Artist’s Way.

- Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones

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St. Martin's Press
Publication date:
Edition description:
First Edition
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5.54(w) x 8.24(h) x 0.79(d)

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Mozart's Ghost

A Novel

By Cameron, Julia Thomas Dunne Books
Copyright © 2008
Cameron, Julia
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780312369118

Chapter 1
She was late. She had cut it too close again. Someday, she told herself, she was going to arrive at her classroom early—refreshed, relaxed, and grounded. But someday was not today. The ancient elevator in her apartment building chugged its way slowly toward the lobby. Anna tapped an impatient foot. When the elevator door slid open, she found her exit squarely blocked. A gargantuan beetle-black grand piano was wedged sideways into the minuscule lobby. Short of crawling on her hands and knees, she could not get past it.
“Hey! Some people need to get out of here,” she called out. “Please! Somebody!”
Alec, the superintendent, who was supervising the moving of the piano, saw her plight. “Ride back up,” he suggested. “Take the stairs back down.”
“But I’m late!”
That’s when the tall, redheaded stranger spoke up. He had been standing just to one side with two uniformed moving men.
“We tried to wait until everybody had gone to work,” he said. “This won’t take much longer.”
“Well, it’s taking too long for me. Oh, never mind!” Anna stabbed at the elevator buttons. As the door slid shut, she caught one last glimpse of the redhead. He smiled apologetically. Was it her imagination? Despite his frizz of red hair and his Buddy Holly glasses, he looked quite attractive.
Theelevator door slid shut and that is when she heard the voice, scolding her in heavily accented English. “You could have been more civil to him. You could have made him feel welcome.”
“Well, he’s not welcome,” Anna explained, aware that she was arguing mentally with a ghost. “This building is lovely and quiet, which is necessary for my work. The last thing I need is someone pounding on a grand piano at all hours of the day and night.” A quick glance around the elevator told her the ghost was settling for an auditory appearance only.
“Pounding?” The ghost sounded outraged. “His music is sublime—and I should know.”
“Well, it’s not welcome,” Anna persisted. “And neither are you!”
“You could have pretended,” the ghost pressed on. “What’s wrong with a little feminine grace?”
“I’m late,” Anna announced the obvious. “And he’s making me even later. And besides, what business is it of yours? You’re a ghost.”
“Don’t remind me,” the ghost sighed. “His happiness is my business. His comfort. His ease. I want the best for him, you see—and I intend to see that he gets it.”
“Well, count me out of your plans,” Anna retorted as the elevator stopped. “And if you’re going to visit me, do it when I’m working.”
“Let me get this straight,” the ghost sputtered. “Kings vied for my attention. The pope himself knighted me. With you, I need to make an appointment?” Clearly, the ghost was used to getting its way.
“That’s absolutely right. I’ll speak to you during business hours.” With that, the elevator door opened and Anna hurled herself toward the stairs, leaving the ghost behind. Copyright © 2008 by Julia Cameron. All rights reserved 


Excerpted from Mozart's Ghost by Cameron, Julia Copyright © 2008 by Cameron, Julia. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Award-winning writer Julia Cameron is the author of twenty-six books of both fiction and nonfiction, including The Writing Diet and Finding Water. Her international multimillion-copy bestselling The Artist’s Way has been published in more than two dozen countries, with countless Artist’s Way groups flourishing worldwide. A novelist, playwright, songwriter, and poet, she lives in New York City.

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Mozart's Ghost 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
New York City substitute teacher Anna Chester is lonely and considering leaving the Big Apple to return to her home in the Midwest. However, she does enjoy her work as a medium although skeptics are everywhere. ---------------- Pianist Edward Appleton lives in the apartment below her having just moved in he is practicing for an upcoming competition. His keyboards disturb Anna as she tries to make contact with spirits from beyond. Making matters worse is the ghost of Mozart has moved in with her as a sometime roommate the legendary composer enjoys hearing Edward play the piano and since he likes his frosty acerbic hostess, he encourages her to go out with the pianist. She does and as the upstairs downstairs neighbors begin to see one another, she hides her special gift from him out of fear he will end their relationship.------------- This engaging paranormal romance stars two lonely living beings and the matchmaking ghost of Mozart, who visits Anna whenever Edward plays the piano. Readers will appreciate the spirited composer but he plays second violin to Anna and Edward as the pair struggles with the fear of rejection and returning to loneliness as they have found each other. Julia Cameron provides a wonderful whimsical Manhattan romantic c romp with a fifth of Mozart.-------------- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago