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Mr.Walrus and the Old School Bus

Mr.Walrus and the Old School Bus

4.6 8
by Patricia Derrick

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Mr. Walrus drives all the friends around town in the old school bus. They make many exciting stops along their way. But, they must hurry and not be late for their 5 o'clock date.


Mr. Walrus drives all the friends around town in the old school bus. They make many exciting stops along their way. But, they must hurry and not be late for their 5 o'clock date.

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3 - 5 Years

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Meet the Author

Patricia Derrick is an author/educator living in Las Vegas, Nevada and owner of three SpringStone Montessori Schools. Website: animalations.com.

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Mr. Walrus and the Old School Bus 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
tmurray More than 1 year ago
It’s a day full of activities for the passengers on Mr. Walrus’s old school bus! Whether it’s to the zoo, county fair, Grandma’s house, or the ice cream shop, the Animalations book, “Mr. Walrus and the Old School Bus” covers it all! The illustrations are vibrant and eye-catching. I love how this book incorporates music and song with counting and telling time. The music is rhythmic and the lyrics are catchy, singing about how they need to get to their next stop by 10:45, 11:45, and so on. Children will love to sing along and travel along with Mr. Walrus on his many bus stops, all while learning something along the way!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Children will for sure love all of the adorable animal characters contained within Mr. Walrus & the Old School Bus: the leopard, jaguar, rhinoceros, reindeer, mouse, and the walrus school bus driver. The illustrations and art work have an old school, fun, playful look to them which is a real nice transition from the high-tech look found within many children’s books today. Lots of colors are used in the illustrations and art work in the story, something young children will really like. Things children enjoy such as ice cream, zoos, school buses, etc. are included all throughout the story. The book is filled with rhymes from start to end, which makes for a real cute twist on the story. For example, the word drive was matched with particular rhyming times on several occasions (“…go on and drive…it’s 12:45, etc.). Other examples of rhyme include “Now it’s off to the fair without a care” and “Have carrots to crunch and peanuts to munch.” Concepts were included that reinforce the importance of relationships with other people: friendships among the animal characters, the relationship with grandma, and the relationship with the store grocer. The story ends with the animal characters finally making their way to grandma’s house where an enormous plate of mile-high spaghetti and meatballs awaits them. This story is a must for any young child.
NathanBarnes More than 1 year ago
I must say that I love this book, and I’ll be glad to introduce it to my kids. It has everything in it that most of us love now and when we were kids. The premise of the story is that Mr. Walrus is driving a school bus full of our favorite animalations characters around town, and at each stop the kids get closer to a dinner date at home. Going to the zoo, the fair, grandma’s house, out for ice cream, picking up the dog from the groomer’s, a trip to the store, and home for a huge plate of spaghetti. Put that to music and artwork and we have a winner.
BethY1 More than 1 year ago
Amusing Story of a Whimsical Walrus and his School Bus! This whimsical tale is perfect for pre-school and elementary school children. My son loves reading the adventures of Mr. Walrus and his passengers. He thinks the funny illustrations and emphasis on timeliness are “awesome.” We both laugh out loud when the passengers tell Mr. Walrus that “we can’t be late, we have a five o’clock date.” Mr. Walrus is clearly a big hit during story hour in our house. Your young reader will love him too!
JM_Walker More than 1 year ago
Mr. Walrus is a captivating story. It’s full of adventurous stops as the animals travel around town in an old school bus. They stop by the zoo, the fair, and a few other places. They’re concerned about making their 5 o’clock date. So, throughout their travel from place to place, they beg of Mr. Walrus: “Please, go on and drive. We can’t be late.” They make it home with just a few minutes to spare. It’s 4:45. Awaiting them is a gigantic plate of spaghetti. They’ve made their dinner date! This is a fun story, with great music, good topics to discuss, and plenty of opportunities for children to participate (hand claps can be heard throughout the story). The characters are mindful of the time as they continue to each destination, and they’re sure to say, “Mr. Walrus, please…” as they ask him to drive. It would be very easy to use Mr. Walrus in discussions about manners and time management.
HeatherChadwick More than 1 year ago
Mr. Walrus is a very friendly bus driver, helping his passengers along the way to grandma's house, the zoo and a visit to grocer Tom. But they must make haste- they have a 5:00 date! They mark their route with the playful reminder of that 5:00 date in delightful song. A mark of Derrick's work- the three R's of “rhyme, rhythm and repetition” shows itself graciously here, with a catchy tune sure to pique the interest of your favorite young reader.
StryderWriter More than 1 year ago
This book comes with a very catchy CD to help little ones remember the importance of time and keeping our responsibilities. Mr. Walrus drives the kids around town going to the zoo, county fair, grandma’s house, ice cream store, dog groomers, and grocery store, all the while checking the time so that they will not be late for their 5:00 date; a big ole’ plate of mom’s spaghetti dinner. A very fun way for children to learn about time and being where they are supposed to be. The children are the different animals, which appear in other Patricia Derrick books, i.e.: giraffe, moose, leopard, so the kids can relate to the family of books written by the author. Ms. Derrick has a fantastic use of rhyme and rhythm, which helps in remembering the songs and the message of each book. The song for this book has hand clapping which little ones will immediately try to duplicate while they sing the song. Mr. Walrus is another one of Ms. Derrick’s impressive books! Highly recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It’s fun to watch this rowdy menagerie as they take a journey on Mr. Walrus’s school bus. The song is fun for kids and easy to follow. Kids can relate to the fun of taking a field trip, and the repetition of the chorus with the changing time keeps their attention. This Animalations book is pure fun, and it’s great to hear it sung on a video like this.