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Mr. Croc Rocks

Mr. Croc Rocks

by Frank Rodgers

Mr. Croc wants to be like his favorite TV star. But he can't dance or sing. However, he can play guitar and looks like a TV star. When the chance of fame arrives, will he take it?


Mr. Croc wants to be like his favorite TV star. But he can't dance or sing. However, he can play guitar and looks like a TV star. When the chance of fame arrives, will he take it?

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Sara Lorimer
Mr. Croc is a great fan of the TV show "Crock Star." He likes it as much as he likes his sardine sandwiches. To remind himself to watch it (for he has a terrible memory) he leaves "Watch ‘Crock Star' today!" notes all over his house: taped to the chair, to the TV, to the bananas. Mr. Crock loves the way that Rocky Alligator, the host of "Crock Star," dances, sings, and plays the guitar, and decides to be just like him. Mr. Crock puts on a CD, begins to dance, and then falls down. He has forgotten that he can not dance. But he can sing! Or at least he thinks so but his singing is so awful that Mr. Gloss drops a paint can, Mr. Green chops the heads off his roses, and Miss Siam spills ink when they hear his voice. "‘Your singing gave me a fright, Mr. Croc!' said Miss Poodle. ‘I'm sorry,' said Mr. Croc. ‘Is my singing really that bad?' ‘YES!'" answer his friends and neighbors. Mr. Croc realizes he won't be able to be a TV star, but Mr. Hound cheers him up by pointing out that he can still dress up as one at next week's costume party (which Mr. Croc had forgotten about). Impulsively Mr. Croc buys a guitar and gives it a try. It turns out that he is an excellent guitarist. The next week Mr. Croc goes to the party dressed as Rocky Alligator. Going home, still in costume, he passes the TV studio. A TV producer spots him, thinks he is Rocky Alligator (who is late to work), drags him in, and pushes him on stage. Mr. Croc goes along with it, playing guitar just like Rocky. But then he starts singing and everyone immediately knows he is an impostor. Just then Rocky shows up. He hears the story, laughs, and thanks Mr. Croc for standing in for him. Rocky invites Mr. Croc to stay and play guitarwith the band for an episode of "Croc Star," which the audience loves. Mr. Croc has a chance to become a rock star after all, but decides he would miss his friends and that he would rather just be himself. "It was nice being a star for a little while. But it's so much nicer just being me." The book is amusing and less disjointed than this review makes it sound. The illustrations are lively and go perfectly with the text. Adults are not going to find much here but kids who love the whole idea of "rock and roll!" are going to like it. Reviewer: Sara Lorimer
School Library Journal
Gr 1–3—The hectic, bright vibe of Saturday morning cartoons is brought to beginning readers in book form. In Treasure Hunt, Ronnie's search for a birthday gift for his mother takes a bizarre turn when he is kidnapped by space pirates. The book is a boisterous sci-fi fantasy with no grounding in reality, which may confuse younger readers. The absentminded protagonist of Mr. Croc learns to play guitar in the hopes of being a TV star, but after a taste of fame, he decides he prefers the quiet life. Though the character development is only rudimentary, the book aptly conveys the message of being true to oneself. While the illustrations in Treasure Hunt simply portray Ronnie's story, Mr. Croc uses word bubbles to further the plot, giving it a graphic-novel feel. Both books feature large print against a white background, which will encourage independent reading. The stories aren't exceptional, but they are action-packed, and the trendy topics of pirates and rock stars will appeal to reluctant readers looking for modern material.—Rebecca Dash, New York Public Library

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Capstone Press
Publication date:
Todo acerca del otono/All about Fall Series
Product dimensions:
5.80(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.30(d)
410L (what's this?)
Age Range:
7 - 10 Years

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